I’m Away From My Game Right Now: The LONG Requested Vacation Feed

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well for quite sometime you guys have been requesting a place where you can leave a note for your neighbors to let them know you’re on vacation, sick or just plain busy so they won’t think you’re completely inactive and unfriend you!  So once again…YOU asked, WE delivered!  Here is your LONG requested: “I’m Away From My Game Right Now” thread!

Here you can leave message for your neighbors to let them know you’re away from your game and when you can expect to be back.  This should allow for more understanding when it comes time to explain why all those handshakes aren’t cleared!

So sound off in the comments below and be sure to include your Origin ID, When you’ll be leaving (if you know) & How Long You’ll be Away For (if you know)….and as an added bonus (if you’re going on vacation) be sure to include where you’re going!  It’s always fun to see where other Tapping Friends are visiting!

Have Fun and Safe Travels everyone!


Note: This is NOT an Add Friends Feed.  DO NOT PUT ADD ME REQUESTS ON HERE.  This is for Tappers who just want to let their existing neighbors know they’ll be away.  Any “Add Me” requests posts here will be deleted.  I promise, if you’re looking for neighbors,  you’ll find all you can ask for AND MORE on our Add Friends feeds

260 responses to “I’m Away From My Game Right Now: The LONG Requested Vacation Feed

  1. Howdy Tapperenos,
    I had to get a new tablet but I am back! MonolithII

  2. asiancutie07
    Hey folks! Sorry I haven’t been clearing out terrors. Our little girl made her appearance a couple weeks early so I’ve been pretty busy with a toddler and now a newborn. 🙂

  3. MonolithII – if any of my friends read this blog please do NOT drop Formless Terrors as it just keeps crashing my game! Thanks.

  4. Even since the Monorail my game keeps crashing when visiting friends. Know that I keep trying though…MonolithII

  5. Josephine Kick@$$

    Hi neighboreeenos! I’m having cataract surgery on Mon. Aug. 31st, then the other eye on Sept. 14th, so if I am not clearing my buildings that’s why. I am also going to be gone on vacation from Oct. 2-12th, might be able to log on a few times during that time while at the hotels, but will be riding up to Havasu for 2 nights, Palmdale for 1, then up the PCH as far as the bike will let us 🙂 Hoping to get up into Oregon, but putting more emphasis on fun than destination. Happy tapping~ Granmama Dar

  6. To the friends of AJ0764,

    I haven’t been able to get into my game for several weeks now. 🙁 I have been working with EA, but still no progress yet. I hope that with the help of EA and a friend of mine, we will be able to get the problem sorted out. It is a weird issue and says there is no internet connection, despite my connection to the internet being fine. Firewall already set to low, so I don’t understand. We are trying to get this sorted, but just wanted to let you know that I completely understand if you need to delete me as a neighbor (it’s hard to know yet if we can even figure out a solution to this.) And I also didn’t want you guys think I lost interest in the game. That would never happen! 🙂 I looove this game and hope to be back in soon! Thanks! 🙂

  7. I’m going on vacation. I won’t be playing much.

    Your neighbor, 3MJB

  8. rakwall167. On holidays from August 10 till August 29

  9. Dianespurr330
    I am going to be sporaticall (is that a word?) for the next while , getting my right hip replaced this time
    Thank you to all good friends I will be back asap and tapping away

  10. Pickles210p will be in the Galapagos and without Internet access until August 9. See you in your SFs when I return!

  11. manuelwild2 will be away from the game (depending on Internet access) from 1st to 23rd Aug 🙂

  12. Darn…I got locked out of my Apple ID because of my blocked credit card, as it was stolen, and it won’t be fixed for at least a week… And now the game demands an update so I can’t play!! So sorry neighbors! Hopefully I’ll be back next week!

  13. Hey all ill be driving 5 states 16 hours tomorrow so i wouldnt be playing for a day. Sorry 😣 Life happens! Love all my neighbours!!

  14. Thank you for this awesome thread. Otherwise i wouldnt be able to let everyone know i have had a lower back injury and not up to par. Im in alot of pain and cant seem to play long. Im hoping this will pass soon. Please dont delete me friends and neighbors!!! I do love this game and will be in and out briefly daily but it seems thats all i can do right now. If you must delete me i understand

    • Neighbour Svisborg!
      Oh no I hope you are feeling better. Don’t worry, you’re on of my oldest neighbours (and such a gorgeous town!) I would not drop you. Back injuries are the absolute worst!!! I myself am going through that and I wish and hope a speedy recovery for you!

  15. I appologize to all my neighbors right now ive injured my lower back and cant seem to get motived or the stength to think long enough to play much. Im on medication and seem to sleep most the day due to the pain. My dr says i should be better in 5 weeks. But im hoping ill feel bettetr to play soon. I am able to play for a few min during the day so please be patient with me. I do love this game and have a great bunch of neighbors.!!! Thanks

  16. avmswm261 will be away from the game until 29June. I’ll be on a pilgrimage and away from games and social media. I’ll completely understand if anyone deletes me, but please don’t! -Alice

  17. francie593 will be unavailable from 6/15-6/22 – please don’t unfriend me! I will return!!

  18. RoseFair will be away from the game (depending on Internet access) from June 22 to August 6. I will be visiting family in Louisiana and dial-up does not make for good game play. I will do my best to find a high-speed connection somewhere.

  19. Ehutt12 will be away from the game for unknown period, from 28th May, 2015. I would like to thank Alissa, Bunny and Wookiee for all the help and tips, re this game.

    Thank you, too, my awesome neighboreenos! Will be clearing my friends’ list soon, just to let you know, as I might be away for a long, long time.

  20. Lorihaake will be without internet for the weekend (Fri-Sun May 1-3). I’ll see you back in Springfield Sunday eve/Monday morning! Thanks!

  21. I will be going on a camping trip with my Guides later today and will have no internet access (not even 3G/4G) where I’m going. Will be back on Monday 4th May in the evening.
    Looking forward to having a break from all the technology in my life. Not looking forward to 3 disturbed nights of sleep because at least one of my Guides will wake us all up.

  22. Will be away for a while getting a new hip hang in or look to re friend me later on I will be back tapping as soon as possible

  23. Leaving April 1st for a resort with limited wi-if access; will be back April 9th. Thanks to all my amazing neighbours!

  24. I’m moving starting tomorrow and unfortunately I won’t have my internet transferred until 3rd 😥. So for my neighbors I’m so sorry but I will be back on the 3rd I promise. (fayfelix78)

  25. I will be in mexico from the 17 to 23 and in socal from the 23rd to 26.

    Have a good one!

  26. escaping Canadian winter with a March break cruise in the south Caribbean
    Hope I don’t go through withdrawal
    See you in a week

  27. Hi Neighbours of SLIQSTREAM
    I’ll be away for a one week business trip starting March second until the eighth.
    Unfortunately I doubt I will have time to tap out much. I will do my utmost to visit your towns so you will not miss out on pies et cetera.
    Please don’t drop SLIQSTREAM

  28. I ‘ll be a few days away. Please don’t unfriend me ! I might even try to visit if i find a little chance …. but most unlikely thought…. g… i sound addicted =oD
    Anyway i’ll be back 1/3/2015


  29. Due to an ice storm where I love, we are going on the 4th day with no power or heat. I’m only able to charge my phone seldomly and not able to play the battery draining game 😩 hoping to be back soon, but hoping HARDER for power & heat in my home!

  30. I apologize for being inactive during this lull. I’ve been playing but not visiting…..I’ll do my best from now on so don’t unfriend me (rbrisk57)

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