78 responses to “Troubleshooting 101 – Infamous Bart Screen

  1. The ‘maybe if you hit retry’ has been coming up for a few hours at a time every day for the past few days, and no matter how many times I choose retry it just loads for a minute and the same screen shows up. I’ve deleted and re downloaded the app, but it only worked for about 12 hours and now it’s not letting me on the game again. I’m on iOS, is anyone else experiencing this issue?

  2. david altenburger

    My major issue is the game lets me in and I am able to play… for about 1 minute. then up pops “tapped out not responding – force close” then it just closes by itself and sends me out to the app screen. i go in over and over again. very nerve racking. Grrrrrrr!!

    • Are you playing off data or WiFi? I only ask as I see that a lot on mine when I am in a poor signal area. Also when I am getting close to my memory cap and need to clear some room. Try some troubleshooting to see if it helps.

      • david altenburger

        Yes Bunny, I am on data at this time. I am going to a site that I can use the wifi. If it works better I will install it through my cable supplier. As for the memory cap; the game has a 4500 item cap. I am not there at this time. I have been and just removed items into storage. It probably would begin to work better if I uninstall and reinstall the game. But I can’t stand using 500mb everytime I do. What a waste of data allowance. I am just going crazy. Grrrrr!!

      • david altenburger

        Oh….and Bunny, my signal is probably weak. As my phone goes from 3g to 3d to 1x to 1d and back and forth…. Also frustrating. Grrrrrrr!!!

  3. I have an Android, and it keeps giving my this screen not a full donut spin after tapping to continue. It has done it a few times. Before that though, it kept crashing with the notification that it stopped working. I don’t mind losing the probes too much, since I reached my goal on this round of stuff, but I would like to try. Oh, and when I tried turning the phone off and on, it just stays at the Fox load screen. Should I contact EA, or wait a bit?

  4. Ah, the Bart screen… I get it every single time I open the game. What’s worse, I finally decided I could use some more donuts and bought a golden scratcher… guess what screen showed up right after the transaction was processed! And now my scratcher is nowhere to be seen… as if I haven’t given you enough money already, EA -_-

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