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Crash, Rattle & Roll: Post Tap Ball Bugs (Crashing, Icons, Servers and More)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So ever since the Tap Ball Removal hit our App Stores we’ve been seeing LOADS of reports from you guys saying you’re having all sorts of bugs/glitches/crash issues going on in your game after downloading the update.  Including MANY of you with reports overnight of connectivity issues.  So I figured let’s get a post together with some basic troubleshooting and one centralized place where you guys can report your issues, and see that you’re not alone in them.  🙂

So let’s dive right in, shall we?

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Oh Origin!! Server Issues

Hey there Hoppereenos, it seems everyone is LITERALLY jumping on the bandwagon after the Google Play Update for TSTO hit a lil bit ago. Since then, those pesky lil servers are on overload. Some are in their games, others not so lucky.

bart screen

For now the status of the servers show as online, so I am wondering if there are isolated patches where more traffic is hitting. Hang in there. Some have been able to get in after a simple restart. It always comes back.  If not, well…they will have to deal with the wrath of one angry fluffy Bunny. Lol.





The Glitch Report: Valentine’s Day Edition, Another Addicts Open Thread


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Saturday to you…or is it?!  We’ve been seeing reports in the comments left and right from Tappers for the last couple of days about all kinds of new glitches that have been introduced with the Valentine’s Day update.   We’re seeing reports of everything from the servers not connecting (for over a day), Whale troubles, games crashing & some Tappers just being locked out completely..oh and let’s not forget those glitching roses!

Just for some basic info for our favorite Addicted Tappers…if you’re experiencing glitches with the Valentine’s Day update follow some of these basic troubleshooting steps:

Basic Troubleshooting
Game Constantly Crashing

And if those don’t work for you…as always we suggest Contacting EA and opening up a support ticket with them.  While they are sometimes slow to resolve the issues, they are very helpful and do their best to resolve your problem and make things right as soon as possible.  AND they often reward donuts for your troubles!

NOW..onto the point of this post.  Since we’re such an AMAZING Community of Addicted Tappers here at TSTO Addicts we thought you guys could benefit from each other as well.  So on this open thread tell us if you’re experiencing a glitchy TSTO.  Let us know what the glitch is, what you’ve done so far, if you’ve contact EA & if anything has resolved the problem yet.

You never know…another Tapper could be experiencing the EXACT SAME PROBLEM…and could benefit from your input!  So share your glitches and your feedback…it’ll help you become less glitchy about the problems! (see what I did there?) 🙂

So share, share, share…we can’t wait to chat with you!

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