Where Did That Come From: All Things Mayan

Hey there Hoppereenos. Having fun looking at all the cool new stuff the 2014 Yard Sale brought? Got your eyes on a few things? Well, I am here to give you a lil more detail on them and their Origin…

200px-Mayancalendarwhole_menu Mayan Stone God 1 Mayan Marge wait to be sacrificed Mayan Homer eat corn

Where on earth in the Simpsons TV world did these Mayan characters come from? Is there a reason for Marge’s sacrifice? Why is Homer eating…nevermind. When ISN’T he eating? Lol. Let’s take a look at the TV screen and find out just… Where Did They Come From?

Season 24, Episode 2: Treehouse of Horror XXIII
It is in one of the infamous Halloween Episode of the Simpsons that these cool looking characters appear. It starts out in Chichen Itza, at the height of the Maya Civilization. Crazy Iguana Lady is busy spouting off in her usual ways and tossing iguanas. (Jub Jub’s long lost family?) The head “chiefs” (Bumblebee Man, Rev. Lovejoy, Quimby, Wiggum) are consulting the Mayan Calendar to see the world will be destroyed at the end of the 13th Baktun, unless they appease the Gods with a human sacrifice.

Mayan Bumblebee Man Rev Lovejoy Quimby Wiggum Calendar

Of course they got a guy they’ve been fattening up for just such an occasion, Homer. He quickly spits out his cricket fajita when Marge tells him how much she will miss him when he is sacrificed. No worries though, Marge has a plan. She tries to distract Moe by offering herself to him. He agrees though to her wish of him putting a sack over his head. She sends him out to what he believes is the “Room of Pleasure”…but is in fact the sacrificial area. Off with his head. (Amusing part of the dialog for Marge is they say they sacrificed Stu.)

Mayan Marge Homer Moe

Frink explains that they sacrificed the wrong guy and now the earth WILL end. The Mayan Calendar begins to spin …

Mayan Calendar

Fast forward to 2012 when the world was set to end. Halloween of course. Homer is waiting for trick or treaters and opens the door for what he thinks is some. Nope. Mayan Stone Gods. One quickly squashes Homer under his stone foot. The Gods then smash and destroy the world, starting with Springfield. Even the Aliens narrowly escape their destruction as one of them sends the Lard Lad Donut hurling into space.

Mayan Stone Gods

And that about does it. The starting sequence to the Treehouse of Horrors that originally brought in the characters to our silly lil games in Halloween 2012, now brings them to us again with a Yard Sale. (Marge was originally in the files then too…she was just never released until now, so she is the ONLY new one out of the group.)

What do YOU think of the Mayan items? Have favorite tasks for the skins? Wish the Mayan Stone God would be a playable and not NPC? Give me your thoughts below.

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  1. My Mayan Marge tasks have not unlocked what gives?? I did all the tasks that are available. All other task listings say that they require quest. Thanks in advance.

  2. I do wish the God was playable, and one task would have to be stomp homer.

  3. dwightshep425

    when is the new level coming out?

  4. cool

    Also Matt Selman tweeted out about a crazy bananas update in september

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