Weekend Update: July 20th-26th

Hey hey hey Addicts!  Wookiee popping in after a bit of a break to bring ya another recap of what went down this last week here on the site.  Well let’s see, I lost my phone and my mind but I got an A in my liberal Professor government course and then the cheetos…. wait?  This isn’t about me… oh thank Jebus. Hopefully you get the joke and trust me when I say I know I’m not special but let’s see what Alissa and Bunny were up to this week…

Weekend Update Addicts

After our last weekend update, SATURDAY: Bunny hopped by to showcase all the rad designs you, our readers, came up with in the Christmas in July Showoff.  As one of those tappers guilty for still having my decorations up, I really enjoyed this.

Now for this weeks fun!!


SUNDAY: Alissa got inside the head of another one of our TSTO characters and showed us just what kind of Mad Man Moe Szyslak is.

Alissa then swung on by to spark some conversations in the Sunday Night Open Thread.  We love hearing from all the readers and watching folks communicate with each other.  These are always fun.

MONDAY: Alissa started off the laughs like usual with our regular silly pic that YOU caption in Caption This.  She popped in throughout the day with Should I Buys for both the Yard Sale Costumes AND Cool Homer & the Cool Brown House.

Bunny of course had to hop by just to tease everyone with her upcoming adventure for the week with her Freaks & Geeks & Bunny post.  Do you know where she is?

TUESDAY: This day was all Alissa as she offered more Shoud I Buy advice for the Yard Sale Decorations and then the Yard Sale Buildings.  Of course, she’s not just a buying advisor so she popped in later in the day with a poll regarding the nuclear option in our games.  Did you nuke your Springfield?

Nuclear Option Vid SS

WEDNESDAY: In another all-fearless leader day, Alissa started the day off letting you know just how those new Yard Sale items affected the Conform-O-Meter.



Oh wait… still just Alissa holding down the fort with all the info you could need about Level 43.  She was back quickly with info from the files to give you a Turbo Tapping Guide for The Princess and the Pea-Brain.

THURSDAY:  Alissa started off the morning with walkthroughs for the side quests & premium stuff from Level 43.

Cool Homer style goatee

Bunny hopped in to let us all know she was alive with info from her little vacay to SDCC.  Stalking Nerds & Geeks 101 certainly made me smile.  Somehow in the midst of all her fun, she also found time to bring us just where Cool Homer and the Cool Brown House came from.  The day was filled out with a great Mouths of Addicts post about Duff Beer in the Human World.

FRIDAY: Bunny somehow showed up first to let us all know the random changes to the game that came with Level 43.  She then hopped right back with part two of her SDCC journey aka BunnyCon Recap Take Two.

Alissa finished off our week with a Should I Buy for Father Sean followed by a Turbo Tappin guide for the 2014 Yard Sale stuff.


SATURDAY: So what do we have in store for y’all today??  Well you’ll have to keep your browsers aimed at the site to find out! I’m sure Bunny has something crazy in store for all of us. 

3 donuts

Don’t forget your chance at some FREE DONUTS…info in link below… This contest is by far my favorite one we’ve done and there have been so many great entries.  Don’t miss your chance!


And that sums up this week here at TSTO Addicts.  Alissa worked her tail off and Bunny took her tail to something cool.  Wookiees don’t have tails but I’m repaying all their hard work now that my break is over.  Excited for Level 43?What did YOU think of this weeks posts? Any favorites? Any that helped you out the most? Anything in particular you would like to see written about or added to? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

7 responses to “Weekend Update: July 20th-26th

  1. Hello! I was wondering if it’s been discussed on here about SideShow Bob randomly showing up in towns but sometimes not getting the notification about it? I’m curious about this because lately my righteousness has been really low for a while and I haven’t gotten tagged or tagged somebody. I just notice a lot of the time he is running around and the game didn’t let me know. Makes me wonder how many times I’ve missed him when I visit towns! I’m very quick going through them also so maybe that’s why? Hmph.

    • It doesn’t always let you know when SSB is in your town or a neighbor’s. I actually find him more without the notice than with it. Easy fix for your righteousness rating is to buy training walls and use or hide them in your town. They make a great fancy wall if you hide the doors with trees,

      • Sweet. Good tip. Some towns I go into are honestly a mess at times or so close together that it’s hard to even see him haha thanks just curious

  2. Y since recent download can I not play the game?? HELP!!!!

    • Can you give us a little more details? What do you mean you can’t play? What do you see on the screen? What issues are you having? I would like to help, but need some more so I can direct you properly. 😉

  3. I don’t know if this has been mentioned elsewhere but Best Buy is selling $100 iTunes gift cards for $85 with free shipping if you buy online. I didn’t catch the dates of the sale but I know for sure it’s happening today.

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