Bunny ReCon Take 3

Wow. What can I say? This place is beyond words. No wonder it runs for so many days. I have walked and walked and walked and stood in lines and STILL don’t think I have even scratched the surface…



SIDE NOTE: Bunny’s pics are STILL downloading. They will be updated to this post as soon as they are done. Stay Tuned!


This morning on my way to Con I saw something very unusual but silly to me. People sleeping on the sidewalks. Like that was there room for the night. I guess when people say they live at Con, they really LIVE there. All week. Lol. I also went for a ride on the Mass Transit System today and OMG I did not think so many people would be up SO early. But there they were. Costumed and all. Squeezing into every corner of each car as they could.


Today had even more cool cosplayers came out and boy did they dress to impress. I took a lot of pics (I promise some will be in focus this time. Lol.), I met some more cool people, and just had a blast. For anyone that has never been to a Con, I agree with everything I have ever heard. It is all true. Wear good shoes, bring snacks, stay hydrated, make some kind of plan, and overall…have fun.

I found a lot of joy in randomly stalking the booths of many of the TV studios as their were autograph signings all throughout the day. So even if I may have not got a signature, I still got to see the actors and actresses.

My poor phone, I use it so much it keeps dying. (Bring those quick chargers if you got them.) I was in need of some “juice”, so I found a lil spot on a wall with a plug. I just happened to luck out that it was a line for one thing or another so I just hung out with the crowd. Plugged my phone in, set my bag by it, and waited. To pass the time and make it more fun, I struck up a conversation with an amazing Security Guard. Found out he had been in the service for a while and now helping out with Con. I guess that is the cool thing about stuff like this, I may be here alone…but…I am not alone in a way. “My People” are all around me. You can pretty much strike up a conversation with anyone and it is a blast. There is always something in common there.

I attempted to get into one of the panels in Hall H and really quickly learned…you must camp out overnight to get a seat in some of these panels. Lol. I was having too much fun just people watching and enjoying the crowd, that I decided to not wait the extra 2 hours there and instead…more roaming and wandering. It is interesting just how much time passes and you do not realize it.

It doesn’t even end when the Con does. Oh no! It spills out into the already busy streets and a whole new “night life” begins. Mine started out with an amazing dinner with Matt & Mike from TinyCo. Such cool guys that are really brilliant minded and passionate about what they do. I am very grateful to have such great open communication and a working friendship with them. While we ate the streets came to life with all sorts of night entertainment. Especially two totally sweet Transformers. SO COOL!!

After a while my poor lil feet begged me to let them rest a lil, so I turned in for the night. Still tomorrow and Sunday to go. PHEW!! I hope I make it. OF COURSE I WILL!! So it is off to slumber land for me…tomorrow…THE FOX PANELS!!! EEEEEE!!!

Enjoying the pics? Any favs yet? Recognize the characters in them? Wanna see more? Let me know.



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  1. Where are the pictures……. Didn’t take this long when I took them to he chemists to be developed……..

  2. Wow! We are apparently all awed into silence……. 😛

  3. Go Bunny! Go Bunny!

    So jealous. A bucket list item for me and my son. Son will get a tick off at some pont but I will have to convince Hubby that a trip to the US for Comicon is worth it. I know we will do SEMA first 🙂

  4. What a Fabawesome time! 😉 Thank You for all these wonderful posts on CC! I almost feel like i was there! Wish i was! 3000 miles is a long way LOL!

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