Bunny vs Geeks n Nerds SDCC 2014 Last Days

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality….

Well the bruises all over my body, every part of me aching, and the memories say it really happened. AND I LOVED EVERY LAST MOMENT!!!

Boingo Comics SDCC 2014

WOW! I mean seriously…WOW! I know that people say they live at Con and now I understand why. I spent many days and many hours there and still feel like I never had enough time to do all I wanted. There is just so much to take on. Again, this is all an experience in my own words and came from what I saw and did.

I was told Saturday is one of the busiest days of the event and I completely agree. Thousands upon thousands of people at every turn and in every nook and cranny there. I kind of cracked up and giggled as the poor Security basically repeated these lines over and over.

“By order of the Fire Marshall…Do not lean on the walls. You can’t sit here. Keep moving.”

The main line… “KEEP MOVING!” It was great. I actually appreciated that they did that as movement came to a complete stop when many were trying to get pics of celebs at the booths. It made moving around impossible. So I loved they always kept that constant flow going. Now I may have gotten in a lil trouble and MAY have been put in handcuffs…or maybe not and I just wanted to get your attention. You will never know. Lol.

Saturday was a blast for me. The Simpsons Panel was going to be up. I knew there would be a line, but OMG!! The lines went on for what seemed like FOREVER! Like literally down to the shore line. Both for Panel and Autographs. I was fortunate to be around the FOX booth when the Panel was there to sign autographs. Poor Matt looked like he had been exhausted by the event too.

Matt Groening SDCC 2014


I wanted to talk with him a lil more, but had the respect to save it for another time as the lines of fans wanting autographs was wrapped around the halls.

I lucked out in that I was also pulled over to the Adult Swim booth and able to meet the guys from Robot Chicken. They cracked me up. “Bunny?!!? Oh MAN!” So I was given THESE beautiful renditions of a “Bunny”. Laughed so hard.

Robot Chicken and Bunny SDCC 2014 Robot Chicken and Bunny SDCC 2014

While waiting there, some chaos was going on with the handlers and others behind us…so Seth Green (also Chris Griffin’s voice in Family Guy for those that are curious) took this as an opportunity to sit and chat with me a while. I loved it. I’ve watched him since …well…we won’t date me. LOL. Needless to say, I still adore the frak out of him. He was impressed with the blogging stuff. We giggled a lot. Then…he took it upon himself to snag my phone and take a selfie of us together.

Seth Green

Two silly n crazy people having a blast. LOVED IT!! So much fun.

From there I was also pulled over to the Legendary area (right next door). I got a chance to put on a headset and get a feel for being a Jaeger Pilot in Oculus. WOW! So Frakking AWESOME! I get motion sickness if things in 3D are TOO shaky so I was a bit nervous to do this, but it went terribly smooth. Looking around at every corner. Even behind me. I can’t wait for the next Pacific Rim to come out.

Legendary Jaeger Pilot SDCC 2014

More celeb sightings and meetings. (Who knew Mike Tyson could be funny.) More fun games and random giveaways all over. More shopping as my geek wallet was willing to hand it all over and then some (good thing I work on a budget or I would go broke wanting all these cool things).

Later that afternoon I met up with Matt n Mike from TinyCo and we waited to see if other FGTQFS Players/Readers could join us for the Q&A. Due to such short notice, I know many of you were not able to make it. As far as Matt n Mike go, I am EXTREMELY impressed. Two very intelligent guys. They most definitely know their stuff. Makes me even more happy to be able to see and hear first hand from them all the inner workings of what makes TinyCo tick on a game like this. I have so much respect for them as people as well as a company on where their goals and sights are set. They are doing it right. They love the community. These are people I want to see succeed way above and beyond any potentials.

Matt Mike Bunny


Back to the crazy madness of Con. After our meet up I decided to wander the streets in the Gaslamp Quarters. This place is just bursting at every corner with extensions of the Con. Tons to do day and night. You will never be bored, that is for sure. Gaslamp Quarters SDCC 2014

The city really does come alive at night and it seems NO ONE sleeps here. EVER!! Lol. If you are tired, you just curl up in a corner, on a sidewalk, against a tree, in the park, and take a nap. (Yes, this is what I saw. Lol.) I giggled when I passed by a MAC cosmetics store and saw they were happily promoting their Marge Simpson line of makeup. The girl working there was happy to have someone ask her for a pic. I guess no one else had. I loved the shirt and pearls they all were wearing. Added to the appeal of it all.

20140725_193040MAC Marge Simpson SDCC 2014

Overall, this is what I would suggest for ANYONE wanting to enjoy this event. Wear comfy shoes or inserts. Dress in light and airy clothing. Bring something to keep water in so you don’t dehydrate. Bring snacks to keep energy. Bring a backpack to keep all that cool swag in (ones they provide are cool, but I had 3 rip on me from the weight sadly). If you want some of the exclusive items, think about getting that “Preview” night pass as most DID go the first night(s). Arrive early as a lot of booths and signings require some kind of card or wristband to gain entrance. Bring a collapsible folding chair if you plan on seeing panels as you will be sitting n waiting a while. (Or sleeping out to gain a spot). Hall H…well…I hope you plan on living there as if you move…your place is lost. So plan well.

Pack extra deodorant and/or perfumes, everyone else there will be greatly appreciative. Think out those costumes you want to wear as you will be in HOT direct sun for hours, have to walk around, and lots of bending and stepping up/down required. (Saw many costumes malfunction or people just about pass out from heat exhaustion trapped in beautiful elaborate costumes that just didn’t allow for air circulation.)

Book rooms in advance as they are NOT cheap. I used Airbnb to get one for myself. Stayed by beach and close by for good price. (You know you are staying in the right place when in your room lies a really cool copy of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.) I loved my hosts. So down to earth and completely awesome.

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy SDCC 2014


Use public transportation. I rented a car, it sat and collected dust back at place I was staying. Parking in town was booked months in advance or really costly. Was a lot less to take Lyft to and from Con as well as use the MTS system. There were also the free shuttles that worked great. Nice n comfy. More comfy than the MTS to me and less crowded. The pass for MTS was really cheap though. Great rates for Wed-Sun and a cool looking pass too. (I just needed a few days so got this one.)



This was truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I will not forget it. I did so much, learned so much, was opened to so many new things, all this in the matter of a few days. So again, HUGE thanks go out to FOX and TinyCo for giving me the opportunity of this experience. I have so much gratitude and appreciation…words pale in comparison to how I feel inside. THANK YOU!! 😉

For everyone else…here are a few of the pics I took. So much to see, too many pics. Lol. (p.s. I got some swag from the Con to give out to readers, so stay tuned for more info on that.)


So what did YOU think of the Con from my eyes? Are YOU planning a trip there next year? See any pics you want more info on? Any information you want from the event I didn’t cover? Shout it out below. Can’t wait to hear from you!!

Now to go soak my poor tired feet. Lol.


26 responses to “Bunny vs Geeks n Nerds SDCC 2014 Last Days

  1. Sounds like an awesome time!

  2. San Diego was a blast, i go every year, I was actually lucky enough to meet Matt at a Autograph line for Futurama a few years back, always wondered why the Simpsons voice actors never appear anywhere, glad you had a blast there.

  3. Bi mon sci fi con

  4. Hi there Bunny!!

    Not sure where to post this, but thought you guys at TSTO Addicts might like to check this out…


    I don’t wear makeup normally, but this is just an amazing collection!

    • Uh huh. If you look at the pics in the post, I was at the MAC store and saw it all first hand. It was really cool. I may pick up some for myself. 😉

  5. Where did this take place? CON??? Would you please be more specific.

  6. Thanks for sharing Bunny! It’s the closest I’ll ever get to a Con. There’s waaaay too many people there for me; I’d freak out in a big way. This way I can visit vicariously.

  7. Josephine Kick@$$

    JEALOUS! And a selfie with Seth to boot! CC has come & gone here, but I will not miss the next opportunity to go. Thanks for letting us share your experience Bunny! (getting cuffed on purpose doesn’t count) 😉

  8. Wow I felt like I was actually there,down to Claustrophobia. I imagined “By The Order of the Fire Marshall” in the king from Tudors voice. Over all great post, you might have to pull it out again as a recap next con for all the great tips. I myself am awaiting Ny comic con. Jerry Maguire’s voice ” who’s coming with me”

  9. WanderingCaveman

    Thanks for sharing your SDCC experience Bunny. It is great to see the wonder and excitement of the Con from a new person’s perspective, it’s like watching someone visit Disneyland for the first time.

  10. I’ve already gushed at you on FGTQFS, so I’ll say the Marge make up looks pretty neat. (Okay, okay, I’ll squee a bit here too 😀 ) (SQUEE)

  11. I guess the real question is: WHAT DID YOU FIND OUT FOR US? Are we getting Dr. Zaius and Troy McClure? How anout a real sideshow bob and the Terwilliger family (great idea)? Come on bunny you’ll be a hero to all us addicts!!!

    Hope you had a blast.

  12. Pretty sweet. You just have to take those life experiences when you can and take it by the horns and enjoy the ride. Sounds like a wonderful trip. I personally am not all that giddy for the cons cause there is just way too much stimulus I would be overwhelmed. But I do feel like I miss out on some really awesome limited to the con swag. I had to pay a pretty penny to get the glow in the dark radioactive homer from the Playmates simpsons figures line that they only offered at the con. Thank goodness for ebay.

  13. The_Spider-Fan

    Thanks a lot for sharing those photos. It really is one of my dreams to go to Comic-Con and you allowed me a little visit in my work lunch break so thank you 🙂

  14. Yeah you got a pic of fellow Zelda dorks. That had to be a very exhausting weekend, now time to hop in your bunny bed for a week to recoup.

    • There were LOTS of Links’s. I was lucky to catch that one. They kept disappearing in the crowd. I tried to catch the one of Zelda and Link but Security made them move on and I couldn’t find them after that.

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