Silly Simpsons: An Awesome Commercial and More

I was watching FX the other week to watch one of my new favorite shows (The Strain) when I saw one of the coolest Simpsons commercials EVER.  All week I searched and searched for it to share with you dear readers when lo and behold, I realized it was on one of my Liked Facebook pages all along in perfect quality.  Click more to see the amazingness.

I think the tag line the page writers came up with says it all.  “Total D’oh-vastation”.  The Facebook page alone has over 74 million likes.  That’s a lot of people that could be doing nothing but watching The Simpsons.  I’m one of those lovers of dystopian futures, zombies, pandemics, etc. so this commercial just hit me exactly right.  For more info on the FXX marathon, check out Alissa’s post here.

In fairness, I have to give a shout out to The Simpsons Facebook page.  Where Oogle and MyTibe failed, you came through.  There’s lots of great stuff on the page (  It isn’t connected directly to TSTO but they do let readers know when new stuff drops.  The best thing about the page really is that you don’t have to have a FB account to view the goodness and it’s a page dedicated to the Best. Show. Ever with insider scoops.

Some other goodies which might interest you are 5 minutes of the Simpsons Family Guy crossover that was released over on Entertainment Weekly’s site.  There’s actually a whole article but the video is embedded in it.  I’m a solid Simpsons guy but this was actually pretty funny.

Simpsons Guy

The article also has info from San Diego Comic Con like a glimpse of Season 26, etc.  Bunny will have a full recap of the panels at Comic Con in the coming days, but just wanted to give everyone a sneak peak.

For those of you that have 5 minutes here’s the video:

Well, that’s all I really wanted to share.  Truth be told I had to share the commercial (isn’t it great?) but figured I’d show some other stuff and give props where they are due.  I know I will probably be spending more time than I should indoors from August 21st to Sep 1st.  I think Fall Semester starts somewhere in there but we shall see.

FXX D'ohvestation

TTFN… Wookiee out!

26 responses to “Silly Simpsons: An Awesome Commercial and More

  1. They have had a lot of cool Simpsons commercials on advertising all the episodes they have. I love them all.
    Oh, and The Strain is pretty great too. The first episode was fantastic, creepy and scary…everything I want in a horror drama.

  2. Josephine Kick@$$

    We dumped everything except Hulu Plus & Netflix after WD & Dexter. I’ve never heard of “The Strain”, I’ll have to see if I can find it, I love stuff like that, Fringe, Lost… anything supernatural or sci-fi 🙂

  3. Hey Addicts? When is the season premiere…like the time and date? I’m moving to an apartment with the most basic of basic cable in the next couple weeks, and my goodness, I don’t want to miss the first few episodes!

    Also, is the Simpsons marathon on FX? And is FX the same as FXX? I swear, looking things like that up online makes me feel like no one knows anything and everyone just guesses, haha.

    Let me tell you, I never watched the show until I started playing the game…minus seeing the movie and a couple episodes here and there. I really wish I had gotten into it earlier! Granted the show is older than I am, so I have no excuse 😛

    • lol well we’re here to answer your questions 🙂

      FXX is separate from FX. To find out what channel it is for you go to and hit the channel finder at the top. Then just punch in your zipcode and your service provider and they’ll tell you what channel it is.

      As far as Season 26…you’ve got time. Don’t worry. September 28th is the scheduled air date for the season premiere.

      Good luck with the move! 🙂

  4. Not exactly related, but who does everyone think the death in the season opener will be? My money is on Krusty’s dad. The episode is called Clown in the dumps, and what, other than losing all his money again, would make Krusty sad? His father’s death!

    • Maybe Krusty. All those heart issues. You just never know.

    • Could be a lot of peeps, all related to Krusty. I think the Rabbi makes sense without creating too many waves. Also would make sense as Mel Brooks isn’t getting any younger. Of course, it could also be Sideshow Bob or Mel. I think Princess Penelope is ruled out since she only had the one episode but we shall see. Really though, I wouldn’t be surprised if they picked someone that had nothing to do with Krusty.

      • D: In that case, under no circumstances is the good rabbi allowed to die! I haven’t heard enough from Mel Brooks lately and I’m admittedly not up on my Simpsons lore enough to know that he is the voice so…let’s go with Sideshow Mel if it must be someone to do with Krusty. Sorry Sideshow Mel fans (myself included), but neither Mel Brooks nor any characters he has played are allowed to die. I don’t care how old he is by now, I’m just saying. Spaceballs. History of the World Part One. Do you hear me producers (The Producers!) who have already written this episode and are moving forward no matter how many punctuation marks I use?!?!?!? *sigh* :/

        (Something tells me it won’t be Krusty himself…it’s possible, but my vote is no)

      • Mel Brooks doesn’t voice Rabbi Krustofski. Jackie Mason does. And Dan Castellaneta, but only for cameos.

        • Appreciate the correction. I have no problems admitting when I mess something up. Bonus is I did get to rewatch the episode where he guest starred as himself.

    • I see people saying it’s Krusty, Sideshow Bob, Sideshow Mel, or Krusty’s Dad. Al Jean I think said that he doesn’t consider the character “iconic” though, so it’s very hard to believe Krusty would leave. He seems pretty darn iconic to me…and he’s such a big character that I feel there would be tons of backlash.

    • Mundomar Jack

      All I know about that episode is that homer and bart have a fight, krusty retires and someone dies.

  5. That was a very well thought out commercial. Absolutely loved it. So many clips to chose from they have chosen wisely. I know I have seen every episode but man its hard to remember them all. Have to bust out my dvds and start a marathon of my own.

  6. I just watched the first episode of The Strain last night and I thought it was great. I’m interested in any horror themed show that pushes the boundaries like The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and Penny Dreadful, and it looks like The Strain has joined the ranks. That Simpsons marathon promo is a genius idea and FX is slowly becoming my favorite network. On a side note, of course no one knows anything about this yet and it’s just for a speculative purpose, what do you think the chances are of an episode tie-in for the Family Guy crossover episode? Even though it is considered a Family Guy episode and there is that Simpsons premiere on before it, I think that would be pretty cool!

    • Slim…both games are run by different companies so I don’t think we’ll be seeing much crossover wise in the game from it. Unless it’s just a building or something along those lines. Although I still think it would be great to see it! 🙂

      • Ya I agree that there are a few reasons it likely wouldn’t happen, especially now that Famiy Guy has it’s own game. I only thought of it because it seems The Simpsons are doing a lot of huge things for this coming season with the Family Guy episode, Futurama episode, and killing off a recurring character. Lets hope they do something. 🙂

    • Loving the strain and am an admitted WD junkie. I’ve seen AHS with my ewok but will certainly have to check out Penny Dreadful. Just finished Season 2 of Hemlock Grove which is another fun series. I agree with Alissa on the tie-in for TSTO. It’d be cool if TinyCo and EA could figure something out together but not too sure how or if it would work.

      • I see you have a good eye for great shows as well. I don’t know how anyone could not like The Walking Dead or AHS, unless of course they are squeamish when it comes to bloody/scary stuff. Penny Dreadful is off to a pretty good start and I’m hoping it gets crazier next season. I’ve definitely heard of Hemlock Grove, I know Eli Roth has something to do with it and he’s a huge fan of the gory horror genre, so I’m sure it’s good. I’ll have to give that one a go, thanks for the recommendation.

      • To Kyle: I don’t like WD but it has nothing to do with being squeamish. I worked in the hospital for 20+ years until I developed PTSD from seeing one too many shot up kids die. WD and others like it have nothing on the horror that is real life. I’ve seen enough real blood and guts to last me a lifetime. The last thing I want to do is watch it on TV. Also, it perpetuates the gun culture. You couldn’t at me to watch it.

        • Completely understandable Lyaia and I can totally sympathize. Let’s just say 14 years of being a medic in the military turned me off to being a part of medicine to the point where I don’t even like being around any of it. There’s plenty of other great shows out there. We all share The Simpsons, right? When I don’t feel like horror stuff, I geek out over Marvel, DC, Disney, etc.

      • Exactly Wookiee. We can all love the Simpsons together and geek out over other things too. What makes us all unique makes us all great.

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