Where Did THAT Come From – Boxingham Palace

Anyone besides me think of the word war and want to add a “G” in front of it?

Anywho… with all the new stuff that came with the Clash of Clones event you may find yourself wondering just where all the items come from.  The easy answer is the game it’s making fun of but not everything is from THAT game. Some of it comes from the Best. Show. Ever. For this edition of WDTCF, I thought we’d take a look at the origin of Boxingham Palace.

boxinghampalace_menu boxinghampalacegate_menu boxinghampalacetower_menu boxinghampalacewall_menu

Remember when Homer successfully refurbished the basement into a rec room, tried to declare bankruptcy and had it backfire leading to Flinstoning the family car and Grampa Simpson moving into the Simpson house?

If the answer to that question is no then “Rome-Old and Julie-Eh” (S18:E15) is worth a watch for you. It also includes an awkward romance between Grampa and Selma. More importantly for this post, it showcases one of our new personal prizes from the Clash of Clones event… Boxingham Palace. Bart and Lisa order a large amount of complimentary shipping boxes from the American Shipping Services (their truck always makes me laugh) and the only thing to do with tons of boxes is to build a fart. Ok… a fort but I’m with Bart on this one. In a cool moment of bonding, Lisa and Bart build a rad castle with all the boxes.

Boxingham Palace

But what’s that you say in the voice of the sarcastic clerk aka Raphael? Boxes are for shipping, not for creating a world of pure imagination? Phooey to that. This episode’s battle scene between brown shirted delivery people and Bart and Lisa is amazing.

Boxingham Palace 2

Sadly, EA didn’t give us Nelson in box armor or a dragon and unlike the show version, our new castle can’t be destroyed with hose water but I suppose armies of nerds will do.

Boxingham Palace 3

We also see that an appropriate placement for this castle in your town would be in the Simpson house’s back yard. From this episode, you could also add swings and Bart’s treehouse. Did I mention yet that I wish EA had given us the red dragon from this episode? (NERD NOTE: My fellow Tolkien lovers might consider this a Fell-beast.)

Boxingham Palace 4

Anywho… there’s your origin for Boxingham Palace and also a subtle hint to EA to bring some more amazingness to this event. Y’all keep on war-fighting and I’ll sign off with one question. If crime fighters fight crime and firefighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight?

Dragons of course.  TTFN… Wookiee out!

7 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Boxingham Palace

  1. “Anyone besides me think of the word war and want to add a “G” in front of it?”

    Dude, you’re 32 shades of awesome. I was lucky enough to see Gwardown in Portland almost a bajillion years ago. I even have a vial of their fake blood. R.I.P, Oderus!
    Please don’t leave us with Lordi… 🙁

  2. Why would a Tolkein lover consider a dragon to be a Fellbeast? Not only did Tolkein never name the creatures but he explicitly describes them as having beaks. They are generally understood to have closely resembled pterasaurs and did not look as they were depicted in the film series (to which the pictured dragon bears some slight resemblance). Either way, Fellbeast is not their name. Fell is simply a medieval adjective meaning cruel that is used to describe the creatures. It is not a moniker and is never used as such.

  3. Just saw that the CATAPULT is from the episode “homer vs the eighteenth amendment” in season 8. (It’s being used to punish “the Beer Baron”, but they test a cat first)

  4. A dragon would be cool…especially if we could pay for it with elixir. A Nelson in box armor skin would be awesome. I hope we get more stuff to buy before this finally ends. Plus…dirt roads.

  5. RIP Oderus Urungus. One of the best frontmen in metal and one hell of a sense of humor.


  6. So I guess this is when I get to brag about my hubby being a Gwar music video. I think it’s Zombie March. He’s the mechanic in blue overalls that gets attacked and turned.

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