Where Did THAT Come From: Fortress of Choclitude

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

Fortress of Choclitude

This post I will be going over the Origin of the Fortress of Choclitude. Where did it show up at? What does it have to do with the stuff in our game now? Did anything exciting happen there? Let’s dive into the Simpsons TV Series to find out more.

Season 9, Episode 21: Girly Edition
Lisa and Bart are feuding in a new edition to Krusty’s Show. “Kidz Newz”. Lisa is jealous Bart is getting more attention than her. In the end they work it out, just in time to have the show cancelled and replaced by “The Mattel and Mars Bar Quick Energy Chocobot Hour.” The Chocobots headquarters just so happen to be at the Fortress of Choclitude.

Fortress of Choclitude

There you have it. A lil blip of an item from the tale end of an episode is now a part of the Inspiration items in our town. What do YOU think of the Fortress of Choclitude? Did you purchase it? Do you wish characters used it, like Uter? Let us know your thoughts below.


40 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From: Fortress of Choclitude

  1. I know this is an old thread but I just plunked down my ten million for the fortress! 3 days ?!!
    I put it close to the fortress of lonelitude. Now I’m down to a measly 700K.

  2. What a pity it has no part in the superheroes event. I think it would go well with the theme.

  3. 5 more million to go.
    With my luck the toilet will be out there
    Once I have the ten million.

    Curious if it will have a ten million cap as well. Can’t wait to see what has the best animation for the cash.

    Also happy Xmas tapping.

  4. This item isn’t showing up in my game anymore! Is anyone else having this problem? (I’ve been hoarding cash to buy it since I first saw it way back when, but now it isn’t there!) I’m on an Android, and it’s not in my “Aspirational” menu… not in “Civic”… not in “Houses”… not in “Businesses” or “Decorations” or “Miscellany”… it seems to be gone! Any advice?

    • What game play level are you at? It unlocks with the level it arrived in.

      • Level 46… just under 100,000 XP from completing the XP meter.

        • Thanks. That is your XP Level. Where is your game play level at? Where in the walk throughs are you complete with? Anything left from 43 44 45?

      • Went back over the last four level walkthroughs… I have completed ALL of the tasks/questlines all the way through Level 46. (I’m also at part 8 of the “When Worlds Collide” episode tie-in questline, too…. but that’s likely irrelevant.)

        Like I said, I saw the item in the store the first day that Level 45 dropped. It was there and available for purchase, I just opted to max out the land acquisitions, rather than purchase the fortress right away. So, I’ve been building my “game cash reserves” ever since… and just surpassed the 9,100,000 mark this morning.

        Only thing is… the fortress is gone! LOL A re-installation of the app last week didn’t fix it… so, naturally I initially thought EA might have removed it again.

      • Just to be explicit, and since I now realize that I am not alone in experiencing this anomaly… here’s the GAME LEVEL run-down for my progress thus far. (Be advised, I’m paraphrasing the final tasks for each level below… after a build, there are often a few tasks afterwards that must be completed before moving on to a new level.)

        TSTO Level Progress:

        L43 (07/23/2014) – Princess Penelope, Giant Wheel, 10 parts = DONE
        CLASH OF CLONES!! (08/19/2014) – Brought land expansion = DONE
        L44 (09/05/2014) – Database, ends with Bloaters at the Squidport = DONE
        L45 (09/17/2014) – Artie Ziff, ends with ZiffCo Office Building = DONE
        HALLOWEEN (10/07/2014) – Brought new menu style = IN PROGRESS
        L46 (10/22/2014) – Mrs. Muntz, ends with Moonbounce = DONE

        So, I’m done with EVERYTHING above (and currently finishing the current episode tie-in “When Worlds Collide), but the “Fortress of Choclitude” has indeed disappeared from the menu for some players… including myself.

      • The Level 47 update finally fixed this. I can now see it… thanks for your help anyway!

  5. I must also have this because for one thing bf the the animation is awesome.

    And it is a building made of chocolate.

    I’m at 3 mill in a couple hundred thousand.

    7 more to go.

    I’ll just have ton have all 67 people on highest payout tasks every chance I get.

    That plus buildings should take me a month not sure maybe sooner.

    Either ways it looks awesome.

  6. I’m savin up for it.
    Helpful to have the Halloween stuff to keep my busy while the money counter goes up 🙂
    I looked in the store today and it doesn’t seem to be there anymore… Does anyone know where it is in the new store?

    P.S. Thanks Bunny and Alyssa for your amazing contributions in here. Love this blog. 🙂

    • This has to be unlocked with the new level it came with. So if you are on the lower levels, you won’t see it just yet til you get to the upper one.

      p.s. Make sure you spell Alissa correctly or she may look at you in an angry manner. Lol. 😛

      • I’m level 45… Saw it in my old store but it disappeared in the upgraded store. Any thoughts?

        Alissa: my deep and profuse apologies for misspelling your name. Would not want angry-mannered looks. 😉

  7. This was a must buy since the animations are godly. I also put mines next to the fudge factory. I mean it just looks to darn right next to each other. I had thoughts of putting it next to my wax museum too. I kinda wish the factory had a constant animation of the robot flying in and out and there should be a few task and quest with the building honestly just because the sunsphere did

  8. I bought it and I love it. One of the cooler animations I’ve seen on this game. I also put it next to Ah Fudge Factory.

  9. I like it, the animation is actually rather elaborate for a building.
    Put it next to the Ah Fudge! factory and pretend it’s a licensed attraction to the Chocobot Hour.

    Would be nice if you could put it in Krustyland.

  10. Seriously why are you even here if you don’t want it? I’m on 9.2 million and will buy it but might wait until Halloween update first just in case I need cash for limited time to buy items.

  11. So this is the uber, uber geek in me…but I don’t like decorations and buildings like this that aren’t actually “in” Springfield. This is from a show that the characters in Springfield watch. Same with Knighboat and the Happy Little Elves house. They’re from fictional shows within the show.

    I also don’t like or buy stuff like the Lincoln Memorial or the Sunsphere, because well..they’re not in Springfield. And as much as I love Hank Scorpio and his fortress…Man, that is in Cypress Creek, not Springfield.

    Tell me I’m not the only one who has thought this. Lol.

    • I have thought about it and you are certainly not alone. TSTO is sort of the universe where all the different areas from the show get their chance to shine in Springfield. I love these type of decs just for the nostalgia. I see it and immediately reminisce about the origins. Kudos for keeping your Springfield canon.

    • I can understand, appreciate, and respect that way of thinking. I may had done the same with my Springfield if I could remember exactly where everything that is offered by EA came from. That’s why I appreciate these ‘Where Did THAT Come From…” columns even though I’ve been a fan and have been watching The Simpsons ever since they were just shorts on The Tracy Ullman Show. I try to catch them all first run and catch repeats when I can, but with a quarter of a century worth of episodes now out there, my fandom level isn’t at the point where I can keep track of it all now. So since the game starts with Springfield being destroyed and having to rebuild it, I see my Springfield to be more of a reflection of me than the actual one we see in the series. That doesn’t stop me from re-designing something to match better what I see in the series at times.

      I think what’s not in my Springfield is just as important as what is really. Although I love the sense of the absurd that occurs throughout the town, I feel it should be tempered. Otherwise the absurdness loses its impact. Similar to language. If one uses what is known as a “curse word” now and then, that’s fine, but if it is every other word coming out their mouth, it loses its impact. Many of the large high-ticket decorations offered in the game are mostly on the absurd side (giant escalator, giant magnifier glass, etc.). I don’t have any problems with them except when they are all used at once together. Many of them we don’t see in every episode of the show for the same reason, I suspect. It’s the same reason I don’t keep my various holiday decorations I’ve collected out in my town all year round.

      In the end, everyone is free to create their towns the way they like. As long as they are having fun, what does it matter? That said, I do appreciate restraint at times.

  12. Working towards that S and R first, then land then maybe the aspirationals! REALLY WANT THE RETURN OF THE GIANT TOILET AND THE GRASSHOPPER! 🙂

  13. Can’t but it. Must save for upcoming Halloween goodness!

  14. I am slowly saving up for this sweet and delicious building but i have a question about another building, the Springfield Subatomic Supercollider. I see many towns have this building and I have been playing this game for about 2 years and I have yet to acquire it, i am wondering if i missed a event in the past of if there is a secret to unlocking this cool building? Thanks for the help in advance.

  15. Is COC over yet?
    One of my actual friends who played along side of me has officially quit TSTO all together because he was so annoyed by it, It started playing in May 2013. Its an awful event, Halloween (if they have an event) better be spectacular,

  16. I think I’ll wait several levels until it comes down in price, if I decide to buy it at all. I’m still working up to purchasing Honest John’s Computers. Although right now, my goal is to buy up more land, then purchase the additional buildings, and do a redesign. I’ve only been playing since about June (hit level 45 last night!) and my town is feeling a little cramped and starting to lose it’s cohesion because everything is all jumbled. It’s making me a little nuts, but at least I’m forming a plan.

    • Keep in mind…because this is an apsirational item the price on it won’t reduce. This will always be 10 million, unless EA makes a formal price cut.

      • I had not realized this was an aspirational building. Well, then… Maybe once I’ve gotten everything else and just have gobs of money laying around… Not as high on my list of priorities as some other buildings. 🙂

  17. I love this building. The animation alone was a sell for me. In game cash makes me want to buy, but if it were donuts id pass.

  18. Yes, I did buy. “I have the buyers remorse”. It was my second purchase of this magnitude in a very short time. It ruined me. It is an even worse buy than the rotating restaurant, at least there where some/one(?) task connected to that building. Now I am hoping for a Halloween event with an alternative currency so I can build up a my account to reasonable level again.

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