Addicts Up Close & Personal

Hey there Hoppereenos. Thought we would give a lil heads up to our readers to lock your doors, board up your windows, and fear for your existance. Bunny and Alissa are coming to take you away… to the funny farm… where life is beautiful all the time…  Lol

Addicts Road Trip

I tend to bounce all around the country as of late. I don’t mind the travel so much. Cool new places. Interesting people. But alas, I miss my partner in crime. My Alissa! So, I am gonna bound and gag her and force her to come along with me whether she wants to or not. Lol. Just kidding. I am still trying to lasso that giant Fuzzy Furball too, but he is a lil harder to catch. They just don’t make rope that long. 😉

Alissa and myself are making a fun lil trip out west to the San Francisco area the weekend of October 9th. (If Fuzzball is able, he may make an appearance too.) We will have a lil free time on our hands and were curious if any of our Amazing readers here would ALSO be in the area at that time. Would you like to come and harass…errrrr. ..hang with us two crazy gals… LIVE… and in PERSON?? Don’t worry. Alissa already told me I can only take ONE souvenir reader home with me to keep as my personal pet in the basement. I promise to love you and keep you and name you George.  😉

So speak up readers. Anyone wanna join the Addicts Madness LIVE!! Let us know in the comments below. We would LOVE to hear and see yah. (We may also have a few surprises up our sleeves.)

Bunny & Alissa

40 responses to “Addicts Up Close & Personal

  1. Hi addicts!
    Aw shucks. I’m in the Bay Area for business tomorrow morning until Friday. Alas! I wish I could extend my trip (though not the meetings) so I could meet up with all the other crazy Addicterinos. C’est la vie/ esta la vida. I was at the Hollywood bowl Saturday night a few weeks back for the Simpsons concert-wish you were doing a meet and greet then 🙂 perhaps you’ll find yourselves in beautiful SoCal soon. Anyways hope you all have a wonderful time!

  2. Tonga Room, yes. Ghiradelli, no. There are much better local ice creams… I’ll be sure to check in as you get closer… Right across the bay from SF meself…

  3. Don’t forget the dirty south when you plan your road trips! Come hang in the ATL.

  4. Oh I Wish!!!! Just got back from VA, next time? Have fun!! (Like I really need to say that) 😉

  5. I already left a msg on family guy page, but i live i the sf bay area- let me know where the party’s at

  6. I love San Fran! Have fun, get ice cream at Ghiradelli’s. It’s touristy but soooooooooo yummy! Then come home with Alissa and we can east coast hang. 🙂

  7. Forget San Fran! You need to come east. Forget the fog. Myrtle beach is perfect this time of yeah. Best part, no more tourist!! Perfect time to visit ( hint hint)

  8. Huge fan!!! I live in the city and there is sooo much to do. I recommend the antique games museum, ( it’s next door to that wonderful sour dough bread.) keep us posted on what you’ll be up to. And thanks for all that you do!

  9. I’ve seen some desperate lonely heart adds in my time……this takes the biscuit lol

  10. I, um, HI!!! *SF city resident waves hands in air and such*

    A dear friend’s birthday is on the 11th (no plans at the moment), but otherwise I’m interested, provided it’s relatively transit friendly. I will need to pass on the pet offer as I rather like my apartment and I already have a pet of my own who would feel left out of the whole thing (or maybe not, she loves people more than I do, heh). Anyway, I guess what I’m saying is that if you’re here, I’m eagerly awaiting details and am hopeful I can be there. 🙂

  11. My toenails are cholesterol free! And I can”t make it. Sorry.

  12. While you’re on the west, take a quick pit stop to Alaska!! I’m dying to prove we don’t live in igloos, have pet polar bears, yada yada. According to the map, we’re located just south of Baja right next to Hawaii… So you’re a hop, skip, and jump away 😉

    Welcome to Alaska! Here’s a thousand dollars!!

  13. Really cool city, but way, way, WAY off my beaten track 😉

  14. You guys have fans all over the world!!! Any word of you guys going international? I heard Montreal was pretty happening. 😉 lol!!!

  15. Can you please help me!!!!!!!!?????? All ofmy characters are all stuck in honest johns computer shop doing the tap into their thoughts quest!!!!!!! You tap on database in the column and it says there all completed but I have no thumbs up?? Also there is a brown house next to it which has been raided but has no sign above it. I cant continue as I have all my characters in there please help!!!!!!!!??????

    • Try this. Restart your device. If that does not work. You can uninstall/restart/reinstall app. Or…. Try storing Honest Johns. This will kick out all the players inside and you may have to start again, but it may be the only way.

    • Maybe the fire marshal shut you down because having your entire town population in one shop was against fire code? Mine did the same thing but all came out before the fire marshal showed up.

  16. Brilliant quoting Napolean XIV and referencing Hugo The Abominable Snow Man in the same post. Brings me back to my old high school memories and diversions.

  17. Whoa that sounds awesome! And lucky for all of us, I actually live in California. (But about 3 hours south of sf) ;). I’m gonna try to rearrange things to coincidentally meet up with you guys at that weekend. Any plans while in the bay?

  18. What this recently added cause now I see my Archer Lisa and Goblin Bart having a 6 hour task that says go to school, yet I have no quests right now that needs them to go to school. Is it a glitch?

  19. Easier for me, if chosen to be Bunny’s basement pet! All she has to do is love and feed me, My name was already given LOL

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