Where Did THAT Come From – BBQ Pig

“You don’t win friends with salad… you don’t win friends with salad… you don’t win friends with salad…”

Oh hey there friends? How’s life? Just enjoying yet another great Simpsons episode courtesy of new stuff in Level 45. With the newest level, EA brought us a new premium decoration for 60 donuts. Provided you’re at level 45, this new beauty adds a 2.5% bonus to your XP and cash earnings. That all well and good but you may be asking where did the BBQ Pig come from?


First off… this is not Spiderpig.  I immediately saw this beauty and got all nostalgic for a really great Simpsons episode. I enjoy all of them and love having the opportunity to rewatch so many but every once in a while, something new comes along that makes me uber excited for it’s origin. This decoration is one of those times.

The BBQ Pig comes form Season 7, Episode 5: “Lisa the Vegetarian” (S7:E5). After a visit to Storytown Village with her family, Lisa decides that eating meat is wrong and becomes a vegetarian. Who could eat meat after seeing a lamb that cute? Hint: the answer starts with a W and rhymes with cookie.

Lisa’s new beliefs aren’t easy for her. Springfield Elelmentary supports carnivores and Homer is busy planning a meat fest for all his friends. Sure barbecues are hard thankless work but there also great ways to meet your neighbors outside of a courtroom setting according to Marge. Lisa’s family just doesn’t understand her new-found vegetarianism.

Homer's BBBQ

Homer’s BBBQ has burgers, dogs, steak… but it’s the piece de resistance that you may recognize as the newest premium offering in your town.


Mmmmmmm… Wiggum look-a-like pig.

After literally being slapped in the face by all the meat eating at Homer’s Q, Lisa decides enough is enough. She absconds with the BBQ pig on a riding mower and sends it careening through Springfield. This really is one of my favorite Simpson scenes/lines.

BBQ Pig 2

“It’s just a little dirty… it’s still good, it’s still good. It’s just a little soggy… it’s still good, it’s still good. It’s just a little airborne… it’s still good, it’s still good.”

The ending of the episode is real great and includes Apu discussing his vegetarian views and also has an appearance by Paul and Linda McCartney. Of course, as this is a classic Simpsons episode, it all ends with heart and Homer and Lisa having a great father daughter moment.

Apu Cow Shirt


Great jokes and puns, a cohesive story with a warm and fuzzy ending… this is what marks a Simpsons classic.  While this decoration is expensive, I immediately snatched it up for the nostalgia. The Simpsons backyard just wouldn’t be complete without it. I only wish I could send it airborne.

BBQ Pig 3

That wraps up the origin post. What are your thoughts on this item? Did you get it? Do you like the episode it comes from as much as me? Remember those Where’s the Beef commercials? I don’t know about you but I wish EA had named this the BBBQ Pig. Sound off with your thoughts and stay classy as usual. I remain your resident fuzzball.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

13 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – BBQ Pig

  1. Also reminds me of Season 7, Episode 24: “Homerpalooza” Where Homer becomes a freakshow act after being hit by one of Peter Frampton’s inflatable pigs (bought from the Pink Floyd yard sale 🙂

  2. “Its just a little airborne, its still good! its still good!” Is one of my favorite lines in the whole series. Those classic episodes back then were pure genius. So much so that anything lower than that seems like crap, which is why the newer eps get ragged on so much. I personally like many of the newer episodes. Well, I haven’t got the pig yet, but I may. I would like to. Just, you know, money….

  3. I SpySpiderpig…..

  4. “You don’t win friends with salad! You don’t win friends with salad!”

  5. This episode is just full of memorable quotes.
    One that cracked me up was when Lisa meets Paul and Linda and she says, “wow! Paul McCartney, I learned about you in history class.”

  6. I bought it too, but I don’t have space in the simpsons backyard anymore with the pool, the hamac, the olmec head, the ice statues… Si I just put it in front of the Hungry Hun. It fits well enough.

  7. I’m with Lisa on this one.

  8. Burns: “I will donate a million dollars when pigs fly”

    Upon seeing a roast pig flying past the window.

    Smithers: “You still going to donate the money sir?”

    Burns: “No”

  9. I can’t look at the picture of the flying pig without hearing Maybe I’m Amazed along with Paul’s lentil soup recipe XD

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