Season 26 Contest Winners

Ready to see who got some FREE stuff just for watching the New Simpsons Season 26 Premiere Episode? WOOHOO!!!!

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We got a lot of entries on this one and it was a blast. Many of you did pretty well on the questions too. Speaking of, let’s get to those first. Here are the Trivia Questions for Season 26 Premiere and the Answers beneath them.

How far away did the kids originally put the popcorn from the Red Couch?
3ft 9Inches

Who keeps holding up a sign “Suck It, Krusty”?
Carrot Top

What does Chief Wiggum show at sleepovers?
Crime Photos

How many aisles of Olives does Swapper Jacks have?
Six Aisles of Olives

What did the Burning Bush say?
OW! Put me out! How many talking bushes do you think there are?

What lil thing does Krusty usually wear around his neck?
A lil spoon aka “Coke Spoon”

What is the name of Krusty’s “whisky funnel” maid?

What is another name for the Univeristy of Mississippi?

What was the psychiatrists Clown name?
Professor Pickle (w/Ringling Brothers)

What is the ultimate answer?

What name did Krusty call the Channel Six TV Critic?
Little Lord Tingaling

What instrument did Lisa play during the Opening Credits?

Name one of the guys dancing in Jewish Heaven while the Irving Berlin Orchestra plays?
Einstein, The Marx Brothers

Who is in the Super VIP Section in Jewish Heaven?
Jesus. Rodney Dangerfield

What animal pulled the Giraffe inside at Krusty’s Animal Ark

Bonus Questions: 
What was the date that Homer ended up fast forwarding to?
Sun-Date: Septembar 36.4  10,535

What was the Future Episode Number?
The Sampsans Epasode Numbar 16.775.7


Grand Prize: Limited Edition, San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Simpsons Family History Book (picked up at SDCC 2014)



And the winner is……DaPimp!

2nd Place: Bongo Comic Book from “Free Comic Book Day” in 2009 (picked up on Bunny’s travels.) It includes mini comics for Simpsons and Futurama.



And the winner is……ANT44lbs!

3rd Place: A donut… being eaten by Homer… in the form of a pin (picked up from Universal Studios, Florida). Probably covered in Bunny’s blood, sweat, and tears. Lol.



And the winner is…..Drevil6999!

If you want to see all the official rules and original post, please go HERE.

Congratulations again to the winners. Stay tuned to our site, cuz you never know when we will drop another Contest in your laps. 🙂

Alissa, Bunny, & Wookiee

12 responses to “Season 26 Contest Winners

  1. Hey so where do I send my address

  2. Whoo hoo I won thanks guys

  3. “What is the ultimate answer? 42.”
    Hi. The only one I didn’t know, would you be so kind as to give a clue to where the answer was found?
    Thanks in advance:)

    • It was a trick question. Lol. It was more a “do you follow our blog” question. It refers to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. If you do not know the movie and/or book…you won’t understand it.

      I am quite a nerdy geek girl and refer to it a LOT around here. 🙂

      (The Simpsons and the game refer to the geekyness of it too)

  4. Congrats to all the winners! These prizes are pretty darn sweet

  5. Woohoo free comic!! Super excited, thanks guys. You guys are awesome sauce.

  6. Many thanks go to the Trio of Awesomeness also known as Team Addicts. Alissa, don’t let Bunny scribble pictures of bunnies in crayon all over the book! Wookiee, rip her furry little paws off if she tries to do anything to it!

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