Halloween 2014 is Live! (Updated and Complete)

Update 8:30pm EDT: A few of you are reporting the Mystery Box and Homer Buddha missing from the store.  This is not the case.  The store is just reorganized.  To find them slide the arrow:

2014-10-07 17.59.20

That’ll show more of the store.  Click on the Homer Buddha icon and scroll, you’ll find both items in there:


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Halloween has arrived in Springfield!  Woo-Hoo!  Bring on the tricks!  Bring on the treats!  Bring on the ….aliens?!

2014-10-07 17.11.36

Remember this is an APP STORE update, so you’ll have to go into your App Store/Play Store/Amazon Store to get it.  Also remember…iOS usually gets hit with the update first, than Google a little while later and then Amazon.  So if you don’t see it yet, be patient, it’s coming 🙂  (although this time around I got it on my Android phone the same time as iOS…so go figure!)

As always we’ll have all the full details for you, as soon as we go through it all ourselves.

For now know that it’s auto started by a dialogue between Chief Wiggum, Lisa and Kang…and your first task will be to build the Make-a-Thing Workshop.  It’ll cost you $2,000 and take 8hrs to build. (Also if you have Kang he’ll have an 8hr task as well.  You can run them simultaneously.  If you don’t have Kang you’ll be awarded him for free!)

Now let’s get to it shall we?  More details below the fold….

WARNING: Mild Spoilers ahead

So let’s get right into it shall we?  The first little dialogue between Wiggum, Lisa and Kang setup the event…basically.  At least it introduces why there’s an Alien in Springfield (as if we need a reason!)

Chief Wiggum: Hey there.  You’re new in town, aren’t you?  I’m a police officer, in case you’re wondering why I’m so astute.
Kamg: You do seem pretty sharp.
Lisa: Chief Wiggum!  He’s not a visitor to our town, he’s a hostile alien.  Arrest him and call out the National Guard.
Wiggum: I was gonna do that.  That’s the procedure for all visitors.  I think it may be why our tourism industry is in the dumper.
Kang: Wait!  I have fled the lush tyranny of Rigel VII to see asylum in this trailer park of a planet: Earth.
Lisa: Oh, Chief Wiggum, we’ve got to help him!  Kang is a defector, like Rudolph Nureyev or Martina Navratilova!
Wiggum: Yeah, but those guys could do stuff and this thing’s just a drooling squid.
Kang: I wish to be an Earthling now and follow Earthling customs.  Our drone cameras report that you saliva-swallowing bipeds enjoy building useless 2-D buildings.  I shall build the most useless, most two-dimensional building of all!
Lisa: Wait, did you say drone cameras?
Kang: Silence foolish Earth-tween!  If you are accusing me of breeding organic, living camera drones that resemble Earth’s housefly…and then abandoning the project because we got much too much footage of dog poo, you are paranoid!
Lisa: Just build your building.

Again at this point you’ll have to build the Make-A-Thing Workshop for $2,000.  This is only the first part of getting the event to trigger.  After this then you must sent Lisa on an 8hr task.  Followed by a LOT of dialogue and then Halloween will get started.

This event is unlike anything else we’ve seen in TSTO before….there are staged releases for prizes.  AND you can collect Treat bags to collect MORE prizes!

So now let’s breakdown the basics…

First let’s cover what you can BUY…

You’ll also notice the store has been completely redesigned!  It looks AWESOME!  We’ll cover more details on this in a future post…but for how here’s what you can get:

2014-10-07 17.59.20

First up…the new items:


makeathingworkshop_menuMake-a-Thing Workshop– $2,000.  Improves Consumerism


driveintheatre_menuDrive-In Theater- 150 Donuts.  Comes with Space Mutant

tentacletree_menuTentacle Tree- 18 Donuts

portalgate_menuPortal to Rigel 7- 100 Donuts

ico_stor_trans_alpha_omegaTeleporters Alpha and Omega- 50 Donuts.  This is pretty cool it’ll transport you from one end of Springfield to the other.

Now the Returning stuff…


Tapped_Out_Dead_TreeDead Tree- $270

Tapped_Out_Jack-o-LanternJack-o-Lantern- $135

Tapped_Out_Pumpkin_PatchPumpkin Patch– $450

Tapped_Out_Spooky_TreeSpooky Tree- $325


raygunkodos_active_hitRay Gun– 150 Donuts (Allows you to shoot down Kodos if you don’t already have)

BooberellaBbooberlla- 100 Donuts

Tapped_Out_Wailing_WallWailing Wall– 50 Donuts

Premium Combos:

ancientburialground_menu shuffling zombie 2000 gooAncient Burial Ground + Zombie- 60 Donuts


fortunetellerandmaude_menuGypsy Fortune Teller Shop plus Maude– 150 Donuts


mausoleum_menuunlock_zombiehuman3Mausoleum plus Zombie- 70 Donuts

Pet Cemetary plus Zombies-
 90 Donuts

800px-Springfield_Cemetery_Tapped_Outunlock_zombiehuman2Springfield Cemetery Plus Zombie- 80 Donuts

Premium Stuff to Help WITH The Event:

ico_stor_thoh2014_rigellianlicenseRigellian Hunting License- 90 Donuts.  Helps you earn MORE reports when getting aliens from neighbors towns

ico_stor_thoh2014_1eggpackGrem Alien Egg- 1 Donut

ico_stor_thoh2014_5eggpack5 Grem-Alien Eggs- 3 Donuts

ico_stor_thoh2014_10eggpack10 Germ-Alien Eggs- 5 Donuts

ico_stor_thoh2014_25eggpack25 Grem-Alien Eggs- 10 Donuts

ico_stor_thoh2014_5frinkammo5 Ammo- 15 Donuts

ico_stor_thoh2014_bronzetreatbagBronze Treat Bag- 3 Donuts (Guaranteed to contain a Broken Fence and a Rotten Egg)

ico_stor_thoh2014_silvertreatbagSilver Treat Bag- 4 Donuts (Guaranteed to contain a Candy Corn and a Gummy Bear)

ico_stor_thoh2014_goldtreatbagGold Treat Bag- 6 Donuts (Guaranteed to contain a chocolate bar and a Pumpkin)

ico_stor_thoh2014_goldbagbundleBundle of 5 Gold Treat Bags- 25 Donuts

Now let’s get to the details of just what the heck to do!

So…here’s the deal:

Aliens have invaded Springfield and it’s up to YOU, Giant Skyfinger, to stop the invasion!  By stopping the Aliens you’ll earn currency for this event…more details on that in a minute…and the currency helps you earn prizes!

2014-10-07 17.44.17


Now let’s talk about currency.

There are THREE different types of currency earned for this event & each will be rolled out in different phases.

The first type of currency to collect are Probes. From the event start until 12+ days from now you’ll earn Probes for squashing Aliens in your town and visiting friends.  Collect Probes to earn the Probe prizes…more on those in a minute.

The second type of currency to collect are Ray Guns.  You can start collecting ray guns from squashing aliens in your town and visiting friends AFTER the 12 days of Probes are up.  Collect Ray Guns to earn the Ray Gun prizes….remember you can’t start earning these for 12+ days.

The third, and final, type of currency to collect are Long Protein Strings.    You can start collecting Long Protein Strings from squashing aliens in your town and visiting friends AFTER the 12 days of Ray Guns are up (so 24 + days from now).  Collect Protein Strings to earn the Protein String Prizes….remember you can’t start earning these for 24+ days.

Looks like these stages of currency are designed to keep you ENGAGED in the event and preventing anyone from rushing ahead.

Currency Prizes:

So each type of currency prize has TWO main prizes with it, in addition to additional treat bags.

In the Probe Prize Box…which you can start earning now you’ll find:

unlock_mutantpeacock Mutant Peacock- 4th Prize after 2 silver bags and a gold.  Requires 3,250 Probes.

donut torture deviceDonut Torture Device- Final prize in the Probe box.  This will require 8.050 Probes.

In the Ray Gun Prize Box You’ll Find:

bulldozersaurusBulldozer-saurus- 4th Prize after 2 silver bags and a gold.  Requires 2,825 Ray Guns.

ico_thoh2014_crafting_hovercopterHover-Copter- Final Prize in the Ray Gun Box.  Requires 7,100 Ray Guns

In The Long Protein String Box You’ll Find:

diet signDiet Sign- 4th Prize after 2 silver bags and a gold.  Requires 6,000 Long Protein Strings.

unlock_mrburns_uboU.B.O- Final Prize in the Long Protein String Box.  This requires 14,900 Long protein Strings

 Now Let’s Talk About Crafting Prizes:

The Make-A-Thing Workshop is where you’ll craft various prizes…and again these will be a slow unlock.

2014-10-07 18.50.10


2014-10-07 19.06.00

You earn the items to craft the things mostly via sending Kids Trick or Treating in your Springfield.

Here’s a list of who you can send:

Database (Except his task is to Order Treat Bags Online)
Uter (Except his task is to Dig into Treat Bag Stash)
Sherri & Terri
Squeaky Voiced Teen
Witch Marge

Now let’s talk about WHAT you can craft…..remember these are on a slow release as well.  So it may take awhile for what you want to appear.  

First here are the items needed:

2014-10-07 18.50.10From Left to right: Broken Fence, Rotten Egg, Candy Corn, Gummy Bear, Chocolate Bar, Pumpkin & Nail

ico_thoh2014_crafting_treatbaggold Gold Treat Bag– 50 Rotten Eggs and 50 broken Fences
ico_thoh2014_crafting_testsubject Human Test Subject- 100 Broken Fences, 100 Gummy Bears & 50 Chocolate Bars
ico_thoh2014_crafting_spookywall Spooky Wall- 20 Rotten Eggs, 25 Candy Corn, 10 Pumpkins
ico_thoh2014_crafting_spookyhouseSpooky House- 300 Broken Fences, 100 Gummy Bears, 50 Chocolate Bars
ico_thoh2014_crafting_rigelliantribalhut Rigellian Tribal Hut- 400 Broken Fences, 400 Candy Corn, 300 Chocolate Bars
ico_thoh2014_crafting_rigellianshrub Rigellian Shrub- 50 Broken Fences, 25 Candy Corn, 20 Pumpkins
ico_thoh2014_crafting_rigellianqueen Rigellian Queen- 400 Broken Fences, 400 Rotten Eggs, 300 Gummy Bears (NPC)
ico_thoh2014_crafting_pumpkinhouse Pumpkin House- 300 Rotten Eggs, 300 Candy Corn, 50 Pumpkins
ico_thoh2014_crafting_grandpumpkin Grand Pumpkin- 350 Chocolate Bars, 400 Gummy Bears, 300 Pumpkins

ico_thoh2014_crafting_hugo– Hugo Simpson– 300 Broken Fences, 300 Rotten Eggs, 250 Candy Corn
Mutant Peacock- if you missed in Prize Box.  500 Rotten Eggs, 500 Gummy Bears, 300 Pumpkins
ico_thoh2014_crafting_bulldozersaurusBuldozer-saurus- If you missed in Prize Box. 500 Rotten Eggs, 500 Gummy Bears, 300 Pumpkins
ico_thoh2014_crafting_donuttorturedeviceDonut Torture Device- If You missed in Prize Box. 200 Broken Fences, 500 Candy Corn, 500 Chocolate Bars.

ico_thoh2014_crafting_hovercopterHover-Copter- 200 Broken Fences, 500 Candy Corn, 300 Pumpkins

Extra Things to Do With Neighbors:

ico_stor_thoh2014_5frinkammo Ammo- Find in treat bags OR buy in the store.  Use this in a neighbors town to shoot down an enemy UFO and earn more treats!

ico_stor_thoh2014_1eggpack Grem-Alien Eggs- Get from Squashing Aliens OR buy in the store.  Similar to Gremlins last Halloween…drop in your neighbors towns to earn even MORE treats!  Your neighbor has 5 hrs to stop it, if they don’t stop it you earn all the treats.  If they do stop it you split the prize!


That about covers all the details for Halloween 2014!  Of course we’ll be here for the ENTIRE event giving you the detailed breakdowns and How tos for ALL of the Halloween Fun!  For now…Happy Alien Squashing my friends!

What do YOU think of Halloween so far?  Anything your excited to see?  What do you think of the Alien invasion theme this year?  Are you squashing aliens yet?  How about ALL of the kids getting Trick Or Treating tasks?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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        • (Ray Guns…I keep doing it too) No, you should be able to get them right away. However, if you collected the currency (probes/ray guns) less than 24hrs ago you can’t earn more now. Wait till all your friends clocks reset and then try…if it still doesn’t work contact EA and let them know you’re having an issue.

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