Kindle Won’t Update

Hey there hoppereenos. Jumpin in as I am seeing many players still without the Update. Mainly Kindle/Amazon users.

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So far I see nothing in the forums and the only explanation we can see at this point is Amazon is holding up the release. This is actually very common with these competing app markets. To hold an app “hostage” to get more attention for releasing items. (Possibly more money too.)

For now all we can suggest is to contact EA to see if they have any word on where it sits. Also feel free to contact Amazon to see if that helps. You are also welcome to report it on the forums. I do not currently see a thread for it, so I created one you are welcome to add your name too.

Hang in there. Maybe many voices being heard will help to push this along.


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  1. I can’t do the new update for the superhero one. The icon has updated, but not th e game. So annoying

  2. I have the update but I can’t do anything in Other Springfield. I have no Origin ID so I can’t really reinstall the app.

  3. Well, I had no problems updating the game on my kindle fire hd. I was on the lookout for the update today, also came here and there to see the news about the new update hitting soon.
    I read here that it comes first to iOS then to Android and later on Amazon. Soon after the news came of new update, I went to the Amazon app store and clicked on the update. All went fine and was able to play the game without uninstalling or restarting the kindle.

    I think the promblem might have occurred to the non US kindles as I am in the US. Oh well, I hope it is all resolved by now for any of those non working updates.

  4. I have an S5 and I updated the app it just won’t open? ?

  5. once i figured out i had to go to the store and tap update then all was good. it took a couple opening to get the ‘icon’ switched, but now i’m all good.

  6. It’s hit! It’s hit! About time!

  7. In last few minutes I,’ve noticed the image in the app store has changed from clash of clones to the alien biting homers bum.
    But no update
    So may try the uninstall thingy next.

  8. Yeah no problems updating with the Kindle Fire yesterday. Normally I have to uninstall/reinstall but didnt even have to do that this time, so not sure what the deal is for some. Hope it works out, its a great update so far

  9. Yep delete and reinstall. I have to do that with most every Kindle update.

    • Based on the details I have been reading here it would seem the issue lies with not testing the update. So this would be the reason all UK kindle users cannot find or download the new update. This is very frustrating as no timescales have been given and as a premium player I have ‘invested’ a bit of time and money on this game. I suggest everyone ‘hangs on’ until it appears…

  10. I’m playing mainly on my Android tablet as my Kindle has been temperamental with TSTO lately so I only just checked my Kindle. Even after deleting and reinstalling it still has the CoC version. Hopefully they get it fixed soon as I prefer to buy donuts via my Amazon account.

    • Looks like it’s finally been released. Turned on my Kindle this morning and the icon changed from CoC to Halloween and I was able to select the update option in the App store. Now playing on my Kindle (colour quality is so much better than my Android tablet). Hope everyone is able to do this now.

  11. I am in the UK and my Kindle hasn’t updated. Typically I thought I missed the last day of clash of clones! 🙁

  12. I live in the US and got the update yesterday on my First Gen Kindle Fire HD (aka the 2nd year Kindle Fire release). I went to the Store Page for the game and clicked Update. Though there were some download problems.

    Basically, I started the download while I was making some lunch for myself, so I wasn’t watching it the entire time. It seemed to end quicker than I expected it to. I launched the game shortly after and saw it was still in the Clash of Clones update. I restarted my Kindle and then went to the store page again and the download “resumed”. It then had the new icon and splash screen.

    But then there were some more problems with the in-game updating which not only seemed to make my own internet start talking a long time to open pages, but also kept popping up “Cannot Connect to Server” errors and the download seemingly not progressing. Occasionally exiting the app and starting it again would allieviate the problem for a bit.

  13. Thank you for the link, I have added my name. I am a UK kindle user. Clash of the clans splash screen is still up in Amazon uk app store. I have contacted Amazon customer care who say new updates have to be reviewed before they are released and have passed my comments to the review team. Deep sigh. I hope the of new neighbours I added in anticipation of the Halloween will wait for me.

    • I did the same and got the exact same response! Interesting, then, that the update is available on but not – it’s obviously been checked by somebody! I told Amazon they can reimburse me if I miss out on anything because of their completely unreasonable delay!

  14. Brought 2 premium things this years Halloween so far…
    -Ray gun for Kodos
    Last Halloween I bought
    -Marge the witch
    -Senile Zombie
    -Crazy Zombie

  15. Well, the problem is also with Bluestacks (Android emulator for Windows) – it starts updating, but stops at 0/12 MB (where on Android came Agreement screen) and is stuck there – not able to update the game there. Already tried complete uninstall and new installation, but gets stuck at the same place.

  16. I finally got the update for my kindle and it worked fine at first but now I can’t even get into the game. I am going to try to contact Amazon or EA and see if they can help me.

  17. I’ve got a kindle and its still not update yet never had problems before ? If you install then reinstall would that work but in-store on Amazon clash of clones photo is still up ?? Please could some one help .

  18. I’m surprised because I’m on Kindle & I got my update maybe 20-30 minutes after the Halloween 2014 post was made. I really hope everyone who has this issue, gets their updates very very soon. Holding something hostage isn’t okay. I don’t care about competetiveness.

  19. Here’s what I did, and it worked-

    1) uninstalled the app from my Kindle

    2) went to Amazon and ‘bought’ the app

    3) download the app to my Kindle from the cloud

    4) relog into OriginID

    boom, updated


    my kindle hdx whatever, update right away. strange it is so different for others. hope it gets fixed soon.

  21. I’m on Kindle & haven’t got the update, so I got hold of Amazon customer service & lodged a complaint. If you’re missing the update too, I’d recommend doing the same! Go into ‘apps’ on your Amazon account, select Customer Service & choose the option for them to call you; you get the call within seconds of selecting it. We need to gang up on them or we’ll never get our update!

  22. My game did not auto update yesterday (not uncommon, I made it almost 3 days passed the end date with Easter). However I was able to go into the app store and update it that way. However I ran into massive server issues. I was finally able to get it to finish this morning around 7:15 am EST. As of this morning my wive’s Kindle has not updated yet.

  23. I updated on Kindle HDX yesterday no problem. Saw on another forum problem was in UK.

  24. Me too

  25. I have the Kindle HDX and updated via Amazon yesterday. I uninstalled the app and downloaded the new version, no problems so far.

  26. My kindle updated yesterday when it was supposed to, the only thing I noticed is that it doesn’t always load or it crashes before the loading screen. Other then that a bit lagging, but an amazing update.

  27. Thanks for that Bunny – was thinking I was doing something wrong for the UK update from the store – usually not had a problem with updates starting – I was getting a 377MB update downloading but nothing happening after and trying friends towns who had updated it prompts you to update – click Ok and big fat nothing happening!
    Have been really looking forward to my first Halloween and the end of that interminable Clones activity.
    I’m already currently having problems with one Kindle that the Apps store has vanished somehow and already having that investigated!
    Ah well ….thanks again for all the updates!

    • Yah. I want EA to get focus on this as I dont know if it is a region hold up. Some players got it, others didn’t. I don’t want players to miss out on such a cool event.

  28. I have a kindle and I got the update yesterday- I had to delete and re-install. but it worked.

  29. It updated fine yesterday for me on my daughter’s Kindle….

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