Missing Probes Glitch

Hey there Hoppereenos, just bouncing by with a quick FYI on something I am seeing spread more and more. Missing Probes.


For whatever reason, this issue seems to be getting bigger and bigger. Players are sending out Grem Aliens in neighbors towns, they get the pop up that they won X amount of Probes, but the totals are not changing. For some it just took the game syncing back up…but that is no longer the case. Now they are not syncing at all.

Gremalien 2

We are now seeing this start to spread to missing Probes from just Rigellian Alien squishing in neighbors town (VERY rare at this time). EA is aware of the issue with the Grem Aliens spreading and working on a patch for it. In the meantime, here is the forum link for you to add your name to and keep it a “hot” issue until it is fixed.


Outside of that, make sure you are reporting it too as it makes it MUCH easier to ask for compensation on missing items and characters if you have a log of technical issues on file.

In the meantime, hang in there. Keep tapping away. This does NOT impact all players, so many of you can continue to tap and play no worries. For those of you impacted, open the ticket and log on the forum so they can see the extent.



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  1. i had the same glitch as the other guy…but mine was Bart. I could keep clicking him till my fingers were sore. Got 1000s of dna and 100s of bags. It stopped working today…bummer.

  2. Not sure where to report glitches, but I got a nifty one! Lisa is permantly infested! Every time I squish the alien off of her, it reappears after her thank-you curtsey animation. The glitch started when I tapped an infested Lisa, and Trick-or-Treating Milhouse that had completed his task. Milhouse started the “Bart-Curusoe pt 1” dialogue, and I chose Lisa to go to school first. The infested alien burst and the task menu failed. When I escaped the menu, (just the back arrow displayed, no task selections) the alien reappeared, and keeps reappearing. On the bright side, this is an exploit, as I just keep getting rayguns! But without freeing Lisa, I cannot get Bart, or continue Hugo’s quests to unlock the spooky house! (without the storyline to continue with Bart, I won’t earn any more kids to go trick or treating with either!) Does anyone have an idea how to fix the glitch?

    • As you can’t store her…the only way to try and resolve it are these items…

      Try to trigger a task for here from the Task Menu. Try to get her to do something by locating her in the Town Hall Directory. Close out game, restart device. Close out game, uninstall/reinstall, then log back into your origin account. Outside that…contact EA if you can’t get it to clear off.

  3. Hello. I’m not sure where to report glitches at. Hope you don’t mind me adding it onto here. I seem to be having trouble with Cleatus’ farm. When ever I plant crops, it shows the correct time, but the animation of the crops show it repeatedly growing over and over again, about a second a time. Any ideas?

  4. I got an message saying sumthinf about I can’t get more then 4500 building and decorations ???so I’m on a limit and now I can really get new items ? WTF. I love this game and this will be a let down if u cant explain why ? WHYY. Come on ! Please explain .I’m a daily fan and faithful customer .EXPLAIN ?

    • Hey there. Welcome to the Addicts…this is who we are…


      We are happy to help explain things going on in the game. What you are seeing is a message letting you know you have too much “stuff” in your town and need to be careful. Probably a good idea to put a few things in storage. If you continue to ignore the message and add more to just the open land (storage does not count) than the game will start to have issues as it can only handle so much at a time. Push the limits and it will start glitching and/or shut down. So be careful. Try to keep under that warning.

  5. It’s now been two full days of not being able to get to my neighbors contacted ea about it and they told me the basics to try and I had already tried all them.

  6. I haven’t seen a missile in days! Anyone else noticed a major reduction in the frequency of missiles to shoot down UFOs in the Halloween event over the last few days? In Phase 1 I had plenty, now I’ve none. Glitch?

  7. Wanted everyone to know that EA called after I requested they call. Told him my eggs were counting now as of Sunday night but the max number wasn’t giving me 90. More of an information call, he was fantastic and explained what’s been going on with the game. Asked how many ray guns I wanted, I said none, I didn’t need them back just wanted them to know. He credited my account 100 ray guns anyway and I said thank you for your generosity. He was great……thank you!

  8. Hey so with the newest update I’ve tried to go to my friends towns and try poping aliens and I’m not getting any ray guns at all has anybody else experienced this?

    • Are all of your timers back at 0 for friend actions? If you collected probes yesterday, less than 24hrs ago, you’ve got to wait for it to reset before you can get Ray Guns.

  9. I wanted to leave a new post but cant seem to find it. So, my apologies in advance. Now that the probes are gone, there seems to be a glitch still occurring but now, with the ray guns. I have over 45 friends in my town and after hitting the 30th, I only collect money and XP. I advised EA today about this and they are aware of this glitch. They suggested to make it a “hot topic”. I also told them that I was told by them (EA) when the probes glitch was fixed that I would get all the missing probes due to the glitch. I did not receive my missing probes and they are also going to look into that as well. Hope you guys havent had this issue. Luckily, I was still able to get my prizes due to being an ADDICT and tapping like crazy. Lets see if EA fixes this new/continuing bug.

  10. My game is stuck on the “clock-work in progress pt. 3” part. I’ve already completed the quest (found all 4 items of clothing) and have “Moog” running around doing different tasks, but my task list still shows that I have to complete the “clock-work in progress pt. 3” quest. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

    • This happens from time to time. For whatever reason it just gets stuck. You can wait till Halloween is over and it’ll remove from your task bar or you can try contacting EA to see if they can help you remove it.

  11. I can’t get into my neighbor hood for the past day now.
    I tap on the neighborhood( pic of Bart and milhouse) and it goes to the loading screen then loads and instantly switches to a screen saying cannot connect to server hit retry. So I hit retry and it brings me back to my town and I try again and same result. I am playing on an iPhone 5

  12. I am not sure if this is done right, but I’m going to give it a try anyway. I was getting awarded probes for dropping the grem-aliens in my neighbors town but now since it said it was fixed I’m no longer getting any probes awarded or even a notice saying anything about it. I have lost quite a bit of the grem-aliens.

  13. When tapping on gremaliens all I’m getting is cash and not probes. Is this part of the glitch or is this happening to anybody else or am I missing something?

  14. Hi

    This glitch is affecting me too, hence the fact I’m not sending out grem aliens at the moment. I’m not bothered about getting probes added back to my game as I am lucky enough to have to hit target. However I am concerned that the eggs I am keeping will be lost when the new currency is introduced…. Is it still worth logging a ticket now on the off-chance I could lose them, or wait and see?


  15. I think I may have a gltch
    I am at level 45 but received a quest ” Lets stay up all night ”
    Requiring Bat and Milhouse to have a sleepover
    Obviously they will be busy Trick Or Treating
    Is this a glitch or a Halloween quest ?

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