Hunting For Rigellian UFOs

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

How are my favorite Alien-Invasion stoppers doing today?  Everyone collecting plenty of Probes to give those Aliens a taste of their own medicine?

Well….unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that Halloween has arrived in Springfield!  A dark haze has over taken the streets of Springfield and Aliens are on the attack!  As we’re all busy squishing and stopping those aliens dead in their tracks…we’ve been getting several questions in the comment section about finding UFOs while visiting your neighbors and just what you can win by stopping them!  So let’s go over some UFO hunting basics, shall we?

Rigellian UFO

UFOs will start appearing in your neighbor’s towns fairly early in the event.  Once you’ve gotten the event to trigger and Frink as requested that you go help other Springfields by squishing their aliens as well, he’ll come back requesting your help one more time:

Restricted Air Space Pt.2
 They’re now sending giant invasion ships which we’d like you to kablooey for us if you’d be so kind.  As luck would have it you’ve acquired ammunition, or “Ammo” as the kids like to say, which is perfectly suited for all your kablooeying needs mhoyvin.

2014-10-07 17.57.28 2014-10-07 17.57.41

So…here’s the deal, when you visit friends in addition to Rigellians you’ll also occasionally find UFOs flying around their town that you can shoot down if you have Ammo.  These UFO are ONLY in your neighbor’s towns….you will NOT find these in your own town.  Here’s what it’ll look like in your neighbor’s town:

Rigellian UFO Nieghbor


So let’s cover some basics…

How Do I Shoot Down the UFO?

To shoot the UFO down all you have to do is tap on it.  As long as you have Ammo available, it should blow up..and you’ll win a prize!

What is Ammo and How Do I Get It?

Ammo looks like this:
RIgellian UFO Ammo

And it can be earned a few different ways.  You can earn 1 every 8hrs if you have the Ray Gun.  You can also earn it in treat bags!  Remember, it’s only a 2% chance you’ll see it in a treat bag, so don’t panic if you’re not seeing it that often.  It’s got a fairly low drop rate.

Ammo can also be purchased for donuts:

ico_stor_thoh2014_5frinkammo5 Ammo- 15 Donuts

How Do I Know How Much Ammo I Have?

From your main Springfield screen (or when visiting neighbors) you can find your Ammo total in the bottom left corner.

2014-10-11 17.30.57


How Often Do UFOs appear in Neighbor’s Towns?

UFOs appear 25% of the time when visiting neighbors.

Do UFOs Count Towards my Daily Actions?

No, the UFO “hunts” are independent of the daily actions.  So you can complete your 3 actions from a neighbor and still find a UFO to tap.  Also, you can still tap UFOs after you’ve used up your 90 daily actions from tapping Rigellians.

What Can I Earn From Tapping UFOs?

2014-10-11 06.23.00

There are several prizes you can earn from tapping on UFOs, it’s actually a great way to earn extra items to craft with!  Here’s a list of what you can earn:

50 Probes Probe
                                    Treat Bags (Bronze, Silver, Gold) ico_stor_thoh2014_goldtreatbag ico_stor_thoh2014_silvertreatbag ico_stor_thoh2014_bronzetreatbag

25 Candy Corn Candy Corn
50 Gummy Bears Gummy Bear
20 Chocolate Bars Chocolate Bar
20 Pumpkins Pumpkin
30 Donuts donut-loading


What Are the Odds of Winning Each?

Here’s the odds breakdown:

Prize Chance
Probes (50) 81%
Bronze Treat Bag 51%
Candy Corn (25) 41%
Silver Treat Bag 31%
Gold Treat Bag 21%
Gummy Bear (50) 11%
Chocolate Bar (20) 6%
Pumkin (20) 1%
Donuts (30) Less than 1%

Update: Guys, take the odds with a grain of salt.  (this is why I hate publishing odds)…the game reacts different for each player.  These are the odds, however it’s setup on a specific curve which means that some items will drop at a faster rate than others…even with the odds.  Take it as…Probes will fall most often, donuts least often.  Don’t take too much stock in what the specific odds are saying, just play and have fun.

So that should just about covers the UFO Basics!

What do YOU think of the UFO aspect of this update?  Are you having fun shooting them out of the sky when visiting neighbors?  What’s the best thing you’ve won so far?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

163 responses to “Hunting For Rigellian UFOs

  1. Dang, just did the math and gonna be probably 25 points short of UBO

  2. Add me! Fochums

  3. Trying to use up all my ammo before the even ends tomorrow but ships are so scarce 😩

  4. Benjamin Wilcher

    I see there have been a fair number of comments on the subject, so I shall be brief. I haven’t seen a single ufo in my 10 friends Springfields since the switch to DNA strands. Any others with this problem? I have been on 6 times a day for the last 3 weeks, and there were more spaceships than I had ammo for every day. Now there has been a large rash of nothing. Mildly irritating.

  5. I got 30 doughnuts once. Da rest is crap I don’t need. And the **** UFOs never come by in neighbors towns. I’ve seen one in da past 4 ***** days. Retarded!

  6. Wow i had 30 doughnuts!!!! I didn’t even had lots of those alien shooters
    Thanks EA
    Sorry for my english

  7. I rarely see spaceships in neighbors towns and I play daily, often 3-4 times a day. I’m at almost 100 ammo, what a waste.

  8. NatalieGreenleaf

    It is funny how my husband gets multiple ufo’s In a session yet I have seen two in the past three days. He’s constantly using up his ammo while I an sitting at 15ish… Wish it was a little more clockwork even if that means the prizes are a little more watered down.

  9. Up until yesterday Snake was under constant alien attack – which came in handy collecting probes/Ray guns and treat bags. Unfortunately that has stopped. Has anyone else experienced this??

  10. Got 30 Donuts twice 😀
    I just wish I could get a lot more chocolate bars…. I want that pumpkin house!!

  11. Gotta say, the ufos have helped a lot with the crafting, cause it’s taking me forever to get the grand pumpkin!! Hugo was the easiest of the big prizes. I only just got the spooky house. Getting the ten day prizes is pretty easy though. I think they have made it a bit easier on all of us now and that’s refreshing for them

  12. So obviously, I can’t just keep re-visiting the same neighborhoods over and over to re-trigger the UFO. Does the counter start over every 24 hours, like other neighbor-events?

  13. I am now at 777 gummy Bears and 592 candy corn. With there was a way I could trade them for fences and eggs which I am behind on. Even at 4 to 1 I might take it. Hold all till the queen comes out next stage.

  14. My odds are very different form that, and little bit unfair. From 77 Shooted ufo(everytime I shooted it I take screenshoot) I only get 2 get Chocolate Bars with 5 times Pumpkins, 8 times Gummy Bears and 11 times Candy Corn. So i have lots of Gummy Bears and Candy Corn with very small amount of Chocolate Bars. I understand that i don’t get Donuts, I understand that most often items I get are Probes/Ray Guns, Bronze Treat Bags, but I don’t understand why odds of getting some items are so strange even with You can only win 20 Chocolate Bars with 50 Gummy Bears. What do You think?

  15. we.want.the.redhead

    I scroll through my friends list about every four to six hours. I have had three UFOs in a five day span. This is very annoying. Is there anything I can do to increase the number of UFOs? So much ammo and nothing to shoot.

  16. I have been having fun with this aspect of the Halloween update. I have seen the UFOs pretty regularly. I was shocked when I got 30 donuts the other day! That seems like a hefty number! But, I was very happy regardless! I have found that you can tap anywhere near the UFOs and it shoots them down – while sometimes tapping directly on them does nothing, haha. Not everything can be perfect, but for a freemium player like me, I’ve been enjoying this game for over a year now! Thanks!

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