Where Did THAT Come From: Halloween Reboot Part 2


How are all you Trick or Treatereenos doing? Getting lots of lil bags of goodies from the kids? Liking the new list of items that were brought back into the game? Wondering where they came from? Well I am back again to bring you MORE!


Well outside the fact that some hopped in from last year and/or the Halloween before, we did some background on them once upon a time and just wanted to refresh that info for you now. So here is the WDTCF: Halloween Reboot Edition Part 2.

Keep in mind many of these were written over a year ago. We may or may not have been a lil crazier then. Lol. Enjoy.




Season 2, Episode 3 : THOH (Bad Dream House)

What happens when Homer buys a new old home for the family to live in? What lies in the basement?

Devil_FlandersHomer donut torture device


Season 5, Episode 5: THOH IV  (The Devil and Homer Simpson)

What happens when Homer just can’t stop eating donuts?

mrburns_countburns_menu burns coffin 8000goo


Season 5, Episode 5: THOH IV (Bart Simpsons  Dracula) 

Mr. Burns seems harmless, right?


So take a peek at some posts from the past…if you dare. Then let us know if YOU have a favorite?


28 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From: Halloween Reboot Part 2

  1. Bought the Bad Dream House before I read that the quest to unlock it isn’t included this year. Will they let us unlock it later? That’s the best part of the house, when it lites up!

  2. I can’t save treat bags! Plus I can’t get special like the big pumpkin or the Hugo. I play at least twice a day and sometimes even more but I just two friends and no one will add me. I am on level 46 too. I have added my name to the add list too.

  3. I haven’t gotten a single chocolate bar in over a week.

  4. just curious if the Graveyard/Cemeteries will be available by the end of the event again? I was short a few donuts before but now I have enough and I realize they’re all gone! Sooo close….

  5. Hey There 🙂
    I have a question regarding the Rigel Alien Queen. (Sorry if it doesn’t fit here, but I didin’t know where to ask) Are there any infos about her? Do we have to build her? Or will she be a special prize? Or…or …or… 🙂 Background is, that I have build everything I wanted, besides the Pumpkin House (I already have one from last year). Now I’m wondering what to do with all my stuff (fences, chocolate etc. etc). Should I wait for the next phase, before I build multiple walls and so on or not? Am a little lost right now… 🙂 I am pretty sure you don’t want to spoil, but any hints? Maybe? 😉
    Thanks for a feedback.

  6. Can we save ammunition between phases? More specifically when the rayguns end in 2 days, will the ammunition I have saved up carry over in to the next & last phase or will I lose them like I lost some of my probes from the first phase?

    • Ray Guns will disappear (which is why you lost Probes after phase 1) but Ammo and eggs will not disappear. You can stock up and save for the final phase if you’d like 🙂

  7. Agree with the above comments about the rarity of chocolate bars dropping.Seems like this particular aspect of the event relies heavily on you having premium kid characters or spending money on donuts to get the bags, bars etc in other ways. Poor form EA and as someone said above it’s clear what they’re trying to do.

  8. Ok does anybody eles relieve the little aliens look just like The Squidbillies…. They even jump on gave just like them too… I’m just saying

  9. Of topic question…if I have all the prizes for the second phase, would it be wise to save opening the treat bags until the third phase begins. Or will they be lost? Thank you for all your hard work by the way…

  10. I did the newest update the other day, however, there are no new Halloween items.

  11. I totally agree with Cy! There are many who were simply trying to save enough donuts – or waiting for payday – before gobbling up cemeteries and zombies….then POOF! Without warning they were gone. It is very unfair, and actually dumb on EA’s part to make a move which has raised so many complaints. Not cool EA. Someone up thread complained he/she had received only 1 chocolate bar in a recent week; after a crazy abundance of donuts, Regillian shrubs, spooky walls and human test tubes (I got 6!) in the first 1/3 of the game there is now nothing in gift bags and a sluggish gain of some candies too. I weakened and bought the Grand Pumpkin when I had all the candies except for 50 chocolate bars. I wanted to get that prize in time to actually be able to get pumpkin house before phase 3.

    Hey, I’m very grateful that EA is being as generous as they have been in the design of this game but these random things are annoying!

    Okay, my rant is done – thank you for listening. If it helps, please visualize me as Grampa Abe spouting off, fist raised! 😉

    EA, if you read these comments (and you should be paying attention to the AWESOME way the Addicts team encourages players of Tapped Out) BRING BACK THE CEMETARIES!

  12. has anyone else noticed the glitch of the plants at the farm?

  13. One chocolate bar in two days! You think we don’t know what your doing EA?!

  14. Thanks Bunny ^_^
    Do you know if the Bad Dream House get animated?

    • It’s currently not animated, nor does it have tasks to become animated. But every once in a while EA gives us an Even with the opportunity to animate it…and it’s always awesome! 🙂

      • I get that the rarity of the animation makes it really fun, but lots of us paid real cash (donuts) for it this time around…..and it’s almost Halloween… Come on EA – LIGHT IT UP!!!

  15. I’m sorry to sound like a broken record (remember those?) but we really need another chance at the cemeteries! There are a lot of us who will snatch ’em up! Come on now, EA. Have a (disembodied, still beating) heart!

    • Yes, please give us a second chance on some of the items. I really wanted the gingerbread house, but didn’t have the donuts at the time. Maybe before the end of the event there’ll be a sale or deal. 🙂

    • EA could instead of a “Yard Sale” do a “Graveyard Sale” at the end of the event. It would be cool, but probably unlikely. I really wish the game posted a date or countdown timer on the items that were disappearing before the event was over. I had assumed they would be available over the course of the event. Luckily I picked up one cemetery before they all vanished.

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