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Turbo Tappin’ THOH 2015: Bad Dream House and Devil Flanders

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Bad Dream House made a return to our games recently and if you already had Devil Flanders, a fun little questline pops up with it.  This questline will only trigger if you have Devil Flanders and the Bad Dream House.  However, if you only have the Bad Dream House you’ll still be able to send the characters on tasks there (Willie, Bart, Lisa, Homer & Comic Book Guy) to animate the house this year.  And we all know one of the best things about the Bad Dream House is it’s animation…

So let’s take a quick look at this little questline and the horror at the Bad Dream House now…


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Where Did THAT Come From: Halloween Reboot Part 2


How are all you Trick or Treatereenos doing? Getting lots of lil bags of goodies from the kids? Liking the new list of items that were brought back into the game? Wondering where they came from? Well I am back again to bring you MORE!


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Should I Spend Donuts on The Bad Dream House

With all of the Halloween premium items that are limited-time it may be overwhelming trying to decide which items to buy and what to pass on. With that limited-time label on items I know it can be tempting to just buy everything you can. But, have no fear! That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth your donuts & what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the Bad Dream House to your Springfield? Well before you hit that confirm button, let’s break down the Pros and Cons of adding this to your Springfield.

 Bad Dream House
Donut Price: 85 Donuts
Unique?: Yes
-A larger item full of many details
-Adds +10 Indolence
-Animation…for the Halloween 2013 event, flashing lights through windows all
over house. There is also a sound when tapped that sounds like the house is breaking apart.
-Limited-Time building.  Great for new tappers and Android players who couldn’t play TSTO last year because it wasn’t available on Android.
-Mainly for an event.
-Does not come with unlock quests
-A fairly large footprint. 9×9
Final Thought:
For those holding on tight to their precious donuts, I say this one is worth it mainly for the design and look of the building. 85 donuts may seem like a lot for a special event item, however, it will add to the look of your Springfield and once the event is over, it will continue to generate in game cash for you.  So, myself, I would say unless you’ve already purchased all of the other premium characters/buildings or you’re a completest, I would really wait on this one and save your donuts to decide towards the end of the event if you really want it.

The ADD in Addicts

I am losing my frakkin mind here. I am like a lil kid let lose in the BIGGEST. CANDY. STORE. EVER. I just don’t know where to look. I want to catch every lil thing and it is making me lose my mind. Ok, you got me, “You gotta have a mind to lose it.” Pssssh. Even an insane mind such as my mind is still a mind. You mind?

pumpkin splash landing screen 2

So as this new content is ADD dreamland and I just can’t stop looking at everything all at once, I figured I would take a break from the madness and touch on a few cool things that I am loving about this game. My head is spinning round n round n round n round n round…


I love that EA took the time to provide us some personality in even the ghosts. Each one is a lil different.

ghosts arnie

Haunted Houses/Buildings:

Have YOU noticed the different ghosts running around these places? See something a little different?

haunting haunting 1

prison library grimes bad dream house

New/Old Stuffs:

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEA has listened to us poor Android users that missed out on last years items from the 2012 Halloween Event (this isn’t even all of them).

new old stuff

2D Stuffs:

Now as a 2D fanatic, I gotta look at the creative value in some of these items. I already have a few things in mind for the Dead Trees. Gonna buy at LEAST 100. The pumpkins are nice and tiny and perfect for use as an orange color dot in creating. I plan on buying at LEAST 500 pumpkins.

punkin tree


I giggle every time I see some poor lil slob lifted up and across town by a ghost possessing them. Each with its own animation too. (Can you find the ones I didn’t post in your town?)


New Tasks:

I only wish I could send EVERYONE trick-or-treating. Would be just like the real Halloween. So many fun costumes. Marge and Mr. Burns “fighting” off ghosts. HILARIOUS!

treaters burns

May wanna take a gander at Wookiee’s post on this next one. It can be a lil glitch. (click here)


This is just a glimpse into the things going on in my mind a million miles an hour as I gaze left, right, up, down, right, right, left, SQUIRREL!!


QUICK NOTE: Haunting those “one time use” buildings brings them back to life, so if you want to see Duff stadium in action…haunt it.

An Ancient Indian WHAT???!!

There is an item available with the new event (500 GOO to be exact) labeled “Indian Burial Ground.” In this quick little post, I will let you know just where it came from.


The burial ground can be seen in the first of the Treehouse of Horror Series (Bad Dream House).

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