Random Changes Level 50

Hey there Hoppereenos!

EA has stuck pretty close to their methods and dropped a Level Update on us in the middle of an Event. (And you thought you didn’t have enough going on. Lol.) Level 50 is here. WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN??!!!


For the basics on Level 50 overview, see the post HERE.

For starting the new Level, you will need to have completed the previous Levels prior to move on. So you need Game Play Level 47 & 48 & 49 done to move on to 50 (Main Walkthroughs complete). You also need to make sure you XP Level is at 50.

Now to the Random Changes….

First off, with another new level comes more new pricing. This means all items on previous levels will move down in cost. WOOHOO!! Following are the new price changes for the current Buildings in the town. The Base price of the building is in red. The multipliers for the Level will be next to them. You can see how they decrease as a new level hits.

Level 50: 4X Cost
Level 49: 4X Cost
Level 48: 3X Cost
Level 47: 2X Cost
Level 46: 1.6X Cost
Level 45: 1.4X Cost
Level 44: 1.3X Cost
Level 43: 1.3X Cost
(Level 42-1: No Multiplier)

As you can see to top two highest levels and bottom two are the same, so during those blocks you won’t see a change. Think of it this way. When you buy a car brand new, it is at its top dollar mark up cost. Overtime, the car depreciates in value and continues to until it hits the bottom or base cost. Same here. The Buildings are expensive brand new, but in time after more NEW things are introduced, its originally cost will drop.

If you want an overall on ALL the pricing, check out our Realty Guide Page.



Level 42 

Itchy & Scratchy

Itchy & Scratchy Studios $200,000


Level 43 (X1.3) 
(Only items released were for Krustyland)


Level 44 (X1.3) 

honest johns

Honest John’s Computers ($264,500) $343,850



Bloaters at the Squidport ($162,500)  $211,250


Level 45 (X1.4) 

Fortress of Choclitude

Fortress of Chocolitude (Aspriational) $10,000,000

(Aspriational buildings will NOT change in pricing. They are a set price.)


Indoor Tennis Courts ($129,000)  $180,600


ZiffCorp Office Building ($254,000)  $355,600


Level 46 (X1.6) 

Classy Girl Strip Club

Classy Girls Strip Club ($300,000)  $480,000


Level 47 (X2) 

Quimby Compound

Quimby Compound ($250,000)  $500,000


Level 48 (X3) 


Gold Navy ($181,000)  $543,000


Level 49 (X4) 


D’Amico Summer Home ($273,000)  $1,092,000



Old Abandoned Warehouse (Squidport) ($177,000)  $708,000


Level 50 (X4) 


Municipal House of Pancakes ($250,000)  $1,000,000



With Each New Level comes a New XP Requirement. The cool part of this is if you are leveling up with your XP quite fast, you may already hit and almost be complete with the New XP Level depending on how much XP you earned before getting there. (Placing the New Buildings usually gives it a big XP jump too.)

UPDATE: My apologies. Computer and signal issues last night allowed the incomplete draft version (as well as some stats I was working on for something else) to go live instead of the correct version. Sorry for any confusion. Disregard the info that was posted in this section. 



Moon BounceJessica Lovejoy has been added as a Kid that can go for a task at the Moonbounce at Premium Pay. Janey’s task has returned to Regular Pay on it.




donut-loadingAnd of course, your constant reminder (as we ALWAYS get comments on this)…check that Confirm Donut Spend. NO ONE wants to lose donuts on accidental sped up tasks or purchases. The new menu, you will find this in any menu by tapping the cog wheel in the top right corner. (You can also reset your sound from here.)


Confirm Donut Notification and Sound Volume



Confirm Donut Spend


Got some technical issues from the new update that we were unable to help with? Try the usual Basic Troubleshooting, and if you need more help…contact EA.

So there are a few random changes. I am still looking to see if anything more pops ups. I will update this post if I do. What do you think of the new stuff? Any changes you see that we have not listed? Let us know.


102 responses to “Random Changes Level 50

  1. I am currently at LV 50, but the price of LV 49 items haven’t dropped yet. Is it a bug?

    • Take a peek at this very post you’re commenting on and you will see the multiplier is the same for the top 2 and bottom 2 tiers. So it won’t change.

  2. Just a quick question… has anyone heard about “free land” being included in updates? I (Like most on the site I assume) am always up to date and current on the new level, and buy things (standard items and land) as soon as they are made available. My GF is not, I’m guessing she’s Lv. 47-48 and HAD 80% of the land avail. Sometime in the recent week’s updates another 10M row of land was released, and I bought as I always do. My Girl logs in a day later and says, “oh wow. I’ve been given a free row of land in multiple directions!” Is there some kind of depreciation modifier at work, like with the buildings?

  3. I know the Van Heuten’s are separated, but I was really hoping Milhouse would move to his family set rather thsn the kids. I know neither of them want him but is this the right message from EA? 😉

  4. I have just received and placed “IT Blows” (I was tapping through neighborinos at the time) and I began with 52 sprinkles before starting the rounds (Grumble, last bonus donuts I tapped my second choice too close to the confirm and it spat me out with two sprinkles instead of a second try… my fault I guess) and arriving back at my lil’ Springfield I had 54 donuts… I think I may have received them with the FP prize, anyone else?

    • Interesting thought, but donuts have never come with Friend Point Prizes. If it’s a glitch…it’s pretty cool. 😉

      • I know, but I couldn’t figure any other explanation, I still have the second FP prize to acquire, so no neighborino sprinkles there, and I haven’t been to KL yet (no popping donuts) and had already received my daily bonus (the second one, I think it was 20 pies).
        That’s why I was hoping it wasn’t just me, as it kinda makes up for not receiving donuts during FP collecting 😉

  5. So I still gotta buy Ziff corp office building and seen that it went down but my price is still 355,600 I logged out but nothing changed am I reading this right

    • The black is the current price, the red is the base price. So yes, $355,600 is the current price. It won’t drop again until another level hits.

  6. Im playing on kindle. I did as you suggested with the log out from game and amazon. Got coins ok.. Used the amazon coins to get donuts and it went thru.. Said it was successful… But when i went back into game the donuts were not there ive sent email to amazon.. Just dont know which is messing up.. Ea or amazon. So ill wait to see what happens. Thank you for your suggestion.

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