Daily Archives: March 7, 2015

Episode Reminder: Sky Police

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in with a little reminder that the Simpsons are ALL NEW TOMORROW!  Woohoo!  “Sky Police” is set to air this Sunday night on FOX.

Also…a little reminder.  Tomorrow is Daylight Savings in the US.  So at 2am it’s time to “Spring Forward” so don’t forget to set your clocks ahead! I’ll sure miss that extra hour of sleep! 

Here’s the official synopsis from FOX:

Chief Wiggum is mistakenly delivered a military jet pack, which he gleefully accepts and uses in order to fight crime. But when the jet pack crashes into the church, the congregation, led by Marge, must resort to gambling and counting cards in order to collect money to repair the church.”

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Addicts Mail Bag!!

Hey there Hoppereenos!!

Just wanted to bounce on by with a HUGE THANK YOU!! Not too long ago, and at the request of some of our AMAZING Readers, Addicts opened up their mailbox. Since then we have started to get some pretty amazing Mail.TSTO Addicts Mail

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