Where Did THAT Come From – Municipal House of Pancakes

What’s the haps amigos? Wookiee popping in for even more origin goodness for all my favorite skyfingers. You know, just when you think a game is busy enough with superheroes, vigilantes, villains and criminals, EA decides we need even more goodness and drops Level 50 in our games. Of course, a new level means new stuff and that’s where I come in. Here’s a small hint… all the items have something to do with the Lovejoys. Surprised? I must admit a playful side of me wants to leave it at ust that but you know I’d never leave you hanging. For this round of where did THAT come from, we’ll take a look at the Municipal House of Pancakes.


So… for anyone unaware, Helen Lovejoy is a member of the Investorettes, or a group of Springfield ladies who invest their own capital in investment ideas. Other members include Marge Simpson (although she later left), Maude Flanders, Agnes Skinner and LuAnn Van Houten. To learn more about their investment shemes, you just have to watch “The Twisted World of Marge Simpsons” (S8:E11). Is it any surprise that the Municipal House of Pancakes comes from the same episode?

I don’t know about you, but when I’m with a group of people who want to do some thinking, joking or planning, the local pancakery establishments always seem like the place to go. Many a night or day of mine has been spent at an IHOP or Denny’s and it should come as no surprise that Springfield has their own version. We see the Investorettes meeting at the MHOP right at the beginning of the episode.

Municipal House of Pancakes Simpsons

The ladies have invested in Dynaflex Unimatix and are ready for high risk ventures. Should they go for Oklasoft, cushions or fat children next? Well my friends, provided you reached Level 50 and invested a cool million of your game cash, this building and Helen Lovejoy are now gossiping and thinking of the children as I type. Hope y’all are enjoying the new building and staying classy like usual.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

9 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Municipal House of Pancakes

  1. Tappers got a nice Freemium Building right here 🙂

  2. In Australia, our equivalent is the Pancake Manor. Old churches refurbished to a manor of pancakes and similar delights. 🙂

  3. I’m at a disadvantage being English…….

    1) we don’t have these places selling pancakes, municipal or otherwise …..

    2) in England it’s tomorrow morning now, and I’m waiting to find out what is happening

    However, I do have a day off work so I can tap all day, but it’s Friday 13th which could be unlucky


  4. Should have been the Municipal Building of Pancakes, so we could sing “M-BOP MMMM-BOP”

  5. Won’t someone just think of the children, please!

  6. lol i just got that. International and Municipal 😀

  7. You guys like the ****

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