Cecil Terwilliger’s Daily Tasks 5/4

Hey there Hoppereenos!

This is your Daily Bounce By to let you know what time drops I saw for Today’s Cecil’s Daily Tasks.

Cecil Make Amends

Here was the breakdown of Cecil’s Daily tasks I got in both my games…


1st Daily Task 1hrs
2nd Daily Task 1hrs
3rd Daily Task 2hrs
4th Daily Task 6hrs

Remember, the tasks and Character Groups will vary for every player. Let us know if you see anything different in your game.


In case you missed it in the rundown post, as of Act Two, there are new payouts for completing these.

Fertilizerico_terwilligers_fertilizer_lg Cornico_terwilligers_corn_lg DNAico_terwilligers_dna_lg Gas Masksico_terwilligers_gasmask_lg
1st Daily Task 25  150
2nd Daily Task 20  150
3rd Daily Task 60  150
4th Daily Task 135  150



Here are the Top 5 I always leave free for the Daily Tasks (also in the post below). This allows my other Characters to focus on other Material earning tasks. (This list was made to be friendly to all players. If you have some Premium Characters that could replace them with, feel free to.)

Comic Book Guy WolfCastle Rod OR Todd Quimby Grandpa Abe
Brainiac X
Entreprenuer X
Celebrity X
Civil Servant X
Criminal X
Glutton X
High Roller X X
Dimwit X X
Youngster X
Kook X
Pessimist X X
Saint X
Senior X

You can find a lot more detailed post on the Daily Tasks HERE.  😉

FYI… If you did NOT complete a task from the prior day, it rolls over to be the FIRST task of the next day. You will lose the higher payout. So finish them BEFORE the reset or you will have it become the next day’s task. 

How are your daily tasks coming along? Getting them done? Visiting Neighbors still going well? How are your New Gas Mask Materials counts coming along?  Let us know.


48 responses to “Cecil Terwilliger’s Daily Tasks 5/4

  1. These six hour tasks are killing me. Why can’t they save them for the weekends or the first task of the day?

  2. Hi guys is there a Turbo Tappn for Sideshow Bob post?
    Luckily Bob has 1hr fertiliser task so just sent him on that until I know what characters to leave free 🙂 thanks

    • There’s no questline for Sideshow Bob, just side quests when you unlock the prizes. Those will be covered in the prize rundown posts…here’s the first one


      • Oh thanks. it just looked like questline for me as had jail and rakes already when unlocked Bob 🙂 Should get the last prize in day or so.

        In addition to Stevep post below i don’t leave any characters free from earning craft supplies. you can store relevant building if needed to free the one you need 🙂 most of time one of them is free anyway as when i clear finished tasks.

  3. Not sure if this has been mentioned already, but there is really no need to keep characters idle waiting for daily tasks (depending on your selection of characters).

    Glutton (16 hours): If you keep Wiggum or Quimby on the civil servant job, they will be available every two hours.

    HIgh Roller (12 hours): Keep Krusty on the 1 hour Kook job.

    Youngster (8 hours): Keep Gino, Ralph, Rodd, and/or Todd on the 1 hour Kook job.

    Dimwit (8 hours): Cletus, Otto, Ralph, Sea Captain, and/or Wiggum on the 1 hour Kook job.

    Brainiac (6 hours): Keep Crazy Cat Lady and /or Frink on the 1 hour Kook job.

    Pessimist (4 hours): Keep Hugs Bunny and/or Willie on the 1 hour Kook job.

    Criminal (4 hours): Keep Gino and/or Herman on the 1 hour Kook job.

    Celebrity (3 hours): Keep BumbleBee Man, Chester, Krusty, and/or Lurleen on the one hour Kook job.

    Civil Servant (2 hours): No need to keep anyone idle back unless you know that one of Cecil’s tasks is about to end.

    Senior (2 hours): Same as Civil Servant or you can keep Chester and Hans Moleman on the 1 hour Kook job.

    Kook (1 hour): No need to keep anyone idle as Cecil’s tasks are never shorter then 1 hour.

    Entrepreneur (no crafting material jobs): Apu and Herman have a 1 hour Kook job.

    Saint (not crafting material jobs): Rodd and Todd have a 1 hour Kook job.

    So if you have a good range in characters, you can keep them all busy earning crafting materials and not miss any of Cecil’s tasks.

    I am sure someone will post a response if I have any errors.

  4. Less than 1000 fertilizer from the farmer’s market, freaking finally haha

  5. Why is Princess Penelope a civil servant? I could see her being a celebrity or entrepreneur (since she somehow got Krustyland in her divorce from Krusty), but what government job does she hold?

    Also now that Robert Terwilliger is now a player character in my game, will he stop popping in to be captured by me?

    • She’s a Princess…

      And yes, he can’t be captured any longer.

      • Nope, still doesn’t explain it. Civil servants at their most basic are employees of the government that aren’t in jobs that are vacated once the new regime come in. They allow for government continuity. Besides any royal personage is by definition not a servant but a ruler. ; D

  6. I also have had 4, 6, 2, and 6. Several very long days in a row.

  7. Hi Bunny

    after I unlock Side Show Bob my “dont care about the future” task of all seniors is not yellow highlighted anymore.

    I already reinistall the game.

    At my other town, same device (iPhone), the task still yellow, but I did not unlock SSB yet….

    Is this happening to anyone else?

    thanks from Brazil
    GALO !

  8. Mine have been 4-6-2-6 today. I’m never up 18 hours in a day!

  9. Every time Sideshow Bob finishes a task, and is wandering around before I reassign, I keep tapping him lol. I have to retrain myself that he doesn’t need to be captured anymore!

  10. Sorry to leave this comment here, but I was trying to hit a recent post.
    For Alissa and Bunny and anyone else…is anyone having a problem with the 2 hour Don’t Care about the Future job as well as the 1 hour Work the Land job? My problem is that those two jobs are no longer highlighted in yellow and they no longer jump to the top of the respective character job lists.

    It also prevents those characters from being properly cycled in the upper left corner character icon list, if that happens to be the only job for a character.

    As a temporary solution, I have placed Monsarno in the middle of a square of roads to keep those characters contained so I can easily restart those short duration jobs. But I still have to scroll on some of those characters to select those jobs.

    Anyone else having this problem or hear about a more permanent solution? Thanks!

  11. Two towns, Town A has been 4-1-2 so far, Town B 4-6 so far. I’ll finish Town A no problem, but I might have issues with Town B if it ends with a 6-4, or worse a 4-6 (and impossible if it’s 6-6). Whatever happens, it’s another day of my towns not the same, and neither matching Bunny’s.

    • Billy Bo Bob

      Small update, both towns ended as Bunny’s did (resulting with 4-1-2-6 and 4-6-2-6). Town B will be finishing around 10:30 my time, but that should be fine. If things go as they’s been the pass week, at least tomorrow both towns will be the same…

  12. Mine have almost consistently matched up with the exception of the first task. 4 hour first task today. The rest matched. Good thing I always wait up until midnight so it doesn’t matter how long that first one is. I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere. I haven’t crafted anything yet, but I did get monsorno to 19 and sprayer to 14. 15 later today. The Opera will finish building late on the day and I’m hoping all the upgrades will pay off with material drops, so I can finally craft

    • hodgsonpl618

      It was great to see your post as we are are at exactly the same position and seem to have both decided to craft at the same time! I’ve been looking at my increased payout results together with the tables that the team have posted here and I’m confident that the strategy is working in accordance with how we play. I’m really looking forward to finally crafting in the last days of Act 2 🙂 My daily tasks BTW have also always been the same apart from the ones totalling 16 hours which I don’t achieve.

  13. My second task was eight hours, but I failed to finished yesterday

  14. Started my day with a 4 hour task followed by a six hour task. Looks to be another long day for me.

  15. It is so weird because the daily tasks seem like they never match up. I have two towns and today one of them has had the two 1 hour tasks thus far, while the other town started with 4 hours. And both had the tasks from yesterday completed yesterday. I see this a lot and it would appear from the comments on the daily tasks everyday…it is pretty common.

  16. This stuff needs to start paying off. This event has been in place for like 20 days and I’ve had no results. I’ve crafted NOTHING. EA need to change the pay outs to move it along

    • Yea but you’ve been so super negative about the event the ENTIRE time…how hard have you really been playing? You probably could have crafted during Act 1, but you were saving up for the Gas and Grub…understandable. So really, it’s been 6 days and you haven’t crafted anything. But you’ve said over and over that the prize you want is in Act 2.

      Personally, I’ll probably have the Gas and Grub by Thursday of this week. Remember…it’s a marathon not a sprint

      • I agree with you Alissa. I don’t think some players are understanding the concept of this event. First off- not all events are the same. If they were, it would get boring. Secondly- this event requires some strategy of thinking. Upgrade, upgrade upgrade! If players can grasp this concept, then everything will come to those who are patient. I haven’t really crafted anything yet, but I have Monsarno upgraded to level 17, and the sprayer upgraded to level 13. The fertilizer, corn and DNA are pouring in now, and it’s only a matter of time before I craft the Farmers market, and the gas and grub. In fact, I had the chance to craft the gas and grub today, but I passed up the opportunity in order to upgrade the sprayer to 13. As you said, Alissa: “It’s a marathon….”.

        Thank you for all of your advise and help.

  17. I started my first daily task just after midnight, but when I went to play this morning although I got the rewards it didn’t register as my first task of the day.
    So now instead of being on my 3rd task I’ve only just started my 2nd.

  18. for some reason my games logged out, wen I log back in it says password incorrect , went to change it and the “caption” they give you to type in so your not a robot says “incorrect word” EVERYTIME!!! help anyone please as can’t log into my game…. any ideas please ??

  19. My first task was four hours… I just logged in it said i was logged in on another device… had to start a new 4 hour task :-[

    • That means you left the game too soon. Didn’t get time to sync your progress. So it thought you’re still in there.

  20. 1-1-2-6 exact match

    I have lost track of what drop rate does something or other to my resources. I somehow keep on tapping but I feel more and more worn out by this event.

    Events are nice, but if they are to long and to close together they are exhausting.

  21. My first task today was 4 hours.

    • 4kidsandacatdog


    • Same here, second is 1 hr.


    • I started with a 4-hour task, and the rest matched Bunny’s. Usually the first one or two tasks will be different, and the 3rd and 4th will always match. As for why, my hypothesis is based on another player’s post a few weeks ago. He/She had a theory that a shift in task times may be affected by GMT time zone. The time when phases/stages and events drop or end is often 8:00AM GMT. This is the “deadline” I’ve used when setting daily tasks.

      The pattern I have discovered is that any tasks I start before 4:00AM EDH {which corresponds in my time zone to 8:00AM GMT} will result in matching the task time(s) of the previous day. Anything started after that deadline has matched Bunny’s Post for the same day.

      Since my first task for May 4th was started just after midnight EDH, it followed the previous day’s time of 4-hours, taking me right up to the deadline. This had the advantage of not being followed by a 6-hour task, as listed for May 3rd.

      Using this pattern, the tasks I expect for May 5th are 1-hr, 1-hr, & 2-hrs for the 1st three tasks, respectively. Of course, this will only work for me if I stay up until 3:00AM EDH. The time for the last task will not known until I read Bunny’s task-list post for May 5th.

      NB: Other factors may be in play as the day when I first completed my very first task, or which server my game is on, or something completely different; yet, this pattern has been very consistent in my game throughout the event.

      If you task times have also been different from Bunny’s, this could be something interesting to try out, [if you can afford a bit less sleep. :p] Find out what hour in your time zone is equivalent to 8:00AM GMT, and see if any tasks started before that “deadline” matches the time(s) for the previous day.

      Have fun!
      Grind for Craftables!
      May the Fourth be with you!


      • Uncle,

        THANK YOU!!! I am in Hawaii, and I started noticing that my Cecil’s tasks were not corresponding to the published lists AT ALL. I searched high and low to find an explanation or alternate list, to no avail. Some days have been brutal and annoying (e.g., today 5/4, I have the 4-6-2-6 schedule) since the published list (1-1-2-6) seems so much easier. I looked into your explanation, and it seems to make sense! However, it seems like a 8 PM GMT (vs AM GMT) is the “magic” crossover time. It definitely explains the schedule for today. I look forward to testing for tomorrow and the future. In any case, I wanted to thank you for your post, particularly the very helpful last paragraph that explains how to do it for your own time zone, since I haven’t been able to find an explanation for my varying Cecil’s times anywhere else!

      • Not a problem nvru! 😃
        I found the original post my testing was based on. The real credit goes to a poster/player named Neglecterino. Whether it is AM or PM, may be subjective to your game, but the important part is tying it to a consistent hour in your zone. It requires less math thereafter, too. LOL!
        I find it most helpful on the days where time to get online may be tricky.

        • Hi Uncle! Just wanted to follow up and say thanks again and that your (and Neglecterino’s) theory held up to another day for me again! I tested it out in my 2 games.. In my “A-Town” I was able to start all 4 tasks before my magic crossover time of 10am (8PM GMT) – sure enough, I got yesterday’s task times of 1,1,2,6. In my “B-Town” I started the 4th quest after 10am and it was 2 hours (which correspond’s to today’s list). SO THANK YOU! It was your post that explained this phenomenon simply enough for me to understand. 🙂

          I also wanted apologize because immediately after I posted yesterday, I noticed that my fingers didn’t translate what my excited brain meant to say. I *meant* to say that 8PM GMT seemed to be *my* magic deadline time, and indeed explained *my* schedule for that day. I didn’t mean for it to sound like I was correcting your deadline time, and I’m sorry if it sounded like that at all! I totally believe that this “deadline” can vary (since so many people say they have different task durations), for reasons I don’t understand. I don’t even know if the “deadline” necessarily corresponds to a time zone, because like you stated, 8AM GMT is the time when phases/stages and events drop or end in my game as well, but oddly enough, 8PM GMT seems to be the Cecil task “deadline” for me. I’m not smart enough to figure out why it’s 8PM, but what is important, like you so eloquently state, is finding that consistent, “magic” hour in my game. This revelation has finally given me a seemingly reliable way to plan for Cecil’s tasks like everyone else. Sorry for my rambly post… I’m not as clear and concise as you, but I just wanted to let you know it works for me, and thank you so much again! 🙂

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