Cecil Terwilliger’s Daily Tasks 5/5

Hey there Hoppereenos!

This is your Daily Bounce By to let you know what time drops I saw for Today’s Cecil’s Daily Tasks.

Cecil Victory

Here was the breakdown of Cecil’s Daily tasks I got in both my games…


1st Daily Task 2hrs
2nd Daily Task 4hrs
3rd Daily Task 4hrs
4th Daily Task 2hrs

Remember, the tasks and Character Groups will vary for every player. Let us know if you see anything different in your game.


In case you missed it in the rundown post, as of Act Two, there are new payouts for completing these.

Fertilizerico_terwilligers_fertilizer_lg Cornico_terwilligers_corn_lg DNAico_terwilligers_dna_lg Gas Masksico_terwilligers_gasmask_lg
1st Daily Task 25  150
2nd Daily Task 20  150
3rd Daily Task 60  150
4th Daily Task 135  150



Here are the Top 5 I always leave free for the Daily Tasks (also in the post below). This allows my other Characters to focus on other Material earning tasks. (This list was made to be friendly to all players. If you have some Premium Characters that could replace them with, feel free to.)

Comic Book Guy WolfCastle Rod OR Todd Quimby Grandpa Abe
Brainiac X
Entreprenuer X
Celebrity X
Civil Servant X
Criminal X
Glutton X
High Roller X X
Dimwit X X
Youngster X
Kook X
Pessimist X X
Saint X
Senior X

You can find a lot more detailed post on the Daily Tasks HERE.  😉

FYI… If you did NOT complete a task from the prior day, it rolls over to be the FIRST task of the next day. You will lose the higher payout. So finish them BEFORE the reset or you will have it become the next day’s task. 

How are your daily tasks coming along? Getting them done? Visiting Neighbors still going well? How are your New Gas Mask Materials counts coming along?  Let us know.


37 responses to “Cecil Terwilliger’s Daily Tasks 5/5

  1. Two days behind thanks to work. I can’t stay excited when its frustrating to stay caught up… So far I’m at 4 and 4 and I might make the third if its short. 🙁

  2. OtriviaLaLavia

    Tasks today were 1hr, 1hr, 2hrs & 2hrs. This daily task list was a welcome break.

  3. I finally built the farmers market. I have an interesting observation that I think some people have touched upon, but I would like to add a thought. As soon as I started the build for the farmers market, most of the fertilizer jobs went from yellow to white, and dropped down the task menu. It’s almost as if they’re telling you: “OK. You built the farmers market. Now move on to the next big build”- which in my estimation is the Gas-n-Go. The other craftable things are “extra”. I would imagine that we will get one more big prize in round 3.

    I’ve upgraded Monsarno to level 17, and my sprayer is up to level 14. I’m going to max out the sprayer at level 15 and stop there. I might upgrade Monsarno to level 18 or 19, but I haven’t decided yet. The pay out for upgrading to 18 or 19 still doesn’t look to be worth the cost.

    • Billy Bo Bob

      Thanks for your thoughts! I haven’t built the Farmer’s Market yet, and haven’t read all up on the issue (but I’ve read some on it), but it makes sense. After the FM is built, the task is removed from the list, so it’s not yellow.

      And on the upgrade side, Town A (level 51) I’ve gone to 19-Monsarno and 15-sprayer, while on Town B (level 43) I’ve decided to stop at 19 and 13. Level 14 is size only, so it wasn’t worth it (or 15) for my smaller town.

      • The weird thing is that not all of the fertilizer tasks change from yellow to white. Just the one hour fertilizer task changes to white.

        I’m now putting emphasis on earning DNA and corn. The only characters I have that I send on fertilizer tasks are those that don’t have any corn or DNA tasks.

        Does anyone know if there will be another crop for act 3 (other than fertilizer, corn and DNA)?

        • Some characters with 2 hr tasks for fertilizer have turned white & moved down the list too. PITA to find them & reflexively I tend to tap the yellow ones at the top even if it’s not what I want or need at the time. They need to put it back like it was.


    • OtriviaLaLavia

      I think you might be right about the reason why the jobs went from yellow to white.

    • argcallie427

      So I built the Farmer’s market before Act 2 began but my fertilizer quests didn’t get messed up until I started building the opera house. First my 2 hour task unhighlighted then after I got Sideshow Bob the one hour task went too. My husband also plays and is ahead in the quest line but hasn’t crafted anything and his tasks are all yellow. He upgraded Monsarno before me, but I did finally upgrade to level 17 on Monsarno and level 15 Herbiside today.
      It’s frustrating how the tasks are sort of hidden and the characters don’t pop up in rotation anymore.

  4. Does Cecil give you a prize for each character sent to task? Or just one prize for any number of characters doing the task?

  5. Both my towns have been 1-1-4 so far.

    • Billy Bo Bob

      Both towns ended up with 1-1-4-2. Hmm, past few days the first two tasks were different, but the last two task were the same as Bunny’s. They haven’t matched Bunny’s completely for a week or so.

  6. Mine have been 1-4 so far.

  7. I fell asleep not more than 10 minutes before my High Roller would have been free to start the 1st task. Coincidentally also 10 minutes before my research centre gave out its 8hr goodies, as well as my red box finishing.

    An expensive sleep, but what can you do? This time the body beat the brain.

  8. Today my tasks were 1 hr, 1 hr, 2 hr, and 6 hr.

  9. Two 1 hour tasks for me so far…
    Also, curious about addition of the rakes, five corners, and the rolling rock. I’m wondering if the rakes are going to be used for something? Or maybe they’re just decoration…

  10. Chranberry778

    Farmers Market or Gas and Grub??

  11. Some new items just hit the game. Is Admiral new NPC or just skin?

  12. First task was 1 hr then the second one was 2 hours working on it now. Now I just got a update with rolling rocks, 5 corners, rakes and Captain Bob is this a glitch or did they update it too soon?

  13. Hello,
    Cecil now also wants Music Notes, how do I get them?????

  14. I have 1 hour, 1 hour, 2 hours, and ? hours. My third daily task is in progress and it’s only 2:30 AM!

    • I have 1,1, & 4 hrs so far. I am used to my first one being different most of the time but this is getting out of hand. No idea why either.


      • My last task is 2 hrs. So my first 2 were different & last 2 match. No idea why this is happening & now seems to be spreading across more tasks.


  15. argcallie427

    I start with a one hour… Best thing about babies waking up in the middle of the night is starting these tasks 😉

    Thanks for all you guys do keeping this info going for us!

  16. So far, my first two today have been one hour each.

  17. My first task is a hour long. So guess no match up for me..gonna start second task before i go to bed😴

  18. Just a heads up, the link to this page on your Twitter feed on the right side does not seem to link properly. Ends up going to facebook, and when you click “leave this page” (facebook notification) it ends up going nowhere.

    • hmmm I just tried all the twitter links and they’re all working as they should, directing back to TSTOAddicts.com. Not sure which one you clicked on, but could just be an issue with your twitter? Not 100% sure, but everything’s linking properly on this end.

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