Cecil Terwilliger’s Daily Tasks 5/9

Hey there Hoppereenos!

This is your Daily Bounce By to let you know what time drops I saw for Today’s Cecil’s Daily Tasks.


Here was the breakdown of Cecil’s Daily tasks I got in both my games…


1st Daily Task 6hrs
2nd Daily Task 2hrs
3rd Daily Task 2hrs
4th Daily Task 6hrs

Remember, the tasks and Character Groups will vary for every player. Let us know if you see anything different in your game.


In case you missed it in the rundown post, as of Act Two, there are new payouts for completing these.

Fertilizerico_terwilligers_fertilizer_lg Cornico_terwilligers_corn_lg DNAico_terwilligers_dna_lg Gas Masksico_terwilligers_gasmask_lg
1st Daily Task 25  150
2nd Daily Task 20  150
3rd Daily Task 60  150
4th Daily Task 135  150



Here are the Top 5 I always leave free for the Daily Tasks (also in the post below). This allows my other Characters to focus on other Material earning tasks. (This list was made to be friendly to all players. If you have some Premium Characters that could replace them with, feel free to.)

Comic Book Guy WolfCastle Rod OR Todd Quimby Grandpa Abe
Brainiac X
Entreprenuer X
Celebrity X
Civil Servant X
Criminal X
Glutton X
High Roller X X
Dimwit X X
Youngster X
Kook X
Pessimist X X
Saint X
Senior X

You can find a lot more detailed post on the Daily Tasks HERE.  😉

FYI… If you did NOT complete a task from the prior day, it rolls over to be the FIRST task of the next day. You will lose the higher payout. So finish them BEFORE the reset or you will have it become the next day’s task. 

How are your daily tasks coming along? Getting them done? Visiting Neighbors still going well? How are your New Gas Mask Materials counts coming along?  Let us know.


40 responses to “Cecil Terwilliger’s Daily Tasks 5/9

  1. Could I get some upgrade quick advice?

    Current Status:
    Monsarno – level 17
    Herbicide – 9

    Fertilizer – 807
    Corn – 5629
    DNA – 5847

    Dr Robert – Have
    Farmers Market – Just bought
    Gas & Grub – Have
    Monsarno buildings – Have

    Would you recommend that I keep upgrading Monsarno or Herbicide for the next phase? I do want the Gas & Grub but not sure if I should postpone upgrading ntil I have it in my inventory? Any thoughts?

    • Sorry

      Gas & Grub – Want (not “Have”)

    • I wouldn’t upgrade the Herbicide Squirter any more. Monsarno I’d go to 19…but that’s me.

      One quick thing tho. Says you brought the gas and grub and then says you still want it. So not sure which one to follow…

  2. My tasks were all 2 hrs except the last which was 6. 😇

  3. My first task today was the last from yesterday, finished only after midnight, next one was 2h, then 6h, last one running right now , 2h again. I guess if you have a roll-over task, all bets are off.

  4. My first task is 6 hours, started it at 6:12 am. It’s sunny and beautiful outside and I’d rather spend it outside than checking game so I’m not sure I’ll finish daily tasks today. Enjoy your day everyone….

  5. My tasks were 2 hrs, 4 hrs, 2 hrs and 4 hrs.

  6. No clue what mine’s gonna be….couldn’t finish yesterday’s on time, so first task was done for today when I awakened, second was 2-hour task. Actually hoping the third one will be long-ish, since I’m going to lunch and theater today, and then really hoping the last one will be short, so I can get it done and not miss another day’s top bonus!

    I just have to keep reminding myself, “real life comes first”! 😉

  7. I’ve just discovered I have 2 Mr Teenys! Having just sent him on his mission to grab some DNA I noticed him wondering around outside the Mensano. I tapped him and he just sat down. Checked the building, and sure enough, his ‘brother’ is in there doing his work. So I have both a ‘playable’ and ‘non playable’ one – does anyone else? 🙂

  8. After the update I got today many of the tasks has the wrong sort order, or rather the correct order but the event tasks are not first and highlighted. Kang and Kodos for example.

    • I’m experiencing the same problem 🙁 Hope it gets sorted out quickly. I’m sometimes losing out on currency because of this issue.

  9. Has the event end date changed? The timers are all saying 16 days left which would take us till end of act 3 but I’m sure there was like an extra week after act 3 before?!

  10. Hey Bunny, wasn’t you supposed to be having a little time out for some rest?
    Chill out, girl! 😉

  11. My first was 2 hours second was 4. Yesterday was different than posted as well

  12. 2 and 2 so far for me.

  13. I finally got that darn farmers market 👏 3000 DNAs for the grub 😫 uuh and the mr burns money throwing tasks are available now again.😀

  14. Another day where there just aren’t enough hours in the day to complete the tasks! I wish there were fewer 6hr ones.

  15. Thanks for posting the tasks so early… my first task also was 2 hours.

  16. I can confirm the times for daily tasks were 6 -2-2 & 6. Australia gets them first (or nearly so) by timezone, so without rushing I’ve finished today’s event tasks. Admittedly I do get up at around 2 – 3 am to start the first task. I know I need to get a life, but I’m a retiree who wakes at 6am daily. This event is a time consuming one.

  17. Chranberry778

    Are patches of cacti a craftable item in Act 3?

  18. My first task is 2 hours😇

  19. kimberlyah794

    Mine was also 2 hours. YES!

    • Add another player with a 2-hour first task. The second task is where we may differ. Pretty sure that if I start the second task as soon as the 1st one ends, I’ll be given a 4-hour task rather than a 2-hour one. 😕

  20. How did you just post this, with this knowledge and I right now have about 5 mins till my midnight rest. Are you time traveling? Hehe

    I shall call you future girl 😉

    • It hits midnight YOUR time. Midnight for Eastern Time Zone already passed. 😉

      • Okay future girl! :p

        Oh and mine is starting with 2 hours. And time for me to go sleep and dream of nerdy things lol

    • Heh, so that’s how they are able to issue all this information promptly, they are time travellers 😀 I knew there had to be a catch 😉

  21. My first task was 2 hours. Which then will be nice if I follow the rest of this list, 2, 2, 2, and 6 will be a pretty easy day.

    • **** glitch…lucky you

      • Not really a glitch. My first task has been different for both acts of this even since the first one, with a 2 day exception in act one.
        And there are a lot of people commenting that have the same tasks as me. Seems like there might be 2 groups to this or so like last year’s Easter event.

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