Cecil Terwilliger’s Daily Tasks 5/15

Hey there Hoppereenos!

This is your Daily Bounce By to let you know what time drops I saw for Today’s Cecil’s Daily Tasks.

Cecil Make Amends

Here was the breakdown of Cecil’s Daily tasks I got in both my games…


1st Daily Task 2hrs
2nd Daily Task 6hrs
3rd Daily Task 4hrs
4th Daily Task 4hrs

Remember, the tasks and Character Groups will vary for every player. Let us know if you see anything different in your game.



In case you missed it in the rundown post, as of Act Three there are new payouts for completing these.

Corn DNA Theater Masks Music Notes
1st Daily Task 10  150
2nd Daily Task 30  150
3rd Daily Task 100  150
4th Daily Task 250  150



Here are the Top 5 I always leave free for the Daily Tasks (also in the post below). This allows my other Characters to focus on other Material earning tasks. (This list was made to be friendly to all players. If you have some Premium/Freemium Characters that you feel you could replace them with, feel free to.) 

Comic Book Guy WolfCastle Rod OR Todd Quimby Grandpa Abe
Brainiac X
Entreprenuer X
Celebrity X
Civil Servant X
Criminal X
Glutton X
High Roller X X
Dimwit X X
Youngster X
Kook X
Pessimist X X
Saint X
Senior X

You can find a lot more detailed post on the Daily Tasks HERE.  😉

FYI… If you did NOT complete a task from the prior day, it rolls over to be the FIRST task of the next day. You will lose the higher payout. So finish them BEFORE the reset or you will have it become the next day’s task. 

How are your daily tasks coming along? Getting them done? Visiting Neighbors still going well? How are your New Music Notes counts coming along?  Let us know.


77 responses to “Cecil Terwilliger’s Daily Tasks 5/15

  1. Has anyone else noticed that the key item to have/obtain in this event is DNA? I’ve got fertilizer and corn coming out of my ears (pun intended), and opera masks are easy to get in quantity. To think I was worried about getting the farmers market earlier. Sheesh! I have enough corn and fertilizer now to get another farmers market, and I probably will later before the event ends. I could use the consumerism bonus. I’d get another Gas-n-grub too, but I think I will be lacking in DNA (pun intended).

    • I don’t understand why everyone keeps saying that…opera masks are always what I’m short on, not DNA! Although the numbers in my inventory for DNA may sometimes be less than for masks, things that “cost” DNA and masks (like opera house upgrades), always require far fewer DNA than masks.

      There must be something different in the way I’m playing or something…

      • Just look at the pay out for the tasks. Opera masks are much more easy to come by than DNA. And many more characters can get masks than DNA. I had plenty of DNA until I crafted the Gas-n-grub, and started upgrading the opera house. I will soon have more masks than DNA. I’m already starting to modify who I send on which tasks so that I can maximize both masks and DNA.

      • LM – Yes, you will soon have more masks than DNA, but what I’m saying is that you will also need way more masks than DNA. For example, for the Opera house upgrades I’ve done so far, I’ve needed about twice as many masks as strands of DNA. For every level so far, I’ve ended up getting the DNA I needed for the next level before I’ve managed to get the masks I’ve needed for it.

        No question you can earn masks faster, but that’s only half of the equation…how many masks things cost is the other half.

    • I agree. I’m getting masks quickly but not even sending many on DNA tasks and going through it quickly upgrading the opera house. Now I’m sending more characters on quests for DNA and even so should get the houseboat late next week.

    • I was thinking that too. I’m lacking DNA (in the game anyway). I’m not positive on this (because I haven’t had a chance to go through all the characters yet), but it seems to me that all the characters that have DNA tasks, also have opera mask tasks…how unfair, we need to be able to get both right now. And the mutant Bobs rarely seem to award DNA, at least in my game.

  2. In the grand scheme of things, since I have a job, I will not complete the tasks for the 9th time in this event (yes, I kept track); however I’m only a day or two behind the fastest players in my neighborhood. I think the larger payouts are great – but with patience it doesn’t matter if you miss a couple of them. And no, I didn’t buy the license. And no, I haven’t sped up any tasks. I still got two chances at free donuts at the end of Act 2 as well!!

  3. Tomorrow • 05/16 • will be a 2-hour, followed by a 6-hour, if I start them asap. It may be more advantageous for me to delay the start of the second task depending on what Bunny posts.

  4. 4 hours, 2 hours, 6 hours, ?yet to come?

  5. I had 4 and 6 so far, first time it didn’t match up to the daily task post.

    • Guess that’s why they call them tasks. They aren’t supposed to be fun, kinda like “work” lol

      • Was this intended to be a reply to Stu below vvvv ? Not sure what it has to do with Batty’s statement about tasks not matching up with the daily post for the first time.

  6. This is when the game gets on my nerves and I feel like I need a break. Way too much expected of us on these tasks. I can not imagine one person enjoying todays tasks.

  7. Wow – I played until after midnight to get the first task out of the way, but now it looks like I still might not finish unless I a) stay up until midnight again tonight and b) don’t miss a single Cecil’s Task changeover by even a minute all day. I slept late and started playing at 10 this morning and was very dismayed to see that I’m in for another 14 hours of tasks, in addition to the 4-hour task that I did starting just after midnight last night.

    • Well, I got caught up in my work and missed the deadline for starting the third task in time to be able to start and finish the fourth task by midnight. So, I guess I stayed up until midnight last night for nothing! 🙁

  8. 4 and 6 so far today. Looking like it’s going to be an 18 hour day this time around. I really need the masks payouts from the last two tasks, so glad I forced myself to stay up until midnight last night.
    How sad is it that I only realized yesterday that the Town Hall lists the characters alphabetically?

    • lol not sad, just one of those things you sometimes miss…

    • Don’t feel bad… I just recently realized Witch Marge speeds up crops! I always focused on the length of the task instead of what the job actually was… felt pretty darn silly! On the bright side, since EA decided Marge wasn’t going to be helpful with this event, my corn will be ready much much faster

  9. Yesterday was the first time my tasks were the same as posted on this site. Today I am on a different schedule again; so far my tasks are 4 hrs, 2 hrs, and 4 hrs.

  10. IT match up today!!!

    Now my opera building is on level 8
    When it is 9 I will start collecting for the act 3 stuff!!

    I having fun with this event!!!

  11. Thanks for these daily task posts, they’re so helpful. My task lengths and order always match what you post.

    Today I’m on the second 6 hour task and it’s already nearly 2pm GMT so I know I won’t complete the last task as there aren’t enough hours left in the day. That means I can relax properly on my night out tonight without stressing over an unachievable task!

    • After posting this, my last task ending up not matching for the first time ever! It was a 6hr task not 4hr, so basically I had a 2,6,4,6 day. Who has 18 hours to tap? Grrr…

      I ended up starting the final 6 hour task before midnight so I didn’t have to do today’s first task.

  12. Christina (catnipandhoney)

    Blah, another day I won’t finish. Probably wouldn’t have finished even if I’d stayed up till midnight with that first task being so short. These 16 hour days are bruuuuutal

    • Not as bad as 20 hour days, I’ve had one of those already, and looks like I may have one again today, first was 4 hour, then 6 hour, then another four hour. Waiting for that to get done to see what’s next. Just glad I stayed up til 4am to start the second task or it would not complete all in time. WAY too demanding, EA should realize we deserve at least 5-8 hours sleep lol.

  13. Second task is 6 hours.

  14. I had a 2hr, 6hr, 2hr and another 6hr

  15. Just started my second task😊😊😊

  16. I am so sick and tired of endless 16 task days …rarely finish a complete set and only do so on the roll over so am missing out on every other day in the process! Why can’t they chuck in a few days that vary? I could cope with that…

    • I’m in the same boat. 16hr task days are better than the several 20 hr task days I’ve gotten! Luckily(?) I couldn’t sleep so I got my 6hr task started overnight and working on my 4 hr one now. Come on 1 and 2 hour tasks!!

      • Feel your pain on that one. Had one of those already, and looks like having one again today, 20 hour days, bah.

    • Marion (AnothrAddict)

      Hi neighbor. How’s the arm post needle stick/electric shock? Tapping away without issue? Me n Sandra posted back and forth about you on the weekly thread. Lol. As a nurse I fear this, so I’m curious as to the outcome. (If you don’t mind me being nosy)

  17. 4kidsandacatdog

    I like that they are making so many characters available to get theater masks, as well as the different task length and the great payout for jobs. But DNA payout is still terrible. I’m at L 19 on Monsarno and I hate to thinK of the resources I’ll have to burn up to get a decent return. Currently the best task payout for DNA is 3 hours at only four DNA. The 12 hour DNA task doesn’t even make sense to use because it only gives you ten! That’s in contrast to a 12 hour mask payout of 23 masks. Wondering who did the math on these. I think crafting would work so much better if we weren’t almost always guaranteed to have a bunch of materials left over.

    • I upgraded to level 20 solely for the increased DNA payout. I knew I had enough fertiliser and corn and it doesn’t cost DNA to upgrade. If you have extra corn and fertiliser, why not upgrade one more time?

      • 4kidsandacatdog

        Because from everything I’ve read, it’s not worth it. It only increases by one. I think my complaint about it is that the other materials increased by several with each upgrade so everything else earns at a pretty decent rate. My DNA rate increased by only one extra. I’ve calculated what I will want to craft and while I do have a decent surplus of corn, I’ll still need to earn more fertilizer to get everything I want. Certainly don’t want to be using it for upgrades that aren’t going to yield a significant increase.

      • Yes technically it’s not worth it to upgrade. By my count though, I already have double the amount of corn I will need to craft everything, so it is my last priority. Fertiliser is made back quickly: I need about 24 000 for one of each item, and I’m almost there already. So I “spent ” those resources to make slightly more DNA. Every little bit helps!^^

    • But you don’t need as many DNA as you do masks to upgrade the Opera House, so it makes sense that the masks payouts would be higher. For the past two opera house upgrades (levels 6 and 7), I’ve had enough DNA for a while before I’ve had enough masks.

      • 4kidsandacatdog

        Right, except leveling up on the Opera house isn’t my worry, since I’m practically done wit that. I only had enough to upgrade because I stocked up like a crazy woman after getting the personal prizes in the last act. After using my stockpile to level up, I’m worried about replacing it with enough to get what I want to craft. DNA doesn’t just pay less then masks, it pays less than everything!

    • 10 hour tasks are best to do overnight, that way when you wake up you only have 1-2 hours left of it before you can start another one.

  18. Similar! Mine were 4 (couldn’t finish yesterday) – 6 – 4 – 4. Finished early today^^

  19. I don’t know that this is the good place for it, but I want to ask that there is will be an Opera Krusty prize walkthrough post?

    • Not yet. It’ll be on the prize post breakdown. Just so much going on in the game it’s pushing posts back. I’ve got a list of about 20 posts I still need to write lol. Trying to get them all up as I can.

  20. Won’t be getting the 4th reward. Oh well im doing fine on the masks.
    Every morning I get around the 500 just from tasks.

  21. I stayed awake to kick off the first one, it was 2hr, like yours. My 2nd is 6hr, if the others follow yours – which they almost always do – I’m going to struggle even after staying up. I guess I won’t be alone though – toughest day yet.

  22. Phew, what a day … 2 – 6 – 4 – 6! 5:45pm 15 May AEST – should finish final task by 12 midnight. I can never work out the time differences and what affect it has with the daily tasks as mine never match up with yours. Thanks for your wonderful posts!

  23. Mine was 2, 6, 4, 6. I’m barely going to finish the last task before midnight (if I can make myself stay up that late!)

  24. I have a question about fast tapping your way through your neighbors to get Mr. Burns to get to level 9 now didn’t work.

  25. Hi Bunny; My tasks for today were 2-6-4 & 6. I’m now sure the programmers at EA are sadists! I just started the last task which will end for me at 10.30pm Australian timezone, then I’ll get up again as close to midnight rollover as possible to start all again for tomorrow!

  26. Hi, apologies if this is the wrong post, but I’m just wondering how on track I am with upgrading the opera house? I’ve just got 6000 notes so am well on with achieving all the personal goals, but even though I’m sending every possible character on mask tasks, I’m still only levelled up to Level 7 so haven’t even started saving to craft items. Any ideas when I should stop levelling up and concentrate on crafting?

    • You’re good. If level 7 works for you (you’ve got 6,000 Notes) then you can stop and focus on crafting. I went to 9 because I knew I had several saints and would be able to check my game every hour. But that won’t necessarily work for everyone.

  27. With my 4-hour first task–already started–it looks like another long day for me: 18hrs of tasks! 😓

  28. Bunny, I was clear of tasks at midnight, and my first task is for 4 hours. I’ll try to update with the next task in the morning.

  29. I know that the first task is often different than what’s posted but the rest match up. My first task was 6 hours meaning today daily tasks will be 20 hours! Are they insane! How is that fair?

  30. I noted that the daily tasks are getting longer. So far I missed two completions in Act 3.

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