Cecil Terwilliger’s Daily Tasks 5/23

Hey there Hoppereenos!

This is your Daily Bounce By to let you know what time drops I saw for Today’s Cecil’s Daily Tasks.

Cecil Victory

Here was the breakdown of Cecil’s Daily tasks I got in both my games…


1st Daily Task 4hrs
2nd Daily Task 4hrs
3rd Daily Task 4hrs
4th Daily Task 4hrs

Remember, the tasks and Character Groups will vary for every player. Let us know if you see anything different in your game.



In case you missed it in the rundown post, as of Act Three there are new payouts for completing these.

Corn DNA Theater Masks Music Notes
 ico_terwilligers_corn_lg  ico_terwilligers_dna_lg  ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg  ico_terwilligers_musicnotes_lg
1st Daily Task 10 150
2nd Daily Task 30 150
3rd Daily Task 100 150
4th Daily Task 250 150



Here are the Top 5 I always leave free for the Daily Tasks (also in the post below). This allows my other Characters to focus on other Material earning tasks. (This list was made to be friendly to all players. If you have some Premium/Freemium Characters that you feel you could replace them with, feel free to.) 

Comic Book Guy WolfCastle Rod OR Todd Quimby Grandpa Abe
Brainiac X
Entreprenuer X
Celebrity X
Civil Servant X
Criminal X
Glutton X
High Roller X X
Dimwit X X
Youngster X
Kook X
Pessimist X X
Saint X
Senior X

You can find a lot more detailed post on the Daily Tasks HERE.  😉

FYI… If you did NOT complete a task from the prior day, it rolls over to be the FIRST task of the next day. You will lose the higher payout. So finish them BEFORE the reset or you will have it become the next day’s task. 

How are your daily tasks coming along? Getting them done? Visiting Neighbors still going well? How are your New Music Notes counts coming along?  Let us know.


41 responses to “Cecil Terwilliger’s Daily Tasks 5/23

  1. Today task 4,1,4,6 jst going to make it

  2. I just crafted the decoy, and now it occurs to me that the only thing I haven’t crafted is the smokehouse…maybe I should redouble my fertilizer efforts and try to grab that too…hmm

  3. Unfortunately I will not in any way (other than via donuts) be able to complete all 4 tasks today. First time for this whole event.

    We got really busy at the estate sale we were holding and I never got a chance to move on to the 3rd task, which happened to be 4 hours and didn’t get started until like 7:40 pm.

    Oh, well. Thankfully not a serious loss. Just would have been nice to complete each day of the event,

  4. spideyivan956

    My tasks today were 6, 4, 4 and 4. Glad I started just after midnight. My last task will finish around 9 p.m. I won’t miss these tasks when the event is over. But so far I’ve only failed to complete the 4 tasks once – I fell asleep and woke up about 20 minutes after midnight.

  5. So I got the quest around the clock part 1 (or something like that…) and I have to craft 10 items. I already have a bunch crafted from before the quest but it only counts one of them. There’s no way I’m crafting more stuff just to finish this quest when I’m saving for other big items. Any ideas???

  6. I got a quick question for somebody, is there a time limit on the seeds people send over and vice-versa, Thanks,

      • Oh that makes since then darn. Cause I sent out like 20 seeds and I didn’t get anything back but it was I don’t know eight, nine hours and I didn’t see any masks or any DNA and they didn’t get any seedlings back so then I guess that was the reason. This question actually had a second part now that I think about it. When would you send out the rest of your seeds so you can get the most potential out them, and your getting everything you can, from both side. Seedlings, DNA, masks etc… I have 40 left.

        • Just depends on where your neighbors are and when they’re active. I usually doing it between 2 and 5pm EDT since I know most of my neighbors will be on around some point then…

        • That’s odd…I believe that seeds that you send out should always earn you *something* – it’s just less, if the person you sent them to doesn’t tap them within four hours. Seeds sent to you will disappear after four hours, so you won’t earn anything from them (since you won’t see them, if you miss that deadline), but seeds you send out should earn you at least the minimum. (I forget exactly what’s “the minimum” is…)

  7. Changing the subject….What happens to Cecil and the playable version of Sideshow Bob when the event is over?

  8. Anyone else noticed that under act 3 prizes it says come back soon for more? This plus the fact that the farming license says 12 days or whatever maybe there is a secret act coming?! Here’s hoping anyway!!

  9. Cecil better have some awesome tasks when this event is over. I’m drained from his everyday tasks.

  10. I’m glad I completed all the prizes and crafted all those I really want. Anything else is a bonus now and I should get enough DNA and Theatre Masks to craft the Homer Decoy even though I won’t be too disappointed if I don’t. I slept in this morning and didn’t start the first task till 10am so I have no chance of completing them today.

  11. Won’t be completing all for tasks today (never can on 16-hour days, unless I start at midnight, which I’ve stopped doing now), but I guess that’s okay, since I don’t really need the extra masks (although I would like the hours, to help me get to another bonuts round…).

  12. I don’t know about you guys but I’m tired of all these 16hr a day tasks.

    • 16, I’m tired of the 20 hour ones, looks like I may be getting another one today, first 6 hour, then 4 hour, waiting on this one to see what’s next.

      • Third task, another 4 hour, looks like I’ll just be cutting it under the wire today if the final task is 6 hours, that’ll put me to 15 minutes before midnight.

      • I got 6,4,4,4. You should get 4 hrs for the fourth task.

    • kimberlyah794


  13. Good morning! Just curious, but I have noticed Carl has never been group in a task category for the Terwilliger event (in my Springfield). Have I missed an upgrade, or was he just never used? Thanks so much, and I have enjoyed your posts/articles for some time now.

    • kimberlyah794

      He’s never been used, as have a fairly large number of characters (like Marge).

    • Hey, thanks kimberlyah794! Carl just sems so left out when he is not working with Lenny. Pogo on, Carl…Pogo on.

  14. I got ANOTHER 6 hr task to start off day. This is something like the 3rd day out of 4!!! Really not happy :-((


  15. Thanks for doing this.
    My first task is 6 hours. I guess I’m glad the baby woke up in the middle of the night.

  16. weird but i got 6 hours on the last mission and 4 hours for the first task.

  17. I got 4h, 4h, 4h, 6h

  18. First task is 6 hours…sent a saint to milk a cow…LOL

  19. Ugh. Another 16 hour day. Think I’ll stay up to midnight (west coast) to get a jump on things.

  20. 16 for you.
    18 for me.

  21. I’ve gotten all the prizes and high end of Cecil’s list
    When are you at the end of Cecil’s tasks ….?
    What number of task is the end

    • Cecil presents four tasks each day until the end of the event.

      Are you thinking of the prize track for the Act, the one that ends with you getting Dame Judith Underbunk? If so, what comes after that is the ability to earn bonus donuts (“bonuts”) for every 3,000 additional musical notes you earn.

      Or are you thinking of something else? If so, please describe it in more detail, and I’ll try to help get you the answer you’re looking for.

  22. Italian Beauty

    My first task is 6hrs. (Brainiac Complain to a Doctor) I completed all of yesterday’s tasks with many hours to spare. Good thing I stayed up a few extra minutes to start the first task at Midnight. I’m guessing one of the other 4hr tasks will turn into something else. The daily tasks have never lasted more than 16hrs total for the day.

  23. Think TSTO is trying to tell me to get some sleep, I am now on my third day of the first task being 6 hours long. Usually like to have at least the second task started before hitting the hay, having 3 tasks to do is risky since I never know my daily schedule in “real life”

  24. Mine is starting out with a 6 hour task.

  25. My first task as a 6. So looks like another 18 hour day for me.

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