Turbo Tappin’ Premium Stuff: Stacy Lovell

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Level 53 rolled in a ton of Malibu Stacy products….from the Headquarters to her dream house Stacy Lovell arrives with it all!

So now that there’s a new premium character in our tapping devices, you know what that means right?  Time for another Turbo Tappin!  So with that let’s jump right in and Turbo Tap the Premium Questlines of Level 53!

As we mentioned in the Level 53 rundown post Stacy Lovell and the Malibu Stacy Headquarters could be yours for the premium price of 165 Donuts.  Once purchased and placed in your Springfield the questline will start up!

So now….let’s get to Tappin’ shall we?!


Insert Credit Card Pt. 1
Stacy starts

Make Stacy Lovell Observe the Target Market- 6hrs, Earns $350, 90xp
Make Lisa Play in her Room- 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp

Insert Credit Card Pt. 2
Stacy starts

Make Bart Slowly Explain Technology to Stacy Lovell- 8hrs, Earns $695, 175xp (Requires Stacy)

Insert Credit Card Pt. 3
Stacy starts

Make Stacy Lovell Develop a New Toy Line- 24hrs, Earns $1000, 225xp
Make Stacy Lovell Test Products- 1hr, Earns $105, 26xp

Insert Credit Card Pt. 4
Stacy starts

Make Stacy Lovell Host a Product Test- 12hrs, Earns $600, 150xp
Make Lisa Test the myStace Game- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp
Make Youngsters Test the myStace Game- x3.  12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp Freemium and $600, 150xp Premium

Insert Credit Card Pt. 5
Stacy starts

Make Lisa Play myStace at Home- 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp
Make Stacy Lovell Attend a Board Coup- 24hrs, Earns $1,000, 225xp

Insert Credit Card Pt. 6
Stacy starts

Make Lisa Hold Hands with Milhouse- 15m, Earns $44, 12xp (Requires Milhouse)

And that completes Stacy’s questline!

Running from start to finish, with out using donuts, it will take you 3 days, 3hrs and 15 minutes to complete.  A fairly decent premium questline with some fun dialogue!

What do YOU think of the new update?  What are your thoughts on the characters chosen this time around?  Have you purchased Stacy Lovell?  Any thoughts on the dialogue?  Where have you placed the Headquarters in your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

31 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Premium Stuff: Stacy Lovell

  1. Hi was just wondering if the malibu Stacey hq was a home for Stacy Lovell or a business as I’ve nuked my town and am unsure where to place it because of this. Thanks in advance.

  2. Well its Premium
    But its not Limited Time Only
    So Tappers can take their time earning Donuts
    This long time Tapper wishes he had Barney / Bowl-A-Rama Building 😉

  3. Ok..so I am freemium player and once I build up donuts I have to start considering what to spend them on. I am interested in Stacy but wondering if this is worth it and if the donut price is too steep for normal premium players? It seems reasonable compared to others…what do you think?

    • I honestly haven’t messed with her too much. But she is here to stay as she is part of a Level. So, you got time to think on it. 😉

      Should I Buys on them will be coming up to, that also may help.

  4. Need more land! Until then my purchases will have to remain selective and sparse. Right now I have all the newer items crammed into my very last corner like a pile up next to the money pile I’m still working on. Would be great to have an upcoming donut sale soon too.

    Agree that all sexy characters are donut spendy, they know what sells. I’d prefer having Maggie to complete the Simpson family, hope the dev’s are listening to this thread.

  5. I bought all of the Malibu Stacy stuff haha. I’m enjoying the questline so far! The best thing is the Lisa Lionheart statue though, for me anyways

  6. Hey, short-time lurker, first-time poster. Love the site, and it’s inspired me to switch from being a freemium player since right before the Christmas 2013 Christmas event to a premium person. So eventually I’ll pick this up, but for now, I have to wonder — does Stacy have any interaction with Dr. Colossus, seeing as how they were at one time married? 😀

    • Well thank you for your first comment, and don’t be a stranger! 🙂

      So far I don’t see any interaction with him…

      • I certainly won’t! Everyone here seems so very nice and friendly, and it’s been a great resource of information. Found the site as I was making plans to create a new layout for my Springfield after the Terwilliger event — one that is as accurate to the opening credits sequences as I possibly can make it as well as placing buildings and neighborhoods that come as close to where buildings were on the show and movie (obviously things move around, but I can try, darn it! 🙂 This means little things like placing Fireworks, Candy and Puppy Dogs — when I get it — next to the Retirement Castle, for instance). It’s been a fun challenge!

        • 🙂 Be sure to submit shots of your town during our Showoffs! We’re finishing up Terwilliger’s this week…but hoping to get into regular themes next week

  7. The stiletto is killing me!

  8. Would Love to have more land, so we can spread the town out! Items are having to almost get “stacked”! Mahalo!😀

  9. Not buying spiffanys will the hamper my progression in the game

  10. In reply to Kimberlyah794 – I too have no land so can’t buy! The only recent purchase was Vesuvius Pizza; but then I had to squish up a lot to fit that in & again for Spiffanys! Plenty of donuts & no space = no funds for EA! I’ve stored the Terwilliger free buildings as they don’t generate cash & I just don’t have the space for them!

  11. It seems that pretty sexy characters tend to cost donuts! While the rest can be purchased by game currency..

  12. Can hardly believe we got this character and Sideshow Bob’s parents before we got Maggie Simpson as a playable character…. I can understand not wanting to have a small baby wandering by herself around town, but come ON. She’s a resourceful baby, knows what she’s doing….

    • OMG thank you, Full character Maggie is top priority on my wish list. I know it’s obserd that these one hit wonders pop into the game before a secondary Lead. I pray that there will be a Baby Event that free’s her. Ayn Rand school and Baby Gerald, baby sitter bandit, Lindsy Nagel and hundreds of tappable babies wondering Springfeild while collecting pacifiers (this thing writes itself) not to mention the Marge Looking IceCream Shop and Barney in a diaper. It’s to bad we can’t make these suggestions to the game creators/programmers. Anyone else wanna start a petition? :p

  13. Midnight just hit and my first thought was: ah, gotta hit my first daily Twerlingers task, lol.

  14. I have an off topic comment. I updated my game yesterday, and everything is working fine. However, I just got a banner message on my iPad that said: “your town is swarming with mutants…”. Zah? I thought everyone was forced to update earlier today? Why am I getting this message now?

    • Lol. Leftovers. Remember, some players are still forcing the game to play and may trigger pop ups when they enter your town. Also it sometimes takes a few days for it all to completely go out of the notifications.

      • Crusty Krusty

        How does one force the game to play once you get the message an update is needed?

        • You can’t. That’s what we warn numerous times on. Once EA pulls the Event… the force from EA can hit at any moment. Your game will be disabled till you update.

  15. What I find shocking is that Smithers (the biggest collector of Malibu Stacy dolls) doesn’t take part in this story line. Nor a GI Joe character (as seen in her episode) nor the corvette that Wookie is familiar with (melting His cologne in the Simpsons safe) :p
    But while I complain about things they could have added, they have the skill to turn 1s and 0s into objects we can enjoy while I can only make 1s and 0s into stick figures on a piece of paper :p

  16. I got all the Malibu Stacey things, dream house, headquarters, statutes & pkaced them fancy like by my Sconecutters. I love them & have been hoping they’d put them in the game since I started playing. 🙂 I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.

  17. The Problem Child

    Corporations of a feather…..


    • Mmmm… Premium Donuts in great use (droo-oo-oo-l gurgle). Looks great (as a freemium player that looks so far out of my reach). Girl players reminiscing of their youth, and some Guy players only dreaming that was their youth :p

  18. kimberlyah794

    I would like to eventually pick this up. But with all of the new buildings we’ve gotten since Christmas, I literally don’t have room for the Malibu Stacy stuff. I barely found space at my mall complex for Spiffany’s. I hope we can get a land expansion soon. I’m in desperate need…

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