Where Did THAT Come From – Burns Slant-Drilling Co.

Welcome to the Lifestyles of the Springfield Rich & Famous… errr… well, to a site writing about a new rich people expansion in TSTO. In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


So the Springfield Heights expansion brought us lots of new items with confounding leveling up of buildings, real estate values and tap-tap-tappery. Of course, it also brought lots of new stuff to find in the Best. Show. Ever. The first building to kick off the entire Springfield Heights madness was of course Burns Slant-Drilling Co. But when and where did this appear in the show? Let’s head off into the murky oil of The Simpsons and find out.

“Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part One)” (S6:E25)

Oh the classics! If you don’t remember this episode, back in the early days, the writers and showrunners decided to do a two part episode to bridge seasons 6 and 7. Of course, the title parodies the famous “Who Shot J.R.?” episode of Dallas in 1980. The only two-parter in Simpsons history, I can keenly remember wondering over the summer of 1995 who shot Burns and coming up with my own theories. Of course, the reveal was a big one but this origin post isn’t about that wee detail… it’s about a crooked oil derrick in the Best. Show. Ever. Let’s find out what we can friends.

The beloved 4th grade gerbil Superdude bites the big one and as Willy is burying the poor guy, he strikes oil.

Oil at Springfield Elementary Simpsons

Springfield Elementary is now potentially the richest school in the state. When evil Mr. Burns hears about it though, he won’t stand for a non-profit having so much oil. Also the origin of a familiar 60 second task for Burns and Smithers.

Burns and Smithers Exercise

Burns tries to get Skinner to turn over the oil well to the local energy concern posing as Jimbo but Skinner refuses to help him maintain his monopoly. The school is looking forward to all the new stuff they’ll earn like new cafeteria workers, Tito Puente teaching jazz, more rubber stamps, double guitars and chocolate microscopes.

Oil at Springfield Elementary Simpsons 2

Burns in undeterred though. While Springfield builds a derrick, Burns starts construction on his own project next door…

Burns Construction Co Simpsons

Well… next door to Moe’s. You don’t have to be right next to something to steal oil a la There Will Be Blood. Burns steals the oil and ends up forcing Springfield Elelmentary to stop nonessential programs like music and sanitation. He also damages Bart’s treehouse with an oil burst, closes Moe’s due to oil fumes and causes an earthquake that damages the Springfield Retirement Castle.

Burns Slant-Drilling Co Simpsons

So there you go friends… the origin of Burns Slant-Drilling Company and the beginning of lots of people wanting to kill Mr. Burns.


Best part of the building is we all got it for free and it only took 6 seconds to build and start polluting our TSTO towns. What do you think of it? Did you place it right next to Moe’s? R.I.P. Superdude. Sound off and stay classy party people.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

26 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Burns Slant-Drilling Co.

  1. This will be a good time to introduce Maggie!

  2. FX ran this episode yesterday. Fun to watch it again!

  3. Burns: Ever see the sun set at THREE PM?
    Sea Captain: Once! When I was sailing across…
    Burns: Shut Up You!

  4. Didn’t put it near Moe’s, I did however put it next to the Tar Pits, with it aiming toward the Pits, so the Oil that is spurting out looks like it is going into it.

  5. I drink your milkshake!

  6. I ended up putting it next to the tunnel in the mountain for SH. My power plant is on the other side.

  7. I was so excited that we finally got something from the “Who Shot Mr. Burns” episode!

  8. I love Superintendent Chalmers near the start of that episode: “Why is it when I heard the word ‘school’ and the word ‘exploded’, I thought of the word ‘Skinner’?”

  9. More rubber stamps – Approved!

  10. Anyone who fails to recognize the Burns Slant Drilling Company isn’t a true Simpsons fan, in my opinion… Best. Episode. Ever.

  11. This episode is one of my favorites. I originally had the drilling co. in my industrial area of my town, then I decided to place it next to Moe’s. Now we need a skin for Springfield Elementary.

  12. What do you think would be the best strategy to earn real estate points to get the prizes, such as the Springfield Lake? I’m currently at 110.8M and it seems that it would take forever to get to 200M

    • I would say just keep tapping. I find the optimal time for the best return is while I’m watching a show. The points add up slowly as you upgrade stuff… I just passed 200 mil the other day.

      • ok I suppose I just have to keep upgrading. I have almost 10 of every building. I was looking forward to redesigning the area with all my mansions but I guess I can’t if I want the prizes. Thank you.

    • Just keep upgrading everything as much as possible, and buy the small gold plants for 100 furniture because they only use 1 space and give you $150K each. 😉

  13. I wish that we had a who shot mr burns event.

  14. I’m thought the exercise task came from ’22 Short Films About Springfield’. This one was an indoor bike; I thought the task was outdoors.

  15. One of my favorite episodes of all time. I taped it and watched it multiple times before the Season Premiere of Part 2. I can probably recite the entire episode (begining with Skinner entering Springfeild Elementary). I would love the Sun Dial. I didn’t place it next to Moe’s though. I placed it somewhere left of S.Elementary.

    “Man Alive, there are Men, Alive, in here!” “I’m picking up several toxins in the air” (Barney Burps and the toxin detector goes off the charts).

    “Hello Lampost, whatcha known’, I come to watch your Power Flown'”

    “Owls will die of obsessive Hooting”

    “Miss Hoover? The floors shaking”, “Raplh, remember the last time when you said..” (Oil shoots out of the floor under Raplh as he gives a little shriek)

    Know those aren’t in order but I have to stop.. More and more quotes keep coming at me including all the S.E. Students and staff requests of what to do with all the Oil Money.

    • It was actually “Owls will deafen us with incessant hooting,” though yours would be pretty amusing too.

      I always liked “They robbed the school of Tito!”

  16. Smithers one hour task also features in 22 Short Films About Springfield, but that’s a story for another day.

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