One Man’s Trash… Another’s Treasure

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Bouncing on by for some laughs and giggles and to take you a bit out of all the Collecting and Craziness this Monorail Event has brought to us. Add a lil laughter to your day.

I want to really get down and dirty. Really get trashed. What on earth am I talking about? Lol. Well, I am talking about all the silly things you may have not noticed that are going on while our Characters are collecting Garbage for the Dump. There really is a lot of silly things going on.


Let’s take a closer look. 

Each Character that is eligible to collect Garbage from the Dump starts roaming the town picking up some odds and ends here and there… along with a few OTHER things. Some of you may have these Characters, some of you may not so I wanted to point out just what is going on while the Characters are on their Garbage Collecting Tasks.



Just like a Spuckler, Brandine uses something other than herself to Collect the Trash. What better to use than a Rat. I am sure she has plenty of them running around the Spuckler Farm. While performing her task, you can see her put down the Black Garbage Bag, a Rat runs out and snags some Garbage, then the Rat runs back inside of the Black Garbage Bag.

Brandine Rat Collect Garbage

She continues on getting more. If you look closely at the Bag she is carrying, you can actually see the Rat wiggling and moving around inside of it as she carries the full Black Garbage Bag back to the Dump.

Brandine Garbage Full



Using his “intellect”, Cletus does what Cletus does best… use his kids for his own benefit. Cletus has one of his many kids, a Baby to be exact, and uses the Baby to do the Garbage Collecting for him. He sets the Baby down with a lil tiny Baby Bag, the Baby collects the Garbage, then he picks the Baby back up and moves on.

Cletus Baby Collect Garbage

He then carries the Baby and the full Baby Size Bag back to the Garbage Dump. Smiling quite happily along the way. At least the Baby seems amused too.

Cletus Garbage Full



Oh the every lovable Homer. Always on the lookout for something Sweet and Sprinkly, right? Well Garbage Collecting won’t stop him either. He picks up all sorts of various items, but stops when he sees a Donut. The Donuts is nice and grimey, covered in what looks like hair, and half eaten… but that does not stop Homer from shoving the Donut into his mouth. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Is this what a Bonut looks like? Lol.

Homer Garbage Donut Homer Garbage Donut Eat

He then carries his full torn Bag, and belly, back to the Garbage Dump.

Homer Collect Garbage 1



Another Glutton for punishment… or he just likes to punish himself with Gluttony. This lil guy is always on the look out for something Chocolately and collecting Garbage will surely help him out. As he is picking up various items and stuffing them into his Candy Striped Bag, he finds… CHOCOLATE!!… and of course promptly shoves it into his mouth as fast as he can, then goes on collecting. You never know when you might just find another half eaten Wonka Bar… I mean Chocolate Bar.

Uter Garbage Chocolate Uter Garbage Chocolate Eat

Happy lil Uter with a Candy Striped Bag full of Garbage, and probably a stomach full of Chocalate, heads back to the Garbage Dump. I bet he ends up in the Nurses Office after each trip.

Uter Collect Garbage 1



This poor lil kid, he just can never catch a break. While he is working so hard to collect the Garbage, his glasses apparently are sending him a message. As he is picking things up, the glasses drop off his face and into his Dresser Drawer he is using, he then puts them back on and continues to collect. You think they are trying to tell him to toss them out and get a new pair?

Milhouse Collect Garbage 1

Once done, he brings his full Dresser Drawer back to the Garbage Dump. Hopefully he won’t drop his glasses at the Garbage Dump and lose them again.

Milhouse Garbage Full



Our corrupted Springfield Mayor will use any situation to hide his “philandering” any way he can. While he is “collecting” papers and trash, he sneakily drops in a pair of panties or three, and hurriedly covers them up with more papers. No one saw that, right?

Quimby Collect Garbage 1

He then brings back his full Office Trash Can, full of lies, to the Garbage Dump for disposal.  He has a look of “I got away with it” on his face.

Quimby Garbage Full



Sweet uncorrupted Flanders tries so hard to hide the real world from his lil bubble of a world. He is happily sorting through the Garbage around town when what to his wondering eyes should appear… a Magazine… a very Naughty Magazine… he looks around (almost like he is looking at US) and covers the picture as best he can with his hands, then quickly tucks it into his Blue Recycle Bin.

Ned Flanders Collect Garbage 1 Ned Flanders Collect Garbage 2

He carries the filthy filthy trash back in his full Blue Recycle Bin to the Garbage Dump. Though, he has quite the smile on his face. Hmmmm, I wonder why?

Ned Flanders Garbage Full



This Teacher just never seems happy at all. Ever. So it is no surprise he hates collecting the Garbage too. He uses his Conductor Baton to pick up cans and other various pieces of trash when he suddenly comes across some form of icky green goo, he jumps and drops his Conductor Baton, then goes back to using the Conductor Baton to shove more trash into his Brown Handle Sack

Dewey Largo Garbage Goo

He then walks with an annoyed look back to the Garbage Dump to empty his Brown Handle Sack. Poor pissed off Dewey with a now ooey gooey Conductor Baton.
Dewey Garbage Full



Someone who you would think would be really into making sure the Garbage is all picked up and thrown away, seems to be adding to the problem instead. He seems very picky with the items he is collecting around town. He picks up an item, sees if it has a Recycle Symbol on it, if it does not… for instance what looks like a Plutonium Rod in a cylinder… he will toss it behind his back, then continues looking for ONLY Recycle Symbol items as if nothing happened, and shoves them into his Hippie Bag.

Hippie Garbage Toss Hippie Garbage Recycle

You can then see him taking his full Hippie Bag, with JUST Recycle Symbol items, back to the Garbage Dump. He’s such a snob!

Hippie Garbage Full



Oh Ray. He loves his Garbage picking up. No, seriously. He really loves it. Like REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVES IT! So much so that as he is collecting it all, he scoops it into his arms, picks it up in the air, and cuddles it ever so closely to him, then places it in his Shoulder Bag.

Ray Patterson Hugging Garbage

He then walks ever so happily back to the Garbage Dump with his full Shoulder Bag to empty the contents inside. I wonder if he gives them one last embrace before letting them go?

Ray Patterson Garbage Collected



Ever so thoughtful and loving Jesse. As he is collecting all the trash from around town, he stops to smell the Flowers… literally. He sees a lil Flower, picks it up and smells it, then gently places it in his Green Bag.

Jesse Garbage Flower

You can then catch him walking back to the Garbage Dump with his full Green Bag… and a small lil Flower gently tucked into the side of it. How adorable. ***Sigh***

Jesse Garbage Full



When it comes to cleaning up the trash, Willie sure is no stranger. Nothing different to him then being Janitor at Springfield Elementary. He has all the right equipment, but hopefully it functions OK. He walks around with his portable vacuum, sucking up all the trash he finds, then continues on his way.

Willie Garbage Sucked Up

He then wanders back to the dump with his full Portable Vacuum to empty it in the Garbage Dump. A trip he has probably made a thousand times, every day, possibly every hour with the Riff Raff at the Springfield Elementary.

Willie Collect Garbage 2



Last, but certainly not least, lil Lisa. She is the one that sparked all this Garbage Collection and surely will do all she can to pick up every single last piece of trash around Springfield. As she goes along gathering various items with her Poking Stick, she picks up what looks like a very rancid piece of meat… complete with flies buzzing all around it, with a look of disgust she shoves it into her Green Recycle Bag and continues on using her Poking Stick to collect more.

Lisa Nasty Garbage

She then heads back to the Garbage Dump with her full Green Recycle Bag to get rid of all that nasty meat and trash… and to start all over again. She won’t give up til the entire Springfield land is picked clean. I think that is gonna take a while… like the rest of her life. She does live in a town with Homer and Bart. 😉

Lisa Garbage Full


There you have it, one Man’s Trash becomes another Man’s Treasure… at least for some. For the rest it becomes a way of hiding some lies, hiding some Naughty Magazines from innocent eyes, or hiding some delicious half eaten treats in your belly… either way the trash is making its way to the Garbage Dump in a very silly and creative way. I know it brought me a lot of smiles and laughs when I saw it.

Did you notice any of these tasks? If not before, are you going to now? Did they make you giggle? Do you have a favorite one? Any others you wish they would have added? Let us know.



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