Where Did THAT Come From – Ray Patterson & Garbage Truck

Woo to the hoo! Monorail, monorail, monorail! I know there’s been issues for tappers with the new event but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t super stoked for all the new goodness. Of course, with a new event in our silly lil game, we get new items that you may not have a clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but you just can’t pinpoint from where. That’s why Team Addicts decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

unlock_raypatterson garbagetruck_menu

So this installments of the Monorail schtuff concerns Ray Patterson and the new Garbage Truck.  Ray came as the 10th prize of Act I and the truck was a premium offering for Act II during the Monorail Event. Whether you earned/bought these items, you may be unfamiliar with them in the Best. Show. Ever. and thankfully, origin stories are my number one job here. Let’s take look at the TV series to find this rubbish, shall we?

“Trash of the Titans” (S9:E22)

Costington’s is trying to figure out how to get over their summer lull. Options include suggestions like Christmas II and Spendover but the final answer is Love Day. While cleaning up all the leavings from the corporate holiday, the Simpson family decides whoever puts in the last item in the trash has to take it out. Homer ends up losing… “stupid trash, rotten, stinky, hate world, revenge soon, take out on everyone”. Unfortunately, Homie misses the “trash eating stink bags”, errr garbage men, and insulting them results in a fight and the Simpson family having their trash service cut off.

Love Day Trash Simpsons

Homer would “rather live in a dump than a world run by snooty garbage men.” The house quickly becomes a dump including diaper hill.  Homer refuses to apologize to the garbage men but somehow their trash gets collected anyways. Ok, Marge wrote a letter of apology to the sanitation commissioner and signed Homer’s name. Homer is offended because Marge signed away his dignity which is much worse than him signing Marge’s name on a loan or will. Homer goes to get back his apology from none other than Ray Patterson.

Simpsons Trashed House Diaper Hill Ray Patterson

Ray seems like a reasonable guy in comparison to our favorite father. Homer tries to rattle Ray’s cage, literally, but all the commish wants to do is get back to work. “Look Simpson, I’ve been elected by the voters of this city sixteen years in a row, so they must think I’m doing a damn good job.” Homer is off to run against Patterson for Sanitation Commissioner provided he finds the right line to sign up. NOTE: Patty, Selma and Moe may or may not be sex offenders.

Ray Patterson Simpsons

Homer campaigns in town and at work with no interest from his peers. Next thing to do is to rock the vote to get people’s attention and there’s nothing like the local U2 concert to accomplish that goal. Bono agrees that waste management affects the whole dang planet but Homer fails to wow the crowd by claiming to be the most “whack, tripped out, sanitation commissioner ever! Can you dig it?” Ok, that doesn’t help much. Nothing like a beer at Moe’s to come up with a catchy slogan. “Can’t someone else do it?”

Vote Homer Simpson Rock the Vote U2

Homer promises to pull the trash out to the curb for them, peel the last snotty Kleenex from the bottom of the waste basket and to scoop out their nasty kitty litter. Homer even beats Ray at a debate. Well, he also probably cut Patterson’s brake lines but semantics bore me. The people of Springfield decide to believe the crazy promises of a sleazy lunatic rather than vote for an experienced public servant and Homer wins by a landslide.

Homer moves in and the man who lures children into his gingerbread house is out. Lucky for Homer Jay, Ray had already packed away his letter opener and didn’t give him a stabbing. Ray warns him about the American people not tolerating incompetence but Homer is too busy ordering new uniforms with suede boots, new amphibious garbage trucks and more. Woo hoo! A Willy Wonka rip-off revolving around Homer as the Garbage Man.

Ray Patterson Homer the Garbage Man Simpsons

Homer: Oh, the garbage man can, Marge. The garbage man can.
Who can take your trash out?
Stomp it down for you?
Shake the plastic bag and do the twisty thingy, too?
The garbage man.

Springfield Garbage Trucks Simpsons

Garbage men: Oh, the garbage man can.

Homer & garbage men: The garbage man can and he does it with a smile and never judges you.

Marge: Who can take this diaper?

Garbage man: I don’t mind at all.

Garbage Man Can Song Simpsons

Chief Wiggum: Who can clean me up before the big Policeman’s ball?
The garbage maaaaaaaaaaan.

Garbage men: Yes the Garbage Man can

U2: The sanitation folks
Are jolly friendly blokes,
Courteous and easy going.
They mop up when you’re overflowing.

U2 Simpsons

Bono: And tell you when your @$$ is showing.

Apu: Who can?

Sideshow Mel: Who can?

Flanders: Who can?

Oscar the Grouch: Who can?

Everyone: The Garbage Man can

Garbage Man Can Song Oscar the Grouch Simpsons

Bart and Lisa: ‘Cause he’s Homer Simpson, man!

Everyone: He cleans the world…for…YOU!

Garbage Man Can Song Simpsons 2

So funny. Lots of good views of the garbage truck. Of course, flashy clothes and trucks combined with a catchy tune aren’t the end of this story. There is the matter of Homer spending the whole year’s budget on one month of trash service, 4.6 million dollars to be exact. Homer fixes the issue by selling dumping rights in the old abandoned mine to other cities. The result is trash taking over Springfield and even though the town votes to horse-whip Homer and reinstate Ray Patterson, Ray decides to just be gratified in the town wallowing in the mess they’ve made. You’d think Springfield would be screwed just like Ray said but there’s nothing that can’t be solved by the town’s all-purpose contingency plan aka Plan B, moving the whole town five miles down the road.

Trash of the Titans Simpsons

And that’s that my friends.  The appearances of Ray Patterson and the fancy garbage trucks. Bonus points for U2 and Oscar the Grouch. What do you think of the character and premium deco? Are they currently stinking up your town? Anyone besides me think Ray looks a ton like Ol Gil especially in TSTO form? Sound off below and best of luck cleaning your town to build those highly efficient monorails!  Until next time, keep on tapa-tapa-tapping in the free world and all that goodness.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

23 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Ray Patterson & Garbage Truck

  1. When will the Halloween event start

  2. To flimcho
    Where did you get the red phone booth

  3. If I had the Donuts?
    I’d buy the Garbage Truck
    Even though it needs a permanent Character driving it 😉

  4. Ray Patterson: Oh gosh. You know, I’m not much on speeches, but it’s so gratifying to… leave you wallowing in the mess you’ve made. You’re screwed, thank you, bye.

  5. NERD TEST: The last “What we’re watching” image with the band below Ray Patterson, Is that some members of “The Larry Davis Experience”? (I have to watch that episode again)

  6. If only I knew which episode Sir-Love-A-Lot came from. Anyone?

  7. No mention of Steve Martin as the voice of Ray Patterson? For shame, Wookie.

  8. When we “move” our buildings around town, they should be attached to moving trucks, like in that last screenshot. VROOoom vrooom.

  9. Ray Patterson – a fine Freemium Character I cant wait to send on silly tasks once the Monorail Event is ovet – and Garbage Truck – wish it wasn’t Premium, but its worth the Donuts (in my opinion). Yeah, those are some classic Simpsons Episodes 🙂

  10. Although I can’t afford more donuts at the moment, kinda wished they’d bring back Costington’s, since it was in this episode.

  11. I’ve always loved this episode. I didn’t even NEED, strictly speaking, to read your post, because I knew it so well. But I read it just for the pleasure. 🙂

    Now I’m not sure which I want to watch more: Trash of the Titans or Willy Wonka with Gene Wilder. (BTW, I totally read the lyrics you included with the tune in my head.)

  12. Are they bringing out diaper hill

  13. This was a funny episode, I should watch it again later.

  14. crazy thing happened to me as we’ve been playing this event. The other night I decided to watch a Simpsons Episode from the FX Now app. I saw there’s a new “random episode” button. So I decided to click it. Trash of the Titans was the episode that played. Pretty cool. Forgot how much I liked that episode.

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