Friendship Level 19: Unlocking Mulberry Island

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How are my favorite Addicted Tappers doing today?   Racking up those FP’s by visiting your neighbors?  Just a reminder, remember to help out your fellow neighbors and clear those handshakes!  Are you in need of more Tapping Friends?  Remember you can always find friends on our Add Friends Page (and here for ones who pledge not to vandalize you)…the best (and only way) to submit your Add Me requests on TSTO Addicts!

So with the Level 58 Update EA gave us the 19th Social Currency Event Prize…Mulberry Island!  So now my friends let’s break down this 19th Friendship Prize.  Just want to remind you all with this update it’s important to remember to SLOW DOWN.  There’s no rush to get the FP’s, so take your time and enjoy it!  🙂

Anywho…Mulberry Island is unlocked once you’ve unlocked H.M.O AND earned an additional 2,500FP…so many of you have either just unlocked it or should be unlocking it sometime in the next few days (depending on how many friends you have).  So what happens when you unlock this island?  Does it do anything?  Are there tasks for it?  What about a questline?  Well let’s answer all of your questions by taking a closer look at Mulberry Island now…

Mulberry Island FP Prize

Once you’ve completed Friendship Level 18 and earned an additional 2,500 FP (by earning the addition 2,500 FP you will have completed Level 19, which awards the island) you’ll unlock Mulberry Island and you’ll see this message popup:

2015-09-22 14.29.34

You can also unlock this via Donuts at a rush rate 250 donuts if you have 0 FP.

Once you return to your Springfield you’ll find Mulberry Island in your Inventory. You will have to go into your inventory to unlock it completely.  It will not automatically be in your Springfield.

2015-09-22 14.30.46

Mulberry Island is, well, an island for Springfield.  Much like other Friendship Prizes it won’t do too much.  It must be placed in water and will sit on a 6×6 area in the water.  It will also improve your tree-hugging rating on the Conform-O-Meter.  This one is an instant build and once placed some dialogue from Lisa will popup:

Lisa: Mulberry Island is the most romantic place in all of Springfield.
Marge: Not counting the windmill at the putt-putt course.  Right, Homer?
Homer: Yeah.  Except that Bart was made there.

It will not earn any additional income or XP.

And that’s basically it for Mulberry Island.  No additional dialogue, no questlines and no tasks associated with it.  Pretty much just something to look pretty in your ocean…

Now that you’ve completed Level 19 and gotten your last Friendship prize, what’s next?  Well it’s onto Level 20.  What does that mean exactly?  Basically the same thing it meant before only a level higher.  You won’t accumulate more points (no FPs will pop out of buildings when you visit friends, or when you clean spray paint in your town, or when you clear handshakes in your Springfield)  instead EA has come up with a different way to encourage you to keep visiting your friends:


Yes, that says TRIPLE the money.  Which means…you’ll earn $90 per friend interaction when visiting neighbors, or $270/neighbor.  Talk about a good way to earn some extra $$$.  If you have 100 neighbors that’s $27,000/day you can earn JUST from visiting your friends!  Pretty sweet huh?  Before you know it that Escalator to Nowhere will be all yours! 

PLUS…FREE DONUTS!  Once you max out your FPs and unlock the last prize you’ll have a chance to win DONUTS every time you visit neighbors and tap, tap, tap!  So be sure to continue with those visits and earn those free donuts!

Well that’s in my Friends.  What do you think of Mulberry Island making it to the game?  Have you unlocked it yet?  Did you earn it via FP or did you spend donuts to get it faster?  Were you excited they added it to the game?   Sound off in the comments below…you know we love hearing from you!

39 responses to “Friendship Level 19: Unlocking Mulberry Island

  1. Please add me swan-burger848

  2. So that’s it for friendship prizes? Is there any updates coming for more prizes? I like stuff. Lol

  3. I unlocked mulberry island but it did not show up in inventory.

  4. Unlocked Mullberry but not seeing donuts at all – has there been a change?

  5. How do i unlock bart?

  6. They goofed on the dialogue, though. Bart was conceived in the castle, not the windmill.
    BTW, since this is a Friend-related entry, I’ve got a quick question: Why are some players so dead-set against vandalism? It earns FPs and $$, it doesn’t take any longer to tap it than any other friend action, and when you clean it up you get a boost to your Righteousness rating.

    • Check out the Vandalism info as to why. It is personal taste. Some players do not have a TON Of room in their town to put a billion Training Walls and run Freemium, so that extra $$$ & XP from the Bonus helps them.

      • I wonder if the math has been changed. My Righteousness gradually dropped to 2 stars when vandalism had been disabled, and when it came back, it shot back up to 5 after cleaning just a handful of buildings…and I’m level 54!

        • Nope. Still the same numbers. Righteousness takes HUGE hits when you are vandalized or do the same to others which is why many frown on it. Than as you do things to raise it back up, it will increase.

      • Huh. I’ve been experiencing the exact opposite. I’ve been tagged numerous times since it was reinstated, and have never dropped below 5 stars. And the rating’s based almost entirely on cleaning up graffiti!

      • I still think there was some kind of bug for righteousness in the last few updates. My rating went from 5 stars to half a star after getting tagged only a handful of times. I’m max level, so there’s no normal way I could have lost hundreds of righteousness points at once and I should have gained some back after cleaning up.

  7. Still working on getting this one… And finishing the Springfield Heights update. And completing the mob quests too… I’m a slow player…

    • Oh man, Heights will take forever to finish. I just unlocked the Ziff mansion, and it’s going to be at least a few more months to get the Billionaire Haven!

  8. I see the tennis courts no longer get a percent bonus. Did I miss a post about that?

  9. I have that silly little poem stuck in my head…here we go round the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush…here we go round blah blah aargghhh! Help…

    • At least it’s not that Travelodge ad , that’s travelogical , just get it out of my head then those frakkin puppets start up again ” I’m that smart part of you…… aaaaaargh , after you with the whiskey bottle please brooders……

  10. I’m assuming that this island can go in the water on the Springfield Heights side, too, right? I don’t really have any more space on the regular Springfield side. (Plus, that side already has several islands from last Christmas’ event.)

  11. Just checking, as it kind of goes without saying/asking, but kinda half asleep here at the moment. When you say it must go in water, I’m guessing it has to be the Ocean? Creating a lake doesn’t count right?

  12. Not on subject but had to say the ea came good with some problems I have been having and fixed within a few days, also gave me 15 free donuts, as a freemium player they will go in the pot for Barnys bowlerama, woo hoo, come on the scots in the rugby world cup lol

  13. “Bloodbath & Beyond is an island for Springfield.” is an adorable typo. <3

  14. Not being a jerkk but interesting copy/paste error in the 7th paragraph. ” bloorbath and beyond is an island…” 😉

  15. Under the inventory pic it says: Bloodbath and Beyond is an island for Springfield 😛

    Thanks for letting me know, I’ll throw that building out in the water and see if it floats. XD

  16. No Bloodbath & Beyond is an island.

  17. Free Donuts???? Yayy 🙂

  18. in austria of mullberries we make one of best and one of most expensive SCHNAPS 😉

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