Where Did THAT Come From – Homer’s Ballet

Note from Alissa: Here’s an Oldie WDTCF we’ve had sitting in drafts for a little while, but things like Tap Ball, 4th of July, the Monorail, multiple Level updates, etc kept preventing us from pushing it.  But now that we have a little downtime I thought it’d be a great time to post this one.  Besides who doesn’t want to go into the weekend listening to Homer’s Ballet song? 😉 

Hey hey friendereenos! In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


So with Level 54, all sorts of new stuff popped up.  One of the new  premium items is Homer’s Ballet.  But why a fenced in bear on a clown car in a circus ring? When and where did it actually appear in the Best. Show. Ever.?  Let’s dive into the Simpsons TV Series to find out more.

“Marge on the Lam” (S5:E6)

The episode starts off with some uber boring pledge drive with a laughing audience. The family doesn’t get what’s so funny. (NOTE: This is where Homer’s classic hitting the TV while exclaiming “Be more funny!” comes from.) The telethon is all about saving public television, but who would want to do that?

Well.. Marge Simpson, that’s who. She pledges 30 dollars much to Homer’s dismay but she does get two tickets to the ballet. Interestingly… Homer is excited by the tickets.  He “enjoys all the meats of our cultural stew.”  His excitement makes sense when we see that Homer thinks ballet is a bear riding a tiny car at a circus. Doo doo doottle dootle doo doo doo doo, Doo doo doottle dootle doo doo doo doo…

homer ballet tiny bear in car

When Homer discovers what ballet is… he’s bummed out. Marge reminds him about when he volunteered for an army experiement to get out of dinner with Patty and Selma. Ahhhh… so that explains the hair loss, giddiness and loss of equilibrium. Poor Homer… you can’t blame him for not being cultured.  Even Lenny thought ballet was the bear in a little car.

homer ballet

So there’s your origin for the new premium offering for 35 of your precious sprinklies. To be honest, EA didn’t delve deeply into the Simpsons catalogue for this update and most items come from two episodes in just one season but I am happy that they picked a cool item from Homer’s noggin thoughts. I certainly shelled out the donuts immediately but here’s a weird thought I had.  Since this item clearly comes from just Homer’s imagination but now is a physical offering in our towns, is TSTO all a dream of Homer’s?  It’d make a lot of the items in my game make sense.  I guess that’s a discussion for another post though.

What do you think of the bear on a tiny car?  Did you buy it?  Where’d you put it? Sound off below and keep on tapping in the free world.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

32 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Homer’s Ballet

  1. Does any know if the Unemployment office is still charging for the characters it does not send? or should I wait for the glitch to get fixed?

  2. I always figured Lenny was just screwing with him, maybe even the one who planted the idea on Homer in the first place.

  3. I had this in my old game before I got locked out from forgetting password and not being able to access email 😢 Was one of my favourite things along with the Mr springy spring thing ( forgot its proper name) 😁

  4. Got it as soon as I could. I LOVE it and tap it often just to enjoy it.

  5. I am having server issues…anyone else? : (

  6. Best sound bite! I also love tapping this when I see it at a neighbours …happy weekend addicts ♡

  7. Got it straight away and its on my SH beach as my broadwalk needs a lot more pieces

  8. Of course all of TSTO takes place within a dream, Homer’s been in a coma for years. 😉

  9. Hey just a theory might intrigue Alissa so as we know in prep for the send all feature everyone got new task’s for hours they didn’t have or to accompany their joint task with other players but it also added a second 8 hour task for marge now why would Marge have a secound 8 hour task well here’s the theory Marge’s 8 hour task is walk Maggie witch isnt a joint task witch would be though if Maggie was in the game their for Marge needing her own non joint task for the send all so the addition to her tasks leads me to believe Maggie’s soon on her way to the game how ever this is just my theory

  10. I’m going to get it at some point when I have spare donuts, it’ll liven up my pier. I just love tapping it, it’s so wonderfully idiotic.

  11. Hi did you ever do a where did that come from for Burns alien apparition? I think I missed that.

  12. Put it on the docks, with the basketball and bounce house. Fits the boardwalk carnival theme.

  13. Bought it when you guys uploaded the music When it first appeared in the store. My 7 year old would listen to it for hours if I let him.

    • Those 7-years olds make a parent desperate. At that age I would listen to a Christasmas record which ended with the ringing of church bells with took about 3 minutes and did this over and over and over and….. Until the record disappered without a trace.

  14. Is anyone else having trouble loginig in?

  15. It’s off topic but I just made my first premium donut purchase. Should I save my donuts for Halloween or, if not, what should I buy if I have about 132 donuts. Thank you for your time.

  16. I put it in front of the toy store and Blocko. 😉

  17. In Homer’s Imagination with the bear, the person on the upper left of the thought bubble, is it just my imagination, or isn’t that the same person from the other episode where something different happened? … just Kidding Wookie 😛

  18. I haven’t purchased this yet, I think some day I may give in. But I almost always tap it in my Neighbors town and try to complete all three Friendship Taps before the sound-bite ends.

    WDTCF – Original Air version Vs Game version, Spot the diffrance time. besides the fencing and balloons the Game Fez Cap has a yellow rim while the Original Air version is Red (Tsk tsk EA). :p

    And while I’m Tsking EA… That character with the baby bottle, When is she coming in the game?? Oh no an imaginary bear is more important than Her, Come On!

  19. Remembering the forgotten, does anyone remember the great KRUSTYLAND!?

    • Vaguely. I used to visit it, I think if it was more like SH, not a loading screen I might visit. In the early days of the game when it first was introduced, I didn’t have very many characters I’d send them all to KL cos it was a great way to make money via the exchange rate, but with my % and my many characters not much point on going anymore.

  20. Took me a few weeks after its release, but finally picked it up, put it next to Krusty Burger as kind of a mini circus, imo they kinda go well together.

    • I had gotten it and found that it didn’t fit in particularly well anywhere in my Springfield. Between that, the open air stage and the opera house from the Terwilliger’s event I was starting to dislike the the buildings and decorations that only go one way in a corner. I’d love to be able to flip them so the corner piece is on the right.

      Anyone else wish the TSTO graphics engine were a little more like SimCity Buildit? The isometric view feels kind of dated now.

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