Can That Go In Krustyland?

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Bouncing by with some answers to a common thing we see asked in the Comments…

What can I put in Krustyland? Well I am here to help break all that down and provide you with a complete list of items as of today that you can place in your Krustyland.

TSTO Krustyland krustyland entrance


Inventory Pop Up Screen

First things first, a lot of the items on the lists are ones that came from Special Events in the game. That means you would have had to purchased/won them while they were available in an Event for Springfield. Many did not become available until long after the Event to place into Krustyland. A few right away.

Due to this, Krustyland will not know these items exist until you move them from your Springfield to Krustyland (there is no way a game will know they are placed on land in your Springfield). So you will need to place them into your Inventory Storage in Springfield first before you can go to Krustyland and pull them back out.

So go locate the items you want to move if they are in your Springfield, tap and hold them until your Movement Menu comes up, and place them in storage. Or you can just go to your Movement Menu and store it from there.

Directional Arrows Movement Menu


Now that you have the items in your Inventory Storage, head on over to your Krustyland Shuttle and go to Krustyland to place them.

TSTO Krustyland shuttlebusKrustyland Shuttle



The Majority of these were placed directly in Krustyland whether by playing the Questlines or Special Events.

Here is the Building List.

 TSTO Krustyland Death_Drop Death Drop
 TSTO Krustyland Duff_Pavilion Duff Pavilion
 TSTO Krustyland eyeballs_of_death Eyeballs of Death
 TSTO Krustyland Itchy_and_Scratchy_Gift_Shop_ Gift Shop
 ico_xmas_happyelvesride_md Happy Elves Ride
 TSTO Krustyland haunted condo Krusty’s Haunted Condo
 TSTO Krustyland Krustyland_Krusty_Burger Krustyland Burger
 TSTO Krustyland krustyland hotel Krustyland Hotel
 TSTO Krustyland Mount Krustmore Mt. Krustmore
 opmbuffet_menu One Plate Maximum Buffet
 TSTO Krustyland Radioactive_Man_the_Ride Radioactive Man: The Ride
 TSTO Krustyland scratchys flea dipper Scratchy’s Flea Dipper
 TSTO Krustyland Sleeping itchy's castle Sleeping Itchy’s Castle
 tavernonthescream_menu Tavern on the Scream
 TSTO Krustyland food needle The Food Noodle
 TSTO Krustyland Toothchipper The Tooth Chipper
 tunneloflove_menu Tunnel of Love
 twirl n hurl 6500 goo Twirl ‘N’ Hurl
 unoriginallogride_menu Unoriginal Log Ride
 TSTO Krustyland viking boat Viking Boat Ride
 TSTO Krustyland wet wild stunt show Wet & Smokey Stunt Show



This is where you will see a mix of items that came with Krustyland, introduced later on, or items from Springfield Special Events that are now available to place in Krustyland too.

Here is the Decoration List.

 Barbarian Statue Barbarian Statue
 big-butt-skinner-balloon1 Big Butt Skinner Balloon
 bumblebeemanstacos_menu Bumblebee Man’s Tacos
 catapult_menu Catapult
 Cherub Bird Bath image Cherub Bird Bath
 cherubtopiary_menu Cherub Topiary
 Clown Garbage Can Clown Garbage Can
 TSTO Krustyland cotton candy stand Cotton Candy Stand
 Tapped_Out_Crashed_Police_Car Crashed Police Car
 destroyedwheel Destroyed Holiday Wheel
 duffbeerfountain_menu Duff Beer Fountain
 dizzydufftopiary_menu Duff Topiary Dizzy
 edgydufftopiary_menu Duff Topiary Edgy
 queasydufftopiary_menu Duff Topiary Queasy
 remorsefuldufftopiary_menu Duff Topiary Remorseful
sleazydufftopiary_menu Duff Topiary Sleazy
 surlydufftopiary_menu Duff Topiary Surly
 tipsydufftopiary_menu Duff Topiary Tipsy
 Easter Fence Easter Fence
 Easter Gate Easter Gate
 easter tree Easter Tree
 flamingtorch_menu Flaming Torch
 fleetapita_menu Fleet-A-Pita
Flowers (2 Hedge) Flowers (2 Hedge)
 Flowers (Large Square) Flowers (Large Square)
 Flowers (Small Square) Flowers (Small Square)
 Flowers (Teeny) Flowers (Teeny)
 Fountain of Love Fountain of Love
 greenbeerfountain_transimage Green Beer Fountain
 haycart_menu Hay Cart
 hotairballoon_menu Hot Air Balloon
 itchyscratchybillboard_menu Itchy & Scratchy Billboard
 Knock Over The Fuzzy Guy Knock Over The Fuzzy Guy
 Krustyland Hot Dog Stand Krustlyand Hotdog Stand
 Tapped_Out_Itchy_Balloon Krustlyand Itchy Balloon
 Krusty Fountain Krusty Fountain
 Krustyland Bench Krustyland Bench
 Krustyland Fence Krustyland Fence
 Krustyland Fried Dough Stand Krustyland Fried Dough Stand
 Krustyland Garbage Bin Krustyland Garbage Bin
 poochieparadeballoon_menu Krustyland Poochie Balloon
 Tapped_Out_Scratchy_Balloon Krustyland Scratchy Balloon
 Lovely Bench Love Bench
 loveplanter_menu Love Planter
 Lovely Fence SE Lovely Fence NE Lovely Fence
 Lovely Flower Cart Lovely Flower Cart
 Lovely Gazebo Lovely Gazebo
 Lovely Lamppost Lovely Lampost
 medievalbanner02_menu Medieval Banner (Blue/Green)
medievalbanner03_menu Medieval Banner (Dark Blue)
 medievalbanner01_menu Medieval Banner (Red)
 Blue Nerd Knight Nerd Blue Knight
 Blue Nerd Mage Nerd Blue Mage
 Blue nerd Rogue Nerd Blue Rogue
 Blue Nerd Warrior Nerd Blue Warrior
 Red Nerd Knight Nerd Red Knight
 Red Nerd Mage Nerd Red Mage
 Red Nerd Rogue Nerd Red Rogue
 Red Nerd Warrior Nerd Red Warrior
 Pastel Fence Pastel Picket Fence
 Green Pavilion Pavillion Tent (Blue Green)
Pink Pavilion Pavillion Tent (Pink)
 Red Pavilion Pavillion Tent (Red)
 Pride Billboard Pride Billboard
 Rainbow Flag Pole 2 Rainbow Flag
 Rainbow Tree Rainbow Tree
 Ring Toss Ring Toss
 rosearch_menu Rose Arch
 rosebush Rose Bush
 Shrub (Blue Green) Shrub (Blue Green)
 Shrub (Grass) Shrub (Grass)
 Shrub (Large Square) Shrub (Large Square)
 Shrub (Long) Shrub (Long)
 Shrub (Small) Shrub (Small)
 sideshow you TSTO Krustyland Sideshow You
 thestocks_menu Stock
 Strike Three Strike Three
stuntbike Stunt Bike
 Tree (Blue Green Pine) Tree (Blue Green Pine)
 blue green tree Tree (Blue Green)
 tree Tree (Dark Green)
 pine tree Tree (Green Pine)
 forest tree Tree (Green Partial Pine)
 Tree (Green) Tree (Green)
 Tree (Light Green) Tree (Light Green)
 Tree (Light Green Pine) Tree (Light Green Pine)
 Krustyland Tree Tree (Palm)
  Valentine Balloons Valentine’s Balloons
 200px-Tapped_Out_Valentine's_Pond Valentine’s Pond
 valentinestree_menu Valentine’s Tree
 Whack A Mole Whack-A-Mole
 Wheel of Chance Wheel of Chance


There you have it. A LOT of items from all over the game that you can use in your Krustyland to improve the appearance.

What do you think of all these options? Any others you see we do not have on the list? Any you’d hope would be added by EA? Let us know.


52 responses to “Can That Go In Krustyland?

  1. I’ve noticed a few items not on the list now that I’ve gone back to redesign my krustyland: windmill and krustyland popcorn stand.

    Thanks for this list, it has been super helpful.

  2. Ok iv played for a little over a year, and bought pretty much everything I can and only have a few more land to unlock, however ind ok to see the option to buy Twirl ‘N’ Hurl. Also, if you have me in game check out my krustyland.. when I goto others krustyland they seem to have a lot more things that get them tickets and i want more especially once I unlock all the landetails things out trade tickets in for cash even though I bought everything in Springfield all i need to go is finished upgrading the irs building… anyways any idea why I can’t add the twirl’n’hurl, i dont even see an option to buy it.. my in game name is Abc995142530, also how do i change that? It’s annoying lol..

  3. While in my Springfield, I put a bunch of trees and flowers in storage. When I went to Krustyland, only the ones I bought with tickets were showing up in Inventory. The quantities that were in Springfield have a lock over them and say “Springfield Only”. Can items bought with game cash in Springfield not be used in Krustyland??

    • Only some. That’s what this list is for. It shows what can and can’t go in Krustyland. Not everything in Springfield can go in Krustyland…trees included.

  4. Thank you for this post, Bunny 🙂

  5. Useful list worth looking into once home.
    Agree with the event specific things like Xmas and Halloween fitting well in Kl along with superheroes etc etc.

    Do you have something similar that is vaguely up to date for Squidport, or plans to do such?

    Thanks as always.

    • No list yet. Eventually it’ll get done..

      • Fair dos. Thanks.

        Easier for KL than Squidport I guess… Nuked then go to KL and if it appears it can be placed. Squidport, unless it’s easy to see in files, involves checking by attempting to place individual things I suppose?

  6. You seemed to have missed the green beer fountain from st Patrick’s day.

  7. I agree with a lot of the commenters. It seems really strange that 1) they haven’t done more with krustyland to keep players engaged with their parks, and 2) they don’t allow more things to go there. I have been struggling for months now with where to put my Clash of Clones castles and the death mountain or whatever from the comic book event. None of those four buildings really fit with my Springfield at all (with the possible exception of Bart’s castle going in my trash area of town). And yet all of them would fit perfectly over in krustyland, especially the death mountain. I suppose one concern is that it might be tricky, on their end, to figure out jobs and whatnot and who can go over there now and all that, but that seems like a pretty straightforward fix, especially now in light of the unemployment update where they gave a whole bunch of characters several new jobs.

    Pretty much the only thing keeping me going over to krustyland is that I’m about 4 squares away from finally having the whole place cleared, despite not sending any of my characters over there for tasks since probably princess Penelope landed.

  8. I wish more Halloween items could go in, especially the spooky trees with the skeletons! Would be so cool around the Haunted house! 😄

  9. what? no monorail? monorails and theme parks go together like, ummmmm, olives and pimentos.

  10. Remember to clear the handshakes in your Krustyland neighbours 🎃

  11. Dang. I was hoping Homer’s Ballet and the Singing Bears might go over there.

  12. I don’t understand why there are limits on what can and can’t go in Krustyland. SO. MUCH. EVENT. CRAP.

  13. The Food NOODLE? Lol…

    Anyhow, yeah, took me months of grinding away in KL to get ALL of the Land Squares. Once I did, and stockpiled enough tickets, I nuked it, and started from scratch. What came out, is something I am pretty proud of. My KL is easily one of my favorite designed areas of my game.

    I don’t have much use for it these days, I just click once a day so I can accumulate the 30,000 tickets to cash in for 100 grand, but I still enjoy my layout…

  14. By the way, the “normal” trees, flowers and bushes can’t be switched between Springfield and Krustyland. I have a ton of Springfield greenery in my inventory and even though they look the same as the Krustyland ones, they are locked. Only the ones bought in Krustyland can be placed there. Always seemed strange because they look exactly alike and don’t pay out anything or give a bonus, which might be difficult to translate.

  15. It’d be nice If I cared about Krustyland to begin with. I’ve never won donuts from that pop you game and nothing about it appeals anymore.

  16. I wish King Homer’s skyscraper could go in Krustyland. I don’t know what to do with it in Springfield, but almost anything can make sense in an amusement park.

  17. While I’m planning to eventually nuke/rebuild my main Springfield, that time is not anytime soon (need LOTS more monorail rails)… BUT can I nuke Krustyland independently?
    To be clear, does anyone know if I nuke Krustyland, will Springfield itself be unaffected, or does the nuke option affect both together?

  18. It would be nice if it could work the other way. It’s been so long since I’ve been to Krustyland I’ve forgotten how cool some of the designs are, would be nice to have them in Springfield.

  19. barleecreations (canid88)

    This now gets me wondering…is there anything anything from krustyland that can go into our Springfield? Or is it one of those what happens in krustyland stays in krustyland. 😉

  20. Leave it to Bunny! Always so helpful! As well as the Wookie and the very smart, glowing Alissa! Thanks addicts! Now, my question- Does krustyland usually receive halloween items during the event?

  21. Now why would they make so much CoC stuff allowable in KL but not the castles themselves? They would make SO much more sense over there. Frustrating.

    • I’ve wondered the same thing.
      Only reason I could come up with is maybe they can’t figure out how to make a payout change currency, and maybe that’s a problem. (I remember a time when the old Sideshow Bob would sometimes appear in Krustyland, and tapping him would crash my game. Maybe due to the cash payout?) Whatever the problem is, though, I hope they fix it. I’d like a big medieval attraction in Krustyland.

  22. Hi, random question… do you all know if brandine is going to be doing something major in the game soon?… I want her to birth another spuckler, but I don’t know if she’ll be needed majorly in an upcoming event. Thanks for any help! 😀 😀 😀

    • No one really knows honestly. But this is an event heavy time of the year. So you may want to wait until January (or at least christmas event if she’s not needed) to put her on the birthing task..

      • “But this is an event heavy time of the year.”

        LOL!… Well it use to be… I was trying to think back to the last time we had a substantial break in the action. I think it goes back to a time I read that EA wanted to buck heads with the “other” cartoon game… What a great head butt run!… Just goes to show that competition is a good thing.

        Now if we can get just Comcast and Verizon to play the same type of
        game against others… But that is a different thread…

        • lol well we’ll get Halloween (my honest guess is either Thursday or Tuesday of next week) and that will run till early Novemeber. We’ll get something for Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas, which will run until early January. And then February will bring something for Valentine’s, we’ll see a St. Pat’s mini update in March. Sounds pretty heavy to me….and that’s always been the cycle lol

    • EA is pretty good about Brandine when it comes to events. Call up customer service and if the event requires her. Then they give you the amount of Donuts to quick time birth a Spuckler.

  23. I never thought to put my excess itchy and scratchy bill boards in krustyland. Do they give the same % multiplier to Kristy land as my Springfield? I have a boatload from mystery boxes and have taken to hiding them.
    Thanks for the list!

  24. Now I wish I played during the event that gave the knights mages and stuff, would be cool to have cosplayers in k-land. Also, quick question, if I place the stunt bike in Krustyland can daredevil still do his stunt task? I’m hoping so, since it looks stupid having the bike sit there, while he rides his similar bike, they should at least make where the bike sits become invisible while he’s riding it lol

  25. What a great post, thanks Bunny!

    I have a Valentine’s park that I love in my Springfield, and the Wedding Chapel completed it, so I’m leaving that stuff in SF.

    But I had no idea how much of the Clash of the Clones stuff was useable in KL, I’m going to transition all of that stuff over there when I do my KL rebuild in the near future.

  26. Fleet-a-pita only if purchased with tickets. Ones purchased in Springfield can not go to Krustyland. 🙁

  27. Always been curious, what’s with the different krustyland shuttle facades? Was it a questline or something to do with when you accessed krustyland or something else entirely? 😛

  28. Thank you for posting this! I’ve been wondering what all I could place, I had no idea some of the clash of clones event could be placed. Definitely gives me something to think about when organizing Krustyland. Thanks again!

  29. Thanks Bunny. Good to know what can be put there.

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