Addicts Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread.  No new Simpsons tonight…actually there won’t be another new episode until Valentine’s Day.  BUT we did get a fun Deep Space Homer event this past week.  Are you enjoying it so far?  How far have you gotten?  The Winter/Christmas Event ended last week as well, how did you make out during the event?  Adjusting to a green Springfield again?  Miss the snow?

How was your weekend? Do anything fun and exciting?  Here in Jersey we got hammered with snow.  30″ where I live, so we spent a lot of time digging out and trying to stay warm.  How about you?  Did you get hit with the crazy storm?  How did you handle it?  Live in a warm climate?  Happy to not be in the snow?
The NFL Championship games are today, with the winners advancing to the Superbowl in 2 weeks.  Who do you think will come out on top, the Patriots or the Broncos?  How about in the Cardinals/Panthers game?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


490 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. P.s. Sandra meant pay for medication not media stupid auto correct!
    Going to go lay back down I hear “the Eagles ” playing in my room. Still so sad with grieve over Glenn Frey, taken too soon, Eagles if they continue which I doubt knowing how close him & Don Henley were will never be the same! I so wish I would have gone to see them last year when they were her, but tickets were a bit too much, would have paid if knew I would never get another chance to see them! Never take anything for granted in their words ” everything can change in a New York minute”, boy ain’t that the truth!
    God must have one incredible band up there!

    • No worries – I figured out that “media” = “medicine,” especially since I had read your other comment first (in which you talked about buying expensive medication that had helped some).

  2. Hi all! I posted this originally on Wookiee’s burnout thread (the ironing is delicious;) ), but I’m reposting here, and I’ll post again in the new open thread tomorrow. (If one of you early birds wants to copy and paste it before I’m on, feel free. I’m often late to the party, I know.)

    Here’s a quick tip for making some extra cash during the Deep Space event!

    Deep Space Homer’s 6 second task is staying available through this mini-event, it seems. It pays out $35/1xp every 6 seconds. This means, in 12 seconds, you earn as much in-game cash as you would for a standard Homer 1hr task, or in 18 seconds, you earn as much as a premium Homer skin. As far as the XP payout, you earn as much in 2 minutes for a standard skin 1hr task or 3 min for premium. 🙂

    Here comes the fun part- your bonus multiplier. With my 440-ish% multiplier (plus having all of my SH bonus buildings out), I’m earning just under $200/7xp every 6 seconds. Or $2000 every minute. Or $20,000 every 10 minutes.

    Doing this every 6 seconds is much less of a grind if you’re doing something like grinding SH anyway, or you have something pleasant on as background noise. (Personally, I’m listening to Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere on audiobook, but I’d be surprised if anyone else happened to randomly be doing that as well at this exact moment in time.)

    So in the last couple of hours, I’ve earned a couple hundred thousand dollars in-game cash while doing things I’d be doing anyway. 🙂 I know a lot of us don’t “need” any in-game cash, but hey, when the next level drops and we fire up our XP generator thingama-hoyvin-glayvins and start buying and selling rat trap delivery trucks for bonuts, I know I’ll spend all the in-game cash I can get my grubby little paws on. 😉

    Just wanted to pass along a hopefully helpful tip. Also, I’m hoping this hasn’t already been posted by someone. Between real life chaos and TSTO burnout, I haven’t been as diligent as usual about reading everything. I just didn’t want to risk my fellow addicts missing out on an opportunity, because, aww, shucks, I like you guys. 😉
    Happy tapping, all!

    • PS- Apparently, there’s no need for some folks to worry about whether this task will stick around or disappear after the mini-event. I just noticed (upon going through my characters/skins) that Moe’s Moog skin also has the same payout for his 6 second task, so if you’ve got that one, you can use this technique for quick cash any time, even if Deep Space Homer’s 6 second task disappears.
      Hmm, maybe I’ll put my launch pad and a KEM next to each other and double my profits. 😉

    • Thanks for sharing Kat,
      I did keep Homer on the 6sec task repeatedly while I was in game but my mind didn’t register the quick cash gain

      🚀 🙂

  3. P.s. Sorry will still visit neighbors almost everyday! For last time hope everyone has a great weekend and stays safe. CHEERS,

    • I personally LOVE reading about my neighbours real lives…good and bad ♡

      *hugs* keep on commenting on what ever you like…when ever you like ☆

  4. Hey Everybody! If I passed over line about my back, weather & doggies genuinely apologize! Never meant to bum anyone out. Thought it was way of letting you know if away from game & knew some of my favs are suffering from back, thought it was common thread. Also thought weather was interesting as so different all over & was trying to show concern about your safety. As for doggies several of you have them & thought dog tales were funny. Misunderstood rules on open thread.
    Will keep comments strictly about game, and won’t post very often.but for the friends I’ve made and care about I still-will keep you in my thoughts.

    • Cindy you really took wookies post wrong. It has nothing to do with the open thread…he was saying he likes the open threads and they can act as place holders for Addicts anonymous, but he still likes to write Addicts anonymous posts…

    • You did not misunderstand the rules of the Open Thread. It states quite clearly in the intro each week that it’s specifically there to have a place to talk about anything, including things OTHER than TSTO!

      Please see my and Alissa’s response to your post on Wookiee’s thread…you misunderstood what you read and are making a much bigger deal of this to yourself than you need to. You’ve been fine…just keep on doing what you’ve been doing.

      • Glad was my misunderstanding as it looks like I’m heading to a back surgeon! One of my worst nightmares, so will need game & this site to keep me entertained. Sandra & Bunny did either of you have to result to surgery? Ordered a walker which will come tomorrow, yes Amazon one delivers on Sunday, which I think is silly. Also to anyone out there needed medical supplies check Amazon first walker was $60 on Amazon same whaler almost $200 on medical supply site! Hate my back has come to this, but I have to become mobile again, going crazy (or crazier) confined to house!
        A apologize if took comment wrong just got all that info yesterday, and had to pay for med out of pocket, insurance would not pay for it ($140.00 U.S.) sure that shocks my Canandian friends!
        Enjoying down time during events to clean my town up& reorganize. Was going to start on SH again but after push to get mansion thing will let it wait for awhile! Happy weekend everybody!

        • We all figured your mind set was not in the right place, that’s why we all reached out to you. Why it is also something noted in the Addicts Guidelines that YOUR frame of mind will dictate how you can take information when reading it.

          As to the items you need, in my experience I made my doctor write a prescription for ANY medical equipment needed. Including crutches, wheelchairs, etc. By doing so, even if I did have to pay out of pocket, I could get a reimbursement for it from either my company Flex Plan or report it on my taxes for a credit for Medical Supplies. Also with having a prescription, it FORCES insurance to pay for it. I would suggest to try to still get a prescription for it from doctor and submit it to your insurance for reimbursement. 🙂

          Result to surgery? What specifically are you asking?

          • First of all love your new pic on avatar, didn’t even recognize you!
            I’m trying to keep open mind on surgery. If it’s not too evasive will consider but if major and possibility of making back worse, I’ll have to try something else. Anyone out there want to trade backs? Lol did go for short dog walk tonight & was big mistake, can hardly move again, but I feel so bad for them when they don’t get to go. Especially since they lay at my side in bed trying to make me feel better both with beautiful big brown eyes!
            The meds even though we’re a fortune are at least letting me get some sleep. Still hoping for a miracle if I can get more sleep & rest maybe I will wake up one day & back will heal itself. I have fairies all over my house literally quite the collection time for them to get up & perform a miracle! A girl can still believe in fairy tales & miracles they are out there!
            Thanks to all for setting me right! Sorry I was in such a mood, just scared, I want to get back (pun intended) where I was. Want to play again other than on my IPad! I have fossils waiting to be found, beaches to walk on, dogs to play with, a bike sitting in my garage next to my kayak!
            You girls all rock, thanks for your help!
            As for all other addicts hope you are having a great weekend, when you are out there playing, play a little extra for me!😉🌊🐬❤️🐶🚣🏻🐚🐾🚲
            Fossils are screaming for me with all storms we’ve had!

            • What kinds of fossils are there near you? Where do you live again?

              Do you not have prescription coverage? I can’t imagine not having that… The drugs I’m taking are, I think, a lot of what has let me get at least some of my life back…I’m now able to live my life (with some pain), rather than just stay in bed all the time waiting for the pain to go away. I don’t know that, at this point, it will ever go away, but at least it’s at a more manageable level. I can’t do everything I’d like to, and it makes doing some things a lot more complicated, but at least I’m not completely bedridden, like I was when I first started playing this game!

              • Sorry for delay word press giving me fits! Main fossils people collect are shark teeth, but I have mammoth teeth, whale teeth, lots of alligator stuff vertebrae & teeth (my fav)! I steel like a lil kid when I find anything alligator fossilized! Have some cool toe bones mostly mammoth rarest is a have is fossil tusk! There are fossil shark teeth all over beaches so can still collect them. I make jewelry used to do shows before back went out. I also make bookends out of matrix I find fossils in with the broken big pieces of fossils in them. Also sting ray mouth plates all over beaches along with small pieces of fossil bones, but most pep just leave them as they don’t know what they are. Sorry you asked, obviously my other addiction in life?
                I have prescription coverage but FL has worst governor in country & has a band on pain medications or anything to do with pain, so very difficult to get, even if bed ridden, seriously he is a Jerk. His last term so hopefully in another year will change but fear the atty general will be next gov & she is worse! Have to keep moving & hope for best, thanks for your concern

              • Not sorry I asked at all!

                I am sorry, though, to hear about your governor…I worry about that here, too…there’s so much talk about the “opioid crisis” and about enacting tougher legislation. I don’t take very high doses, but I would be screwed without the two that I take. And it’s already a pain because the doctor isn’t allowed to put refills on the prescriptions…I have to call to get a new prescription every time I use one up. The real pain is that, with one of them, she’s also only allowed to prescribe a two-week supply, so I feel like I’m constantly having to ask for the refill and my husband is constantly making trips to Walmart to pick up my meds.

                But I’m thankful that I have prescription drug coverage and a doctor’s office that’s not too difficult to deal with. (I saw a sign at another practice once that said you had to ask for refills several days in advance, but the law says that you can’t get a refill too “early,” so it seemed like you’d have to hit it on the exact right day to make it work out. Just glad my doctor’s office isn’t so persnickety.)

              • I had a big opiate problem back in like 07/08. So now when I broke my shoulder the strongest they’d give me was ibuprofen. I thanked the doctor for being responsible about it, that crap is way over prescribed.

              • How much were you taking when you were taking it? I like to think that my doses are too small to cause an addiction issue, but I really don’t know much about it. All I do know is that, without them, the pain would be truly debilitating.

                I’ve actually been in more pain the last few weeks, but I’ve already decided that I’m not going to ask for an increase in my dosage (or okay it, if it’s suggested). I’ve been putting off trying accupuncture because of the cost, but I’ll need to try something if this continues. If I do go, I’m going to try this “community accupuncture” place…they reduce the cost by increasing volume. Instead of getting this whole zen private room thing, you sit in a room with other people, they stick the needles in, you hang out there for the required amount of time while they stick needles in other people, then they come back around to you to take them out.

              • First I didn’t get hooked because of pain.a friend of mine had oral surgery and he was supposed to get 20 vicadin and the prescription was made out for 200 by mistake. The pharmacy just filled it. He gave me a couple and I really liked them so I bought them from him. Around the same time I had friend who was terminal and in lots of pain and he had boxes full of morphine lollypops. Those were insane. I would wash it down with Jameson’s, constant 4:20, Bolivian marching powder, you name it. A mosquito bit me and immediately OD’d

              • Lol (re mosquito)!

                I’m not taking either of those, and definitely nothing recreational about the opioid for me. Also, I don’t drink. But I do winner if there’s such a thing as a “non-addictive” dosage, when one is taking them long term.

              • From what I’ve been told as long as you’re really in pain it’s not very addictive. The problem is people that are no longer in pain but keep taking the pills.

              • Sorry about your pain. I think these drugs can help for people that really need them. I know a lot of people that got hooked because of prescription use and they’ve all said the same thing. Only take them if you really think you need them. If possible try to drop down to ibuprofen, Alleve or aspirin if you think you can get by. And don’t finish the bottle once you don’t need them anymore, flush them. And dear lord keep them away from kids especially teens.
                They have told me they never felt high while taking them for pain. The key is that once you start getting high, stop right away.
                For me, needles eeewey no! But I’ve heard great things about acupuncture.
                I feel like a public service announcement here. Kids, just say no says the burnout.

              • Funny thing is, I ended up on the second opioid after ibuprofen ruined my upper GI.

              • Yikes, that happened to my grandma. After my addiction I swore I’d never take a pill again, now I need one to stay alive

              • Hi Sandra, it’s same with ant pain meds here, can’t call in refills, I’m also lucky to have found a doc that will even prescribe, a lot here won’t prescribe at all. When they reach a certain percentage of patients they have to go back to school and get certified as pain specialist, most docs won’t do that, so they just don’t prescribe. When you go to pain management doc you get drug tested, if you don’t have exact amount in system or anything different you get cut off. Also goes in state computer system so if you get pulled over by police they know what you are taking, so technically you can be arrested for driving under influence.
                I forgot on last answer living in central west coast of Florida.
                These idiot laws on drugs don’t exist in California where I’m originally from.
                Also our governor owns most of the hospitals in FL their titles are buried under trust after trust which leads back to his wife. His corporation was found guilty of embezzling millions of dollars for Medicare he said in court wasn’t aware even though signature in files, stats they aren’t his, so some flunky took the heat and spent minimal time in jail and now a very rich man!
                We had no idea when we moved here that FL IS one of most corrupt states! He wasn’t Gov when we moved here so is much worse now.

              • Yeah – MA law says I have to be drug tested, too. Never imagined I’d be someone who would need to go through that.

              • I never thought I would either or feel like a criminal because I’m in pain. Sucks! There are soooooo many other things in this country that they should be worried about and spending on!

              • To be fair, there really is a major opioid and heroin epidemic going on …I’d just like to think there were better ways to deal with that, without punishing legitimate users.

              • Yeah I know and me too. The big problem in FL now is that heroine use has increased, they say around 25%☹

              • Sandra, remember I told you about FL governor? Just heard he is on Trump’s short list for VP!🙀😈

              • Well that’s scary…

              • Figures.

        • No – it didn’t seem like a good option for my issue. The first surgeon I met with explained that, if I did have surgery, it would be a major one and he’d have to take my spine apart to get to the herniation and then put my spine back together with rods and pins. It might or might not help the regular pain, but it wouldn’t fix the sensitivity issue that I have that keeps me wearing shorts all through the cold (well, it used to be, lol!) New England winters. The second-opinion surgeon I saw concurred with the diagnosis of the first, but he flat out said he did NOT recommend that I have the surgery…that there would be a 50% chance it could actually make things worse. I was actually kinda relieved when he was so declarative, because I was already leaning against having the surgery from my visit to the first surgeon, but I was feeling a little guilty about rejecting something that *might* help.

          At the same time, a co-worker of mine had to have two back-to-back spine surgeries (it was planned that way) and was out of work for about 6 months to have them. When all was done, though, she was fixed! No more pain and restricted movement.

          So, in a way, I was disappointed that I wasn’t a good candidate for surgery because, as much as I dread the idea of ever having surgery, it would have been nice to be able to go and just get my problem fixed. At this rate of non-progress, it’s lookin like I could be living the rest of my life like this, because, the longer I have the issue (the doctors say), the less likely it is that it will get better.

          Bottom line…having to have surgery sucks, and I definitely feel for you, but the bright side is that it could actually make things better in the end! 🙂

          • I go back & forth on surgery don’t really want to do it, but also if I know will fix my back want to do it, will see what this new surgeon says. In meantime will use walker ( makes me feel old, but can’t keep falling & need to get up & walk around). We did pay for media that insurance wouldn’t pay for $140 U.S. But again I couldn’t move or sleep so at some point you just have to bit the bullet. The equipment as Bunny pointed out have scripts for so at least can write off on taxes. Thanks for input from both of you! Sandra so wish there was something they could have done that would have been less invasive. Tell you having a screwed up back sucks!

            • Yup, it does. But I’m lucky that my spine problem mostly just causes leg pain and not much back pain. I’d rather have my leg hurt than my back hurt. I really hope that, at some point, you can look back on all of this as “that time that I had that problem with my back”!

  5. Hey, Gil, if you’re listening…

    The next time you have one of those “yard sale” type sales, I’m ready and excited to buy the Open Air Stage at a discount, now that I finally have Barney. (I *love* those B-Sharps!) Also, would be grateful if you could repeat Disco Stu again, since I screwed up on that the last time. Oh, and the pet shop…Stampy’s getting tired of not having a 4-hour task to do.

    • don’t care about stu, but would love to snag the open air stage and the pet shop at discount!

      pet shop and duff brewery are the next on my list of desired combos that are always available, but i’ll probably hold off until i can get a discount on them one way or another. jasper and the community center would be nice to get on sale as well…

    • Sorry, Sandra and Tape. I just about bought the pet shop a couple weeks ago. If I had, it would have, of course, gone on sale immediately afterwards. 🙂

    • I need the open air stage to use Cecil’s 4h task. I’d like a cheap offer on that, too.

    • Love the pet shop, jub,jub & his task to cuddly it will make you smile. Animation on pet shop cool too with cat running out back door? Hope they bring it back for you, one of my fav buildings & one of first thing I spent donuts on.🐈

      • The pet shop will be my next purchase…saving up the rail yard and where’s Maggie bonuts should get me there approx 9 weeks…unless I win some on the mystery box and my neighbours visits are generous!

      • My second donut spend, I believe. The cat and mouse animation is a cute bonus.

        The Jub-Jub cuddling is a plus but now I feel bad how Selma has no interaction, physical or otherwise, with Ling. She’ll hug a reptile but not her daughter? Where’s the tissues…

  6. In case anybody hasn’t posted this…
    When playing Maggie’s game, it seems that the spot to hit is the base of the building she’s on, not Maggie herself. This seems to explain why the ‘sweet spot’ seemed to be inconsistent; different buildings are different heights, but Maggie is always perched on the roof.

    • Yup, posted a few times in posts and comments. But always good to have it written again 🙂

    • She’s not always on the roof – she also appears on the front steps of Springfield Elementary (which makes her hard to see if you have a building blocking the way or, like me, a monorail track) and in the Lard Lad donut’s hole.

  7. OMG did they fix the rocket so you could no longer store it to retry for another shot at launching? Sure, I can store it, but EVERY time CRASH CRASH CRASH CRASH!!!! Been trying to launch this dang thing for 20 minutes now.

    • yeah the glitches were fixed:

      – The glitch enabling a second Rocket Launch Platform to be placed if the first Platform is stored was fixed.
      – The glitch enabling the reset of the Rocket Launch Platform on storing was fixed.

      • Dangit, oh well was good while it lasted. Wish I realized, wouldn’t have spent a half hour last night around 2am trying to relaunch it. About quarter after 2 finally decided screw it, and went to bed lol.

  8. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    Small update today fro EA. Just had my rocket land and it DID put debris into storage.
    Hopefully it all works well for others.

  9. Hey Everybody! Thanks for all responses regarding neighbor visits! I usually don’t keep track, but lately have noticed when tapping that their are a lot of neighbors haven’t tapped in quite a while. Usually don’t care unless we are in event where their tapping, matters? I can tap on all neighbors though, they keep their towns cleared, when I check on list they are playing everyday, so active just not visiting😟 really don’t understand since you can make a great donut haul on visiting!(most neighbors are level 59 so they qualify for free donut chance) maybe free donuts aren’t important to them. I also enjoy seeing everyone’s town so like visiting. There are some awesome towns out there. To the neighbors that tap daily or mostly daily thanks, makes me feel connected.
    Back took very bad turn so stuck in bed, very difficult to move at all, sometimes even game is challenge. At least we are still in middle of storm so doggies not bugging me for walks! Actually Hank is protecting me at my side won’t let Bogey anywhere near me to play!
    I hate insurance companies & health coverage in FL. All I get is can’t do anything, can’t get melds to help, very depressing!grrrrr Enough of that, no one likes a complainer & pep out there with a lot worse problems!
    Hope everyone stays safe on this crazy weather!

  10. Someone had commented on glitches and I can’t find their comment to reply to it directly. The only thing I know about the Squidport tile glitch other than it doesn’t work anymore is that if you took advantage of that glitch, DO NOT NUKE. It will only let you have the max 400 tiles in storage and since you would have many more, they get glitched in storage and you will have to call EA and they will take all your extras .

  11. Is anyone else getting this? I’ve been getting spam on my Facebook saying I have a notification from the addicts. There were four in a row with a link about football and now there was one this morning with a link to something about Jeebuz

    • so strange…because (I think i told you) the facebook is linked to our personal facebook accounts (for me and Bunny) and they weren’t hacked. So no one can get into the Addicts one unless it’s through us..

  12. Just wondering wether or not this website (see below) is a scam:

  13. I could use a bit of help. I’m trying to access the forums and it asks me to register or login. So I go to try and register and it tells me my email isn’t valid and won’t allow me to proceed. Anyone else encounter this issue or am I doing something wrong?
    Thanks, tapnkris

  14. Do many/any of you track how often your neighboreenos visit? Someone mentioned this a bit ago, and I thought, “Hmm. Perhaps I’ll try this.” So, for the last week, I have been. How depressing! I have 100 neighboreenos. An average of 20 percent visit me every day. Anyone else have numbers this low? =(

    I worry so much about visiting all of mine every day because, well, like yesterday — I got a whopping six donuts! Exciting! So, I guess I should just put this in perspective and carry on… and ponder which kid to throw –repeatedly — into the Bounce House to make myself feel better about it all. Dolph? Sherri and Terri? Ooh… what about Janey?

    • I have not kept track but it seems like around 20 regulars at most out of nearly 90. I’m okay with this because sometimes my town is full of handshakes and I stress that there might not be any left for a visitor. Well, I have a huge amount of wailing walls and there are literally plenty to click on….

      Why do you send a kid perpetually to the bounce house? I try to occupy it with a kid (Gina) but not 24/7.

    • I try to visit everyone everyday but real life does sometimes get in the way! It takes me about 45-60mins to visit them all without tagging which I try to avoid as it does annoy some peeps although I don’t mind it myself. Also the bonuts keep me motivated too.

      However…I think it’s more important to visit lower level neighbours as they may need the extra cash and xp. Or if there’s an event on where your visits count towards prizes. If they release new friend point prizes it becomes a top priority. I’m not too worried who visits me and who doesn’t but it is nice to see familiar names pop up on a building handshake or a push notification…like a little hello from a friend when you play the game ♡☆

    • I visit every day during events if it helps the neighbor. I try to visit lower level neighbors every day because they need the cash/xp and FP. I am max level and though the bonuts are nice, I am not stressing about it to force a visit every day. I am going to have to check how long it’s been since some neighbors have played, because there is nothing to tap in their town time after time.

  15. Hey Everbody! Happy hump day. So I have a question to my fellow addicts that are wiser than I: if you have neighbors (s) that you have had for awhile & you are able to tap on them almost everyday, but the very seldom if ever tap back, do you keep them or boot them? I have at 6 or more like that. Even during the events they very seldom tap back. Any and all opinions appreciated!
    On different subject should have kept my mouth shut about having some nice weather, been raining all day with tornado watches off and on. DRATS,
    LEE, this is for you, thanks for tapping in my KL gives me a reason to go in there and clear you are only one goes in there on regular basis so, feel like it’s a “hi” from you! I always say good morning Lee when I see your handshakes 🌞

    • I once actually tracked who visited and how often for about a week and a half. Any neighbor who didn’t visit me for that entire time (unless I knew them as a regular from here) got the boot.

      I used to request that anyone who wanted to be my neighbor be willing to visit me pretty much every day (and I always did the same). I’m a bit more lax now, both in terms of my requirements and my visiting (although I definitely visit several times a week, I’m more likely to miss a day or two a week).

      I actually wouldn’t care at all about this if it wasn’t for all the lost XP (and money) that I don’t get for collecting non-existent thumbs,

    • I don’t track who visits, maybe I should,
      I don’t feel like I should expect too much as sometimes I’m useless depending on time available neighbour visits is the first thing to get missed when time is short 🙂

    • Besides Sandra’s good point (autocorrect thought “ghoul pony” made more sense…lol) about the xp from tapping handshakes, I feel like as long as I can tap in my neighbor’s town that’s good enough for me. For events, I feel like they better play and try for the prizes otherwise what’s the point? (Even if the prizes are “disappointing”…) They don’t necessarily have to visit me for the event, depending.

  16. Lee!

    Any idea what’s happened to our other forum ‘tapped out now’? The page has gone…can’t connect as error…

  17. I am SO happy I got Kearney in my surprise box. That is the second premium guy I’ve gotten free(first was the blue haired lawyer!). I am still saving my donuts for Barney, I won’t shell out money for them. Down to 73 more to go, the where’s Maggie game has already paid off for me twice.

  18. @ Bogancatlady: I’ve wanted the Rigellian huts ever since I saw your shoreside set up. I was elated to finally get my own. You will notice something decidedly familiar when you visit my Springfield (including The Happy Sumo front design) I sincerely hope you are more in line with ‘Imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery’ rather than ‘Bi@+$# Stole My Look!’ I don’t often bite off my Neighbor-eeno’s designs but when I do, I give credit where it’s due.

  19. Yay, the new episodes of Xfiles are on Huluplus. Now if $@*$*&$)@&) Huluplus would work for more than five minutes at a time…

    I had seen a report of a glitch that you send your rocket off, then store the launch pad and then go to the store you can get a second launch pad. It worked for me (pics of the Flickr group page). There is no second rocket but that’s okay with me. Also read that if your launch is unsuccessful, just store and try again when you get it back out. It has been working so far. Don’t know how long they’ll let us do that.

    TTFN 🙂

  20. I loved the Deep Space Homer mini-event… I just wish it wasn’t a *mini* Event, but rather a full fledge full grand scale event. It was probably the most excited about an event since the Monorail one (albeit that turned out to a bit disappointing due to the way you had earn tracks).

  21. After I completed the space mission, I put marge, Lisa and Bart on the 6 hour find space food mission and I was given 5 donuts for it. Just thought I’d share that with everyone.

  22. I can not tell a lie. I’m addicted to pocket Mortys. my Springfield has been neglected.

    • What’s that?

      • It’s a game that I’m told is Pokemon style (I don’t know anything about Pokemon so I’m just going with it) based on an Adult Swim show that we can’t get enough of in my house. You explore different maps and search for items, craft power ups, collect characters and battle to level them up. There are 80 something characters to find and some are more rare than others and some you get by combining two like characters you’ve collected. Finding them all is the obsession.

    • I don’t know what that is – but one of my kids downloaded Cooking Fever and ugh… addicted. OCD won’t let me now finish all the levels with 3 stars in every location…. (no offence intended to anyone with actual OCD or other issues). #BellLetsTalk (Mental Health Awareness Day here in Canada)

      • Cooking fever huh? I’m like you in that I would have to have all the stars! Maybe when I get tired of collecting Mortys I’ll have to look up that one.

    • Oh my. I might have to get it. 🙂

  23. Have a great Burns Night my Scottish friends ♡

    Haggis Poem

    Much to his dad and mum’s dismay
    Horace ate himself one day
    He didn’t stop to say his grace
    He just sat down and ate his face
    “We can’t have this!” his dad declared
    “If that lad’s ate he should be shared”
    But even as he spoke they saw
    Horace eating more and more:
    First his legs and then his thighs,
    His arms, his nose, his hair, his eyes
    “Stop him someone!” Mother cried
    “Those eyeballs would be better fried!”
    But all too late for they were gone,
    And he had started on his dong…
    “Oh foolish child!” the father mourned
    “You could have deep-fried those with prawns,
    Some parsley and some tartar sauce…”
    But H was on his second course;
    His liver and his lights and lung,
    His ears, his neck, his chin, his tongue
    “To think I raised him from the cot
    And now he’s gone to scoff the lot!”
    His mother cried what shall we do?
    What’s left won’t even make a stew…”
    And as she wept her son was seen
    To eat his head his heart his spleen
    And there he lay, a boy no more
    Just a stomach on the floor…
    None the less since it was his
    They ate it – and that’s what haggis is

    From: Monty Python’s Big Red Book

  24. Whoop whoop ….
    Just visited. All my neighbouroonies, manages to haul a massive 6, yep SIX….doughnuts 🙂

  25. Dylan Ledbetter

    Finally got enough money to justify turning on the xp multiplier today and I am definitely not disappointed in the outcome!! Mmmmmm, donuts!!!! 🙂

  26. Question…Can the Krustyland Railroad Station be set up with track and all in Krustyland? If so, do I store it and then bring it out in Krustyland? Sorry if this is a repeat but Iam trying to clean up my town and thought this might help to move some stuff around.
    Would still like to see my town from a wider perspective to help me in planning it out.

  27. Has anyone noticed that the Gingerbread house was upgraded for free when the Christmas takedown happened? 120 donuts was a bit steep for getting level 5. Couldn’t justify the cost and glad I didn’t. I wonder if EA reimbursed anyone who paid for that. Does anyone know?
    It’s great having Maggie in the game. She makes me smile every time. The mini game is good too. Always happy for a chance to get those bonuts. Had a lot of trouble tapping her until I read Bunny’s post about tapping the base of the building. Now it’s a doddle. Thanks Bunny.
    To all my buddies – come ride the monorail in my town. It’s finally finished. A hellovalotta grinding went into that so enjoy!

    • You were on level 4 of the Gingerbread House? Are you sure you have 5 levels (not just 4) or is it that you can switch between the façades now?

      I have a level 1 snowman (pile of snow) but no option to switch to a finished snowman. It didn’t upgrade that building for me….

      • I was on level 4 of the gingerbread house thinking I could continue to upgrade for the whole event. (The date for finishing was mistakenly displayed as the end of event) But when act 2 (or 3) hit I was stuck with level 4 and the option of upgrading for 120 donuts.
        I think there were some other comments about this.
        When the event was taken down I had level 5 and could scroll through to other levels.

  28. Sorry I have not been around to comment or reply to comments recently .
    I feel as thoiugh I am among friends on this site and don’t want to upset anyone but unfortunately my dad passed away friday night after a very short illness . He was 81. I won’t go into more details , suffice to say it was a shock . We “cor blimey guvnor” rufty tufty “keep calm and carry on” stiff upper lipped blokes find it hard to express our emotions . My inner silly is hiding somewhere at the moment . When I manage to find it , normal service wull be resumed . Shows how important it is to appreciate your nearest and dearest , tempus fugit and carpe diem seem so appropriate at the moment . Thanks for reading this and as Arnie would say “I’ll be back”
    R.I.P. DAD .

    • So sorry about your dad Phil. We’re all here for you when you’re ready to come back.

    • Sorry to hear that Phil *hugs to you and the family*

    • My condolences Phil, loosing a parent is so difficult. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time. Key yourself grieve and mourn him even if you do it behind closed doors, so much better for you than holding it in, natural process so you can move on with your life.
      You take this time, we will all be here for you when you feel like you can come back, or if you need a place to write & get emotions out!
      Remember to take care of yourself during this time!

    • So sorry to hear about your dad, Phil…sending you virtual hugs (if that’s not too “intimate” for you “rufty tufty” types). Please take whatever time you need to take care of yourself (in whatever way helps you most) and I’ll make doubly sure to tell both my dads that I love them, the next time I speak to them.


    • Sorry to hear about your dad Phil. Take care of yourself and family. We’ll all be thinking good thoughts your way. 🙂

    • Sorry for your loss, Phil.

    • My condolences Phil! My prayers to you and yours!

    • Add me to the list of condolences, losing a loved one is never easy.

    • 🙁
      Lots of loves to you n yours. Take all the time you need.

    • blackgypsyrose13

      So sorry to hear of your loss.

    • So truly sorry for your loss, Phil. Hugs and condolences to you. <3

    • Hey, no apologies needed. I’m so sorry for your loss. Whatever your emotions are day to day, they’re totally legit and you’re entitled to them. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

    • Sorry dude. That’s a high age to reach. Maybe similar to my grandmother’s age when she died. But still could have been older. Bible, where’s our 900 year olds? I want to say, “she didn’t make it to her first millennium :-(“.

      Hope that was serious and light enough at the same time.

    • So sorry, Phil. I know exactly what you’re going through. When my mom passed in May I basically became a recluse. Please don’t feel obligated to anyone at a time like this. But it does get easier. A quote that helped me a lot is “Grief never ends, but it changes. It’s a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith. It is the price of love.”

  29. This morning my money trees were wrapped in toilet paper? I didn’t know that was an option.

  30. To my Aussie neighbourinos, have a great Orstraylyadaymate!

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