TSTO Anonymous: Fuzzy Thoughts About Burnout

With all the excitement of events this last few months… I’ve been remiss in holding our regular TSTO Anonymous gatherings. Arguably, the Addicts Open Threads acts as a meeting point for us to meet, commiserate, complain, joke, etc. but I enjoy the occasional chance to just ramble about the game with my favorite peeps. Lately, I’ve seen more and more grumpiness in the comment thread and I wonder if we’re folks are getting burnt out?

I know if you told me back in October 2013 that I’d be still playing this game years later I’d have probably checked your hand for a crazy stamp. But time flies when you’re having fun and here I am not only still playing but also writing about it. Loving The Simpsons helps me keep on keeping on but it truly is this wonderful community that makes it worth it and still fun. As a vague premise, we’re gonna call this meeting to order with the topic of Simpsons Burnout and see where it goes from there. The coffee is all ready and it’s time to gather.

TSTO Anonymous

Hello… my name is Joe “The Wookiee” Riot and I am a TSTO Addict.

So… over the past five months since we held a meeting, I’ve watched tons of episodes. One of the things I do is take a screenshot whenever something strikes my fancy. Amidst these images are ones I think would fit in with TSTO Anon. I decided to share the images and based on the image, just ramble a little on some thoughts about burning out on this game. Hopefully it all ends up cohesive.

We’ve been writing these silly posts for a while now albeit less frequently than originally imagined. I always wondered where the meetings were held. Obviously it’s all done digitally but I like to have a mental image to make me smile.  Then I was watching “Walking Big and Tall” (S26:E13) and I found the answer. While this makes me smile, feel free to show a different meeting spot if this one doesn’t fit the bill. Hopefully these meetings aren’t depressing though.

Community Center Simpsons

2015 brought lots of content but events always have their downsides. All of the tappin required during an event can definitely lead to burnout. I’m always a fan of the events where I don’t have to be completely engaged throughout it. When I see the majority of folks earn the prizes and items, it makes me happy. Of course, then the event is over and you’re spent, right? Just hoping for some TSTO downtime to recoup and recover.

Bear Simpsons

But then there’s the lulls. Here on the site, we see lots of comments of folks waiting for the next big thing.  When’s the next level? update? character? etc.? Add to that requests for posts that take a bit to come up with and I can vouch for Alissa, Bunny, and I when I say we enjoy the piss out of a good downtime or chill update like Deep Space Homer. Heck, posts like this don’t get written when we’re crazy busy with content (possibly good or bad depending on your viewpoint). I enjoy the chance to catch up on other geek passions and spend time with family and friends.

Comic book nerds She-Hulk Simpsons

You know… some days you sit on the couch and other days, it feels like the couch is sitting on you.

Simpsons have couch sit on them

But we are the skyfingers! TSTO is often an escape from the hustle and bustle of the world. Internet communities offer a place to not worry about bills or work or weather or relatives. We can just send our barflies on 8 hour drinking tasks and talk about game based on a silly cartoon.

Moe, Homer and Marge with Moe's diorama Simpsons

There’s a lot of people who visit this site daily and we’re all doing the same thing. Playing a mobile game about a yellow family who we may or may not identify with. We take this game one tap at a time and best of all… we do it together.

Simpsons family cell phones couch gag

If you’re really bored you could always take up crossword puzzles, solitaire, board games with the family. Pass the time with other fun Simpsons stuff if that’s you’re cup of tea. Design your town… nuke it ’til it glows… take part in the Open Thread… take up knitting… try writing your own From the Mouths of Addicts post or a better TSTO Anon than this one… solve world hunger… whatever floats your boat. TSTO can be a perplexing and frustrating enterprise and sometimes it’s good to take a break (especially if the game isn’t fun any more) but I find the Addicts here to be a diverse bunch hailing from different decades, countries, and walks of life.

Diversity Tales Simpsons

Thankfully, this place for the most part is a happy place or at least I find it that way. Familiar names and avatars grace the comment thread and there’s way more than just three moderators willing to help out frustrated tappers. When the bullys of reality come knocking, this site is here for you whether your burnt out or not. This is the place you can find people that know the next image is a Newton’s Cradle made entirely with nerds/geeks.

Nerd Newton's Cradle Simpsons

We don’t have any outcasts, burnouts, rejects, or losers here unless you count the guys in the following pic. This site is home. Which animal do you identify with?

Rejects & Lisa Simpson Home for Abandoned Animals

Being a TSTO Addict is about coming to a fun place where we can geek out together about whatever. For the record, I’d probably be like Bart in the following picture.

Angelica Button Simpsons

It probably needs to be said that we all have to be semi-cool with first world problems considering we all have access to the internet. Whenever I’m frustrated with life in general, I try to think about how good I really have it. Things could always be worse and I know there will be plenty of new things in 2016 to celebrate. When all else fails there are new Simpsons episodes and Star Wars in December!

celebrating children Simpsons

Now who needs a hug?

Ralph's Hug Club Simpsons

So let’s wrap up. How is your game treating you? Despite any let-downs or glitches, is it overall something you enjoy? If you don’t like down times, what else can you do with the free time? If you’re happier during events, what sort of event would you really like to see? What’s your favorite part of your town? Who’s your favorite neighbor? What hobby/passion have you possibly been neglecting? TSTO is definitely fun but I can promise it will never be exactly what any of us want. We’re all too different for that to be possible and the signs for Springfield really do tell us what to expect.

Springfield Sign Please Lower Your Expectations Simpsons

You could always pass the time doing fun mazes.

Photo Apr 27, 10 03 41 PMSeriously though… I hope the game is still as fun for you as it is for me after alm0st two and a half years. If burnout is an issue, we’re all here for you. We end this meeting like we normally do with the TSTO Serenity Prayer.

“EA, grant me the serenity to accept the updates I cannot change, the courage to recommend the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on burnout, The Simpsons, the site, or whatever you think is related.  We generally only have one rule when it comes to communicating with each other.

No Tossing Addicts Simpsons

TTFN… Wookiee out!

181 responses to “TSTO Anonymous: Fuzzy Thoughts About Burnout

  1. I’ve been tapping since sometime late into the Whacking Day event and have been in love ever since. I’m happy with the most recent events as my game hasn’t crashed in ages and I’ve never lost anything! Wasn’t able to earn poor Violet and Patches as I was busy enjoying the Christmas season. However I’m happy with how my town is looking, have upgraded all aspiration building such as IRS to their highest levels, bought heaps of land awaiting to be developed and have several million in the bank. Currently everyone is on 24 hours tasks allowing me to quickly visit once a day thanks to the unemployment office, I’m earning six free donuts a week playing “Where’s Maggie?”, saving to purchase the Sleep Eazy Motel, given up on Springfield Heights and when the next event appears I’ll plug away at earning more monorail pieces 😃

  2. Can someone help me with an issue? I play the “Where’s Maggie” game and more times than not, I find Maggie in time and tap and tap and tap. It does not engage and I time out even though I’ve found Maggie in plenty of time. Is this a program glitch? Does anyone else have this problem? What can I do?

    • Bunny’s link is where it’s at, but a quick tip – I’ve found that tapping near where the door of the house Maggie is sitting on works best. This is usually a good deal lower than the roof where you see Maggie and can be especially counter-intuitive when she’s in a house farm.

      I think the game tries to find the closest building or object to where you tap and when buildings are clustered this means it will keep choosing the house behind or beside the one you want unless you tap a little closer to its center or door. Also, since the game will zoom in when you successfully get Maggie, you can just keep tapping frantically below her until the game registers it.

  3. Suzanne Shisley

    I was a daily player (beg. 12/2012) until the Christmas with the wheel that despite an raging overabundance of spins denied me Shari Bobbins. I was frustrated and left because it was no fun anymore. I’m back as of 6 months ago, but I feel anxious every time there is a new event that I won’t be able to get what I want. I was gone when they offered Bobbins for donuts apparently. (heap on a little more frustrations). I’m back. I’m an avid watcher of the series. I wish there was a bit more downtime between events. This website keeps me sane…thank you!

    • Shary Bobbins was from Easter 2014, and believe me I share your pain. Hated that event. So much. They seem to have learned their lesson, though, there was even in-game dialogue about everyone hating the random wheel system at one point, and they haven’t done it again since, so it’s been almost two years. I think we’re safe. Welcome back!

      • I’ve never spent so many doughnuts. Hours before it ended I bought eggs or whatever it was until I had Hugs Bunny, Sherry Bobbins and Father Sean as well as Johnny Fiesta’s and Block -O store. There was a broken version of the Christmas wheel given to us as a decoration. It sits in my town as a reminder of the dark days of random prizes like a holocaust museum or Vietnam memorial.

      • I’ve placed the broken Kristmas Krusty wheel from 2014 in my recycling centre (Monorail event) area next to a pile of trash and a few dumpsters.

        • That’s not a bad idea! I have mine next to Clausco, as though it’s been thrown off the roof by Krusty Claus.

  4. I played one game for just over four years, got so every week there was a new mission, a new item to be bought, and as much as I once loved playing it, I began to hate it. So last Oct, I just ditched it, said Soz to all my playing buds and shut the door. Boy am I glad as from what they say, yep still have contact with some, it has got worse.
    I took over my Springfield from my hubby, he had to have half a kidney and a rib removed Sept 14,due to cancer and I kept his tapped out and quest for stuff ticking over. Then after he got home, insisted on carrying on tapped as I knew he would hate the heights, then monorail came too, (or was it t’other way round?) which again he would hate. After these he looked at the game and said not a clue, it’s yours now……
    Yes I like missions, hate the stressing am I going to earn enough currency? Then for a while after the lull is enjoyed, and a few more freebie doughnuts doing a week of monorail stuff, then it’s do I have time for another?

  5. My burnout comes from having too many events. SLOW THE GAME DOWN !!!
    Kudos (not Kodos) to EA in that for the past several events, the crash rate has gone down to pretty near zero.

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