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TSTO Anonymous: Jonesing for the Next Event

So it’s been a while since we held one of our TSTO Anonymous meetings and I thought it was high time we did one while we still had some time before the next big thing. I wracked my brains for a topic and Alissa kindly suggested we discuss the idea of “jonesing for the next event.” While we jokingly named this site TSTO Addicts, the idea of needing the next big fix is something synonymous with addiction. Why should it be any different for people that play mobile games?  We all want more of the stuff that we love. With that idea in mind, I found some images in my saved pics and rambled on with my thoughts about the next big thing. Fair warning, this might entail it being past midnight and half awake so pull up a chair, warm up the coffee, and let’s get this shindig started.

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TSTO Anonymous – March 2016 – Simp-Sin City & Stuff

Hey hey hey fellow Addicts. Here we are in the third Act of an event all about gambling in the City of Simp-sin,Vegasfield, insert clever name here, and I have to say I’m loving the event. Slots, craps, poker… and the best part is I’m not losing money or killing my liver with free drinks. Good old wholesome fun for the whole family over the age of 21 lol. Of course, gambling isn’t always fun and the first thing I thought about was Marge’s gambling addiction in “$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)” (S5:E10). Is it any surprise that Marge considered the effects of gambling addiction and started her own meeting?

Marge TSTO Dialogue Gamblers Anonymous

As we jokingly named this site TSTO Addicts because of how much we played and spent time on the game, I found this connection interesting. Heck… I thought the site name so funny I created a goofy twelve step program (sorry Marge… 12 is the name of the game) just for compulsive players like myself. Well, here we are about three and a half years into one of the funnest games I’ve ever played and it’s time for another TSTO Anonymous meeting. I figured we’d take a look at addiction in what I hope is a fun way.

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TSTO Anonymous: Fuzzy Thoughts About Burnout

With all the excitement of events this last few months… I’ve been remiss in holding our regular TSTO Anonymous gatherings. Arguably, the Addicts Open Threads acts as a meeting point for us to meet, commiserate, complain, joke, etc. but I enjoy the occasional chance to just ramble about the game with my favorite peeps. Lately, I’ve seen more and more grumpiness in the comment thread and I wonder if we’re folks are getting burnt out?

I know if you told me back in October 2013 that I’d be still playing this game years later I’d have probably checked your hand for a crazy stamp. But time flies when you’re having fun and here I am not only still playing but also writing about it. Loving The Simpsons helps me keep on keeping on but it truly is this wonderful community that makes it worth it and still fun. As a vague premise, we’re gonna call this meeting to order with the topic of Simpsons Burnout and see where it goes from there. The coffee is all ready and it’s time to gather.

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TSTO Anonymous: Springfield Stinks!

Holy moley!  What is that stench?  Smells like someone fudged their Huggies. Before I digress too far and start spontaneously singing a Lynyrd Skynyrd song, I should probably get myself on track.  So the monorail event is in full swing coupled with a lot of references to garbage episodes (the content, not quality) of the Best. Show. Ever.  One of the fun aspects of it all is dumping trash in your neighboring Springfields but it’s got me thinking.

Stinky Fort Sensible & Restaurants
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TSTO Anonymous – This is what happens when I’m topicless

Happy Good Friday everyone!

So with the superhero event concluded and EA bringing us some Easter goodness, I wondered if it was time to have another meeting of TSTO Anonymous.  Are all our members bored now?  Fretting over premium options that returned?  Ready for the next event/level/tie-in?  I figured there was no place like a digital TSTO Anon meeting to just come together and discuss whatever.  Fair warning that this might just be another veiled attempt by yours truly to ramble.  Only way to find out is to just grab a cup of coffee and get started.

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TSTO Anonymous: I’m sorry… soooooooo sorry

Heya Superfriends!

Wookiee back with another meeting of TSTO Anonymous for all my fellow addicted superheroes, vigilantes, caped crusaders and supervillains.  Usually during an event, right around this time, I see lots of disgruntled comments but it seems like this event is uber popular (as it should be to Geeks like me).  Without the normal need for a cup of sunshine to drive away the proverbial Kryptonite dragging you down, I figured we’d have a more upbeat meeting this time.  Maybe a little humor, some insight or maybe just some rambling by yours truly.  Who knows? I’ll just welcome you to the meeting and see where it goes.  Make sure you find the right room.

TSTO Anonymous

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TSTO Anonymous: January 2015

Wowza… it’s been quite a while since we held a TSTO Anonymous meeting here on the site and once again it’s my fault. Last time we gathered it was August 1st of last year. Jeesh how the time flies by. Lots of stuff has happened since then. New levels, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas… phew.  Just a “few” months between meetings and Wookiee needs a topic… hmmmm… guess nothing else to do but fire up the coffee pot and get started, right?

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TSTO Anonymous… Bridging the Generation Gap?

Well hey there Addicts?  How’s life?  The Christmas event is over and I don’t know about all of you but I’m exhausted.  Seems like the perfect moment for another meeting of TSTO Anon.

TSTO Anon 2

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TSTO Anonymous… The Birth of an Addict

Well hello there Addicterinos, Tapaholics and TSTO Junkies,

I find it hilarious that none of these terms seem offensive to me.  What a cool thing it is that being “addicted” to a mobile app is something we treasure here on this site.  In a world full of some really uncool and bumerrific stuff, there are so many worse things than really, really, really liking a silly, little game based on The Simpsons.

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TSTO Anonymous – 6 Dec 13

Hey there.  Been a while since we had a meeting and for that I apologize.  With all the updates, vacations and other assorted trivia, sometimes life can just get away from you while you take things one tap at a time.

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