Where Did THAT Come From – Paris Texan & Billionaire Haven

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where Did THAT Come From?


Wowza… has EA been hitting us with stuff over and over or what? You might think they like when there’s quests for all of it but before I start rambling about a completely different topic, I thought it was high time I finally dished on the origins of Paris Texan. She is a character that is earned once tappers upgrade their Springfield Heights to a real estate value of one billion dollars. There was a time I thought I’d never get my area to this mark but after EA so kindly made it possible to pick the building facades to the look I desired once they were completely upgraded, I was off to the races and finally earned the Billionaire Haven. Since I’m sure my story is probably not unlke and a lot of you may have finished this mark in TSTO… I figured it was high time I dished on the origins of these items. Let’s take a look at the Best. Show. Ever.

First up, Paris Texan. We first meet her in “Homerazzi” (S18:E16). Homer decides to make money as a member of the paparazzi and armed with a camera, he take shots of everyone from Krusty the Clown to Drederick Tatum. One of the places he goes for celebrity shots is Fancy Farms, the snooty supermarket all the celebrities shop at.

Fancy Farms Simpsons

Homer’s goal is to ambush famous people and capture some photos. Bart and him spot the Rich Texan and his daughter Paris in the store. Bart insults her so they can get photos of Paris behaving badly. I think it’s funny when Paris tells her Chihuahua to barf for mommy but it’s even funnier that she kisses Bart at the end of all the fight pics.

Paris Texan Simpsons

Paris must have a thing for kissing young boys since we later see her kissing Milhouse at the celebrity party at the Snub Club. At the end of the episode, she is also at Rainier Luftwaffe Wolfcastle’s off shore party platform with her dad.

Paris Texan Simpsons 2

In “All About Lisa” (S19:E20), there’s a character that resembles Paris among the attendees at the 38th Annual Springfield Showbiz Awards in one of the quick flash scenes. Also could just be a random blonde-headed Springfieldian but the Rich Texan was there too so maybe. Paris did go to another awards show later and is wearing the same dress in “Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou?” (S21:E8)… the 62nd Annual Emmy Creative Awards. It’s so awful Homer and Lisa would rather watch sick horses be turned into gelatin for gum drops.

Paris Texan Simpsons 3

Our last appearance is during the Weezer song in “Waverly Hills 9-0-2-1-D’oh” (S20:E19). Paris is seen walking through Waverly Hills with her Chihuahua in her backpack. Must not be a teacup Chihuahua since it has its own tiny Chihuahua in its own backpack.

Waverly Hills Paris Texan Simpsons

But enough about a parody of a person I find loathsome. Let’s take a look at the item that unlocks her. While the Billionaire’s Haven is not connected to Paris, it is one of those places a girl like her would probably hang out with her daddy. This particular item is ceratinly inspired by the Billionaire’s Retreat from “The Burns and the Bees” (S20:E8). Burns has fun with Ted Turner, the founder of Facebook ,and other rich muckety mucks at the Billionaire’s Retreat.

Billionaire's Retreat Simpsons

They roast gems over an open fire, shoot arrows at priceless paintings, play Quidditch, and generally have fun. The Rich Texan is among the billionaires at the retreat.  Where else could rich guys with insane net-worths tell campfire stories and bet their personal assistants in high stakes poker games?

Billionaire's Retreat Simpsons 2

Just make sure if you’re ever lucky enough to be a member of this elite group that you don’t lose money to a little girl and her bees and end up thrown to the millionaire’s camp. They own minor league hockey teams (shudder). So that’s that friendereenos. The origins of Paris Texan and the Billionaire’s Haven. Have you earned these yet? What do you think of them? Sound off in the comments and happy tapping.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

55 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Paris Texan & Billionaire Haven

  1. Maybe I’m alone here, but after all the work I did to get billionaire haven I don’t have anywhere to put it. I’m not really a fan of the look of it honestly and was wondering if anyone has found things to hide it behind?

  2. How do you get billionaire haven? I can’t seem to build any Real Estate points, what am I doing wrong?

    • You just have to keep grinding away for it honestly. It can take awhile…

    • You also need to upgrade the buildings that you already have for SH.
      EG: Business centre, Modern Mansion etc. Click on the building you want to upgrade and it will tell you what you need to upgrade it. When you click on the building for eg on the business centre it will have ‘upgrade’ with a picture of the pill (you need from pharmaceutical) and the trophie (you need from the movie theatre) so you need to click on the buildings to send your characters there to earn those items.. (it can/does take a long time)
      Also buying SH decorations helps: I usually go to the furniture shop (earn the chairs) then buy decorations..
      Another way is to send Cookie Kwan on the task (‘Advertise Springfield Heights’) it helps gain real estate points too.
      Hope this helps.. (sorry if it is a bit long…)

  3. I have neglected my Springfield Heights tasks for a long time. I kind of don’t really think about it. I didn’t actually realise billionaire Haven came with a character and I also like the ‘new’ items (available after unlocking marketing agency) so I have recently started SH again.
    I know some don’t like SH and also just wondering (I have seen comments that a lot of people doesn’t like Krusty Land as well)
    Just wondering… reasons for tappers not liking SH and K.land?
    I know it’s personal choice etc- just curious tho…

    • Only problem I have wth Krustyland is that they just gave up on it. No changes so my Krustyland just sits there and I never visit anymore. With SH I see it as no different thany event. I think that both have interestng items available for it. I find it was wth the time to collect those. Sure SH is grind but all events are grinds and at least with SH you have no timer on it. So no complaints from me.

      • That’s true regarding Krustyland, some new items to buy even with donuts would be nice, I still visit my Krustyland but only the same 1 or 2 neighbours ever visit my krustyland (and they are brand new players) and when I go to neighbours- most of their Krustylands are neglected..
        I like your view on SH- We have “forever” to collect the items or we can take a break if we don’t like all the grinding,then come back to it. 🙂

  4. Her character feels like it should pay out like a Premium, given all the work you have to put in to get her.

    Still, I got the Billionaire Haven a month or so ago, which makes me happy because now I don’t have to bother with Springfield Heights anymore.

    On the other hand, the addition of SH has given us a few positive things: (1) more land and (2-4) three new characters — Cookie Kwan, Lindsey Naegle and Paris Texan.

    And lest I forget, SH briefly let us build Premium tennis courts for freemium currency! My Springfield’s % bonus is very happy with SH.

  5. Finally unlocked this last night. The payoff wasn’t really worth the grind IMO. REALLY glad to be done with it (till EA adds something new)!

  6. 9 million go go, the last 50M were the hardest. What am i gonna do after that *sbudders

  7. oh nice. im almost finished with the last item on that list @ 939m. amg. soooo close. XP. yay! for a new character. *getsbacktogrinding* ilovelilmaggiesgame

  8. I joined the billionaire’s club in December. As mentioned, being able to pick the facade of the buildings motivated me to do more upgrading. I particularly enjoy the versatility of the office buildings, and those pay out a lot when fully upgraded. Yeah, it was a grind, but now I have a new character and a lot of decorating possibilities 🙂

  9. I’m with all of you that find SH a grinding grind. Twelve minute tasks are annoying particularly because theyre just long enough to be too long for my visits. Consequently its difficult to build up pills quickly. And they’re gone in a hurry.

    The most irritating thing is in the last phase of the Monorail quest, my game froze. Everytime I would load it would freeze. I uninstalled twice to no avail. It finally was fixed with the new update—but I missed out on the Mall o Rail and the Railyard.

    I cannot tell you how profoundly irritating it is for me to have an unfinished light rail system in my city.

    I keep waiting for it to show up in the store too. Hasn’t yet though! Oh well.

  10. Duplicate comment?! Oh sorry I guess!

    I’m at around 250 million so I’m not even close. Trying to get more monorail pieces and donuts so SH is on a slower pace. Ill get there one day though. It’s obvious some of my neighbors are cheaters because one of them even has over 1.5 billion now. But I don’t care, I keep playing my own game. I would like to see a deeper ocean though! Those islands are filling up my squidport and water, some feel out of place so close to the shoreline.

    Oh and to be able to connect both springfields with the monorail would be nice!

    And Paris Texan, an obvious reference to the movie, “Paris, Texas”. And obviously based on that other Paris. I like the creativity though!

  11. I’ve ignored SH for a looooong time with all the events running but the grind has started again. With the Find Maggie bonuts steadily baking for me I’ve started taking turns between SH & the railyard. I’ve set easy goals like 1 upgrade/decoration or topping up a couple resources before switching over to the Railyard.
    Just placed the lake & sitting a little over 200mil. I’ll get there no doubt! What I really enjoy is how I can pick it up & drop it at my leisure. No pressure = fun for me! Plus it gives me time to decide on SH designs😀

  12. When I finally got her I was disappointed that her 4 task to pose for paparazzi had moved from Springfield Lake to the Lamborgotti Fasterossa.

  13. Curious….Is it really necessary to get far in SH? Im only at barely 25 mil….yes…million. I hate SH. I only putz around there if im really REALLY bored. Theres a few things that look cool but i would prefer more normal springfield goodies i guess.

    • Not really. I’m not really bothering with it beyond some play here and there. Only important if you want Billionaire Haven, otherwise no big deal.

  14. I find the SH tasks so painful. It’s tough to stay attentive in 30 second, 2 minute, 8 minute, 12 minute and 16 minute durations (and all the combinations there of). If you could just set an hour task or something, it might be more doable, but then to max out on some resources and be low on others… Ugh. I’m at $300m and not real eager to keep going. Most of the building look totally out of place as well. That said, there are a lot of great decorations.

    • Yeah, I really liked when they added the 1 hour task for Number 1 at the mountain lodge to control lattes. I wish they’d add more tasks like that for other characters.

      • I never knew this. Thanks for the tip!

      • I was just about to say the same thing. Having that task really helps…I am not always hanging around in TSTO, so I’m not usually checking SH to clear and start tasks. His 1 hour task is perfect. They definitely need to expand this to the other items for SH.

    • Actually, RoamD, you’re doing well with your design! Much more coherent than a lot of other layouts I’ve seen. By the VERY weirdest coincidence, I was doing my neighbor-eeno visits when I was reading your comment and had to do a Homer double take! I notice our SH promenades are remarkably similar, heh! 😉 Sorry you’re finding it difficult to proceed so maybe just put in some exclusive resorts or a private island or five and it will boost your net worth in no time. I don’t find SH as much of a grind as everyone else does because I plug my phone into a charger and work at the same time as my tasks are running. It appeals to the ADHD in me, clearly.

      • Steshanie! Yes, I totally copied your promenade, but I’m afraid it’s a poor imitation. I re-arragned a bunch of things to make it fit better, but yours is still far nicer. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’m at full level and money is less of an issue, so I’ve been working on the aesthetics. I really like your town a lot and have been taking ‘inspiration’ from my neighbours and from the instagram postings to make mine look as nice as I can while still being really functional for grinding.

        • You flatter me and I thank you for the compliment! 🙂 You do yourself a disservice — there really is no such thing as ‘copying’ because every neighbor-eeno has ideas and are an inspiration in one way or another. We take what we see and make it our own and you’ve done a good job of it! Besides, isn’t everyone’s Springfield a continuous work-in-progress? I have to admit that I power-tapped my way through SH because I really wanted Paris Texan and had to allot the space for Billionaire Haven but now I’m seriously considering killing my ski slope/lodge area because I feel like it’s squashed. Oh, I REALLY like what you’ve done with your farming area! Nice touch with the heart trees! Just keep playing away and grind when you can. Convenient placement is key!

  15. I feel at this rate it will take me yearssss to obtain them. I have a love/hate relationship with SH, I dread working on it, but I think that that causes me to get super pumped when I do unlock something. Still only at 190M

  16. Is he really “The” Rich Texan? I thought his name was actually Rich(ard) Texan.

  17. I’m a little over half way there, but I kind of doubt I’ll ever get her. It seems like it’s taken me forever to get this far and there are too many characters that get diverted away from SH tasks for the rail yard or event tasks.

  18. Billionaires Haven, I wish it was an island. I’m just glad it didn’t come with Rupert Murdoch (even if they bring a real life celebrity, I wouldn’t want him).

    When Paris finished her task at B.H. the white tiger flashed (disappeared for a second) made me wonder if EA will make it an NPC with shared takes with Ernst and Gunther (if they ever show up in the game)

  19. Though I’ve heard guys use the term “dish/dished” before, coming from a Wookie seemed out of place. Whateves :p

    Paris Hil..I mean Texan is a Meh of a character I was happy to grind for her (that sounds wrong). But since I made the (cue Dr.Evil) One Billion Dollars, I’ve given up on S. Heights (except trying to get more land space).

    I like an idea of a Paparazzi event if it brings us the ability to lay down Red Carpet and get more Simpson created Celebraties and shutterbugs like Troy McClure, Gabbo, Dave Shutton etc.

  20. When I think about it, I’m not sure why I dislike this character so much. Because, when I think about it, I have mostly liked the real life person she is based on. I mean, what do I really know about her? Just the show she did with her friend (before they split), which I liked. That she dropped her friend bothered me, but that’s probably just a girl thing or something that I don’t understand. (I’m not female nor rich.) Back to liking her, she has this way about messing with people (in an almost loving way) that made for good TV. Does she act this way in her real life? I dunno. Except, there’s this one thing I saw… where she seemed rather “nice”. (Will this make it past the censors? lol) Okay, maybe the one part of her personality that I might dislike is she whines and begs for things. (Maybe I’m just jealous that I can’t do that. lol)

    *cough* Anyways, to the character… dunno. Maybe it’s just the drawing. I really don’t like these celebrity drawing in the Simpsons. Some people have said they want more celebrities, like Bowie. But the designs are usually so close to their real looks and so far from the Simpsons universe. Is this the first celeb in the game, btw? I believe it is. (Don’t count voice actors, if you’re answering this.) I do like the little doggie. The second level doggie, too. Cute.

    (Is it all downhill from season 18 on? 😉 )

    I’m not very interested in unlocking her or the haven, obviously. The haven is okayish, but would have been great if it were much bigger. Seems sillily small. Maybe by the time I get there, slowly and not on purpose, I’ll be happy to unlock them?

  21. Getting your real estate value up is nearly impossible without diverting from other quests and focusing solely on Springfield Heights. It’s draining. When is EA just going to offer these buildings for donuts so we can just move on already?

    • It’s given me something do in downtime. I finally earned this yesterday. The entire game is draining. Not just SH. Wheever there is an event you go crazy trying to accomplish the tasks. Well, honestly now with SH….I am taking a break until the next thing.

    • You can pay donuts to upgrade them. Sounds like it would be in the 100s, at least.

  22. I would like to unlock her BUT SE is sooooo boring and it almost takes forever to get to that point unless I used a ton of clams.

  23. I’m so glad SH posts are back! I know you guys have been busy but I hope we can get some more during this downtime!

  24. Good for you. I am still under $600 million.

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