Where Did THAT Come From – Burns’ Casino, Britannia Casino, Woodstock Casino & Burns’ Fountain

Helloooooooooooo High Rollers! How are the one-armed bandits treating you?

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where Did THAT Come From?

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Welcome to Simp-Sin City!

Oh Lordy… EA finally decided to pull from another classic episode and I could not be more thrilled. The Burns’ Casino has been an item desired by tappers for a long time and now it’s finally in our games in not just a level update, but one doozy of an event. Of course, not everyone is familiar with all the assorted chips and token of the Best. Show. Ever. so I get the privilege of re-watching episodes and sharing images and words. Let’s check out the TV Series to find this new casino.

“$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)” (S5:E10)

Ever hear tappers talk about the gambling problem of one Marjorie Jacqueline Bouvier Simpson? This is the episode that started it all and why weirdos like me always worry for her whenever a casino appears in the show. Springfield used to be a prosperous city but has fallen into the state we’ve all come to know and love. The economy has hit the town hard, even Mr. Burns. It all started when Fort Springfield was closed impacting the liquor and prostitution industry. My apologies but I had to share this image as I was once stationed in Fayettenam. Too funny.

Fort Bragg Simpsons

Anyhoo… the town holds a meeting to discuss the financial crisis. Grampa suggests good old-fashioned gumption but Skinner suggest rejuvenating the economy with legalized gambling. Burns is excited to get the chance to “tighten his strangle hold on this dismal town.” The best part of the discussion is when they ask for objections and how all the townspeople all look to Marge. Poor beautiful Mrs. Simpson, can’t they see she just worries about things going well? For once, she actually agrees with the town. Legalized gambling it is! A whole new beginning for the town.

Mr. Burns is set to open up his own casino on the waterfront and after giggling for a minute about laming an Irishman with a bumper car as a child, looks at one prototype for it… the Britannia Casino.

Britannia Casino Simpsons

“Gambling with all the glitz and glamor of the British Isles. Best of all, the waitresses and showgirls are all real Brits. Fresh from the streets of Sussex they are.”  I guess someone decided to build this without Mr. Burns’ approval.  The Woodstock Casino idea was fun too.

Woodstock Casino Simpsons

Burns turns down the offers and decides to build his mecca to stealing folks money himself. All it needs is sex appeal and a catchy name.  Nothing says sexy like Burns as a mermaid lol.

Mr. Burns' Casino Simpsons

Homer gets a job at the casino as a blackjack dealer and Lisa can’t decide what state to dress up as because Nevada makes her butt look big but the casino seems okay. There’s a blood bank on premises, retired heavyweight boxer Gerry Cooney mentions the VIP Platinum Club we’re currently upgrading in the game, AND there’s Burns’ Fountain right in the casino.

Mr. Burns' Casino Mermaid Fountain Simpsons

What else to say… Bart opens a casino, Marge turns into the green-eyed monster and becomes addicted to playing slots, and Burns goes all Howard Hughes watching people gamble. Oh yeah… the Boogie Man went after Lisa, Homer and Bart too. Truly a jampacked episode full of hilarity.

Mr. Burns' Casino Simpsons 2

You can also watch “Viva Ned Flanders” (S10:E10) to see Burns’ Casino again. It’s there at the very beginning and “the house that social security check built… (is being) demolished to make way for a casino-themed family hotel.” The casino is awesomely exploded.  Pretty great that the demolition team didn’t get the memo about imploding it.

Mr. Burns' Casino Exploded Simpsons

The demolished version is seen later in the episode.  I don’t know why, but I wish we has this option in the event also.

Demolished Mr. Burns' Casino Simpsons

So there you have it… this whole event is Skinner’s fault. Either him or Gamblor and his neon claws.  What do you think of all these?  Have you earned the fountain and Britannia Casino yet?  Liking the event?  Sound off in the comments and hopefully we all are experiencing lots of beginner’s luck in this crazy gambling thingamadoo.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

91 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Burns’ Casino, Britannia Casino, Woodstock Casino & Burns’ Fountain

  1. Thanks Alissa..
    Yep, it worked! Horrah!

  2. Hi there,
    Can someone help?
    Why am I not being awarded my club card points when I complete a Burns’ Casino Prize challenge? Thus, taking longer to move up a level on the Burns’ Casino Players Club?

    • I need more information…

      You can only get club points from prizes, crafting & premium items. All of which you have to place and build in your town before getting the points, so they can’t be in your inventory.

      • Hi Alissa,
        Currently I’m doing the Casino Nessie part on The Burns’ Casino Prize and like the award is 300 club card points, but I never seem to get these points awarded!

        • You won Nessie already? Did you store it? or place it in your town immediately?

          • No haven’t won nessie yet, but I didn’t get the points for the lucky casino and the one before.. I placed the sign straight away and stored the lucky casino to make space for it.. Does that make a difference?

            • Yes you need to place and build. You won’t get points until you place it and build it (and the build timer finishes and you clear it)…

  3. The only thing missing from the Burns Casino is Smithers’ Drag Review (lol – we need a Smithers Showgirl skin, please) …. these episodes still offer up laughs even when they are dated by pop culture at the time of the original broadcast 🙂

  4. I figured out that the dice game isn’t random at all.
    It’s actually stacked in the players favor, very much.
    For instance if you pick 3 every time. The only non winning animations are for 5-5-12, and 4-6-8, every other combination I have seen (out of about 50 attempts) gives you a winning 3 at some point.

  5. Am I really really unlucky or …… Are there others who have played for the last nine hours and only managed to spawn ten gamblers and one coin ?
    Sure I’ve had my casino mature three times and used the twenty four coins it gave me …. But didn’t win any level up currency .

    Zero wrong with playability of the game just mind numbing lay boring and unplayable .

    • I also have experienced a decrease in rambling gamblers. No tokens in the last 8 hours from the gamblers. Humbug!

  6. Hi Guys,

    I’m fairly new to Tapped Out, at Level 13. But, I have done all the quests up until the quest where you need Marge, as I don’t have her yet. I’ve got the Burns Fountain and just got the Impulse Wedding Chapel and 1/10th of the way to Magic Milhouse.
    However, I know because of my level I will not be able to complete the event completely as I’m a pretty poor level. However, sorry if this is a stupid question, but it is my first major event, will I still be able to continue getting Act 1 prizes even once Act 2 has begun? Also, will the Act 2 quests start independently from the Act 1 ones, as I don’t think I’ll be able to complete the Act 1 quests for a while – as it may be a few days before I can get Marge? Lastly, I am fairly disappointed that I won’t be able to take part in this event as much as I would like as I’m not at a good enough level yet, so when do you think the next major event like this will be out, so I can look forward to that time to have a better share in yet event?

    Thanks guys, sorry if these are very nooby question. Thanks again.

    • Just do what you can. When we all first start, we feel so far behind. But as you continue to play and progress, it will get easier. Act 2 will start back at 0 Chips for everyone, so you can get a fresh start. EA usually offers the items from Act 1 in Act 2, but they will only be available for donuts and only by tapping on the Act 1 Tab in the Personal Prize screen.

      Don’t let where you are stop you from having fun and enjoying an Event. Just play, see how far you can get, don’t stress that you have to get it all now. Items may return again later or in a Gil Deal or Sale. 😉

      • Thank you for your reply.
        Yeah, that makes sense. I just wish I could have participated more in this event as its really enjoyable, and feel that I’ve missed out a bit. I’ll just have to do the best I can and look forward to another event in the future. Thanks again.

        • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

          I started shortly before Halloween, about 18 months ago.
          I managed to craft a fewJack-o-lanterns. How in Beelzebub am I supposed to play this game!? Slowly, slowly you acquire characters, crawl up Levels which allow you to access sub-events and not feel orphaned.
          As Bunny says, don’t let being a little behind get you down. I’m a big behind and I’m rarely down – possibly because my wife says that I’m clueless.

          • I share your thoughts. I started TSTO in 2012 and didn’t understand what the blazes I had to do with the event. Short of players,…. I started to watch The Simpsons and all became clear to me.

          • I also started at the exact same time, with few characters and no friends. So I didn’t get much from that event except a few pumpkins and purple walls etc. the only disappointment is not getting a character, but they will come. It’s great to be going through those levels you are at for the first time!

  7. I wish they let us build the casino on the waterfront, where it was in the original episode 🙁

    • You can; they patched it a little while ago.

      • I was thinking the patch would also work for La Belle Frottage, went through all the trouble of relocating 15 boardwalk tiles to the front of La Maison Derriere and guess what? 😱😦😵😥 Help me out here, EA!

      • Rats! This means I have rerebuild my Squidport!

    • I believe the casino was on Squidport and you can put it there now.

      • But take care, the casino goes on the boardwalk, but other event related stuff doesn’t and I read someone was disappointed when they couldn’t do their whole design
        🎲 🎲 🙂

  8. So I got Lucius Sweet and have racked up 6 donuts so far. What are your guys’ thoughts about saving up game tokens for the next act? Think the currency will stay the same? Since we just got Cletus’s Dice Den a few days ago, I can’t imagine that we won’t be able to play it anymore. Anyway, I’m just not sure if I should keep trying for more donuts or save up and get a head start on act 2 if possible.

  9. blackhawk12151

    My game keeps crashing when I scroll through the crafting menu. I uninstalled and re-downloaded the app but it didn’t fix the issue. Any other suggestions? I’m using an iPhone 6 128g, shouldn’t be a memory problem.

  10. Heh heh. “You gotta Globetrotter that explosion up, Farnsie: Make it a’ *IM*plosion!”

  11. Cool. Didn’t recall it being demolished.

    The More You Learn.

    • It would be cool if the tank could also demolish the casino.

      Speaking of, I can only knock down the Kwik-e-Mart with my tank. Someone mentioned a screen to aim the tank, I send Wiggum on the task and when I tap him at the end, it auto fires. How do I aim? Thanks for any help.

  12. I have all the prizes but I still have lots of tokens. Should I save them for act two?

  13. I bought miss springfield package and never got the hostess outfit who do I complain to or am I doing something wrong in game

  14. Happy Birthday, Ciara! Hope you’re having a grand day! 🙂

  15. Got the fountain and Burns’ Casino, a long way for me to reach to Brittania Casino.

  16. I said hop in… (Click)

    Makes me laugh every time.


  17. Freshen yer drink guvnah?

    Cause that’s how us English really speak.


  18. It would be nice to have a casino skin for Bart’s treehouse.

  19. My favorite part of the episode when they demolished the casino was Lisa’s comment about being surprised they moved it when they moved the town, referring back to the gargage episode where some of the garbage related characters and items we received during the Monorail event came from.

  20. Fayettenam…hahaha. It’s not that bad… I was stationed up the road at Seymour Johnson AFB. Thanks for your service fellow vet and another reason this is the best …site…ever!

  21. sweetheart_vic@yahoo.com

    Hi Alyssa,
    Is there something wrong with Maggie and finding her? Every time I try to find her, she’s always at the school on the stairs but I can’t click on her.

    • try tapping on the base of the building itself..

    • I had (have) the same problem…she’s not really there. Ever since the casino event, Maggie ALWAYS shows up on the steps of the schoolhouse when I scroll around looking for her (complete with sound). The first time it happened I tapped all over and nothing. After that, I learned to tap once, then move on when nothing happened, and I’ve always found her somewhere else. (she even lingers after I’m done until I close out and open again)
      So my advice, tap once or twice on her, then go look for her somewhere else if nothing happens

  22. Thought some of y’all might find this interesting: http://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/import-immigration-comedy-series-shopped-simpsons-actress/

    • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

      Side note – congratulations, Sandra, and boy am I jealous.
      Only $4.5 million until you are done grinding in SH
      Wanna work on mine?
      $350 million to go!

  23. I really wish the Brittish waitress/showgirl (looks like Ginger Spice on crack) was included. “Freshen ya drink, Guv’nah?”

  24. Britannia’s model is reversed from the Game design (in the game Big Ben is on the Left). 😮

    Considering the event isn’t over and at least the Mr.Burns/Hues skin shows up in Character Collection I suspect you aren’t done with this episode (plus the Spruce Moose.. Oh… You are saving it for later 😉 ) plus the Vagas wives..

    But I REALLY REALLY Want Ernst and Gunter (and Anastasia) it frustrates me because it EA already has a White Tiger in the game, they have Tatum walk a regular tiger, S. Mel rides an unicycle, What’s the problem?? Anyway I don’t suspect them in any Level Update so all I can hope for is a surprise Gil Deal or a new event Casino 2.0 or Magic Event (I know I’ve mentioned it before)… :/

    One more gripe while I’m here :p Why does Marge only have a quick one time task at the Casino?

    (I know Wookie didn’t make the game nor works for EA and the questions and rants aren’t directed at him specifficly)

    So the Fountain is IN the casino… And the Gaint Aztec Head is meant to be IN the Simpson’s Basement… So can we suspect someday we’ll get other internal items for our outside? Simpson Couch, Mr. Burn’s Polar Bear, Bender? :p

    I loved this episode so much I wanted to write a Fan Fiction Casino Event concept.

    ….ok, I’m done for now.. Ok, one more … Wish Mr. Burns had a 24 hour “Laugh about the crippled Irishman” task (maybe for St. Patrick’s Day, fingers crossed) :p

    • I’m hoping Marge plays more of a important part in the next act. Like part 1 is her against it, part 2 is her being consumed by it and part 3 is about her realizing what is important- her family. But when does Marge ever get a fair go? :p

      • Personally, I’ve been glad Marge hasn’t been needed for the event, since I have her constantly busy at either the rail yard or Springfield Heights. Once Paris is mine (which I’m hoping *might* be by tomorrow), then I could maybe spare Marge for a task or two.

    • I thought it could be placed the other way as shown in the show, so the clock says 3ish instead of 9ish but I couldn’t do that as the door would be on the side where the river is
      🃏 🎲 🎲 🙂

    • If you mean the Olmec Head, it’s already there. It the 1st prize from the Friends Point system

    • The Problem Child

      Big Ben is on the right in game, and looks just like it does in the show:

      • It depends which way you place it. The vertical and horizontal placements are mirror images (as it is with most buildings excluding a few like lard lads).

  25. Now I want the Woodstock casino. Thanks

    • Keep your fingers crossed, it might be on the prize track in act 2
      😉 🙂

    • Okay, all right, wait, now…now dig this, man…

    • I’d be surprised if they included the Britannia and not the Woodstock. EA wouldn’t want to anger the hippies, they’ll picket at the drop of a dime.

      • Wow, I’m getting bad with these malapropisms, I believe what I meant to say is that they’ll picket “at the drop of a hat.” Not a dime. Speaking of malapropisms, has anyone noticed that McBain’s 24 hour task is listed as “fight a climatic battle?” Which would be a battle “of or relating to the climate.” Unless McBain’s joined the rainbow warriors I think they meant a “climactic” battle.

  26. Hi Wookiee,
    There are 3 acts in this event?! OMG why didn’t anyone say anything? (joking of course) could resist being a brat!
    Happy Friday night too you, thanks for episode # I can watch it tomorrow!🍻😈

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