Should I Spend Donuts on the Notre Dame of Springfield & Groundskeeper Seamus?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So St. Easter hit our games recently…and really it’s just St. Patrick’s Day stuff, for now.  And with it arrived several new St. Patrick’s Day inspired premium items.

Now with the new content I know you may be trying to if any of it is worth YOUR donuts, but don’t sweat it!  We’re here to tell you what’s worth the donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the Notre Dame of Springfield and Groundskeeper Seamus to your Springfield?  Well before you hit the confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this combo to your Springfield!

Notre_Dame_of_Springfield Seamus

Character: Groundskeeper Seamus
Building: Notre Dame of Springfield
Donut Price: 150 donuts
Earns: $175,18xp/6hrs
No impact

Leaves Stores on March 20th

-Character and building combo, where the character earns 50% more cash and XP on all tasks (despite what some of you initially thought, this is not a skin for Willie)
-Amusing outdoor tasks
-Comes with a questline
-Uses O’Flanagan’s

-His best task is a joint task with Willie
-A bit pricey for what this combo is, it’s not like it’s a classic character like Luann
-The building has no impact on the Conform-O-Meter

Final Thought:
So premium players this one is a toss up in my mind.  It is an amusing character, and I do like that he uses O’Flanagan’s.  Plus the joint task with Willie cracks me up…but it is a bit pricey for who/what this is.  So this is one where I would recommend, if you like it get it.  But only because you really appreciate the combo.  Don’t buy it for practical purposes, as I can give you a bunch of better combos to buy.

Freemium players I would pass on this one.  The price is a huge negative with this, and I just don’t feel that Seamus is worth those hard earned donuts!  So I would avoid this one.

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would/wouldn’t do…and I can tell you personally I’m on the fence with this one.  However, whatever you decide just make sure you do so before he leaves our games on March 20th.

Groundskeeper Seamus’ Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Drink a Can of Beer 1hr $105, 26xp O’ Flanagans
Fight Willie 2hrs $285, 67xp Outside Notre Dame, Requires Willie
Drink at O’Flanagan’s 4rs $260, 70xp O’Flanagans
Clean Up with a Leafblower 8hrs $420, 105xp Outside
Attend an IPA Meeting 12hrs $600, 150xp O’Flanagans
Go to Jail 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Springfield Penitentiary

What are your thoughts on Groundskeeper Seamus and Gil’s deal?  Will you be spending donuts to bring it to your Springfield?  Or did you already?  Where have you placed Notre Dame in your Springfield?  Thoughts on the questline?  How about his tasks?  Sound off in the comments below you know we love hearing from you!

41 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on the Notre Dame of Springfield & Groundskeeper Seamus?

  1. Just got this for 60 donuts in the Medieval Mystery Box! 🙂

  2. Reluctantly bought a St. Patrick’s day mystery box (I was 5 donuts short on the Rich Texan) and got the Notre Dame of Springfield. I am happy with my prize!😊

  3. Got him for 80 D’s this have been a great Irish event
    I’ve saved heaps

  4. D’oh, I meant to pick this up and ran out of time!

  5. Rationally I can’t argue with your recommendations, and as a freemium player, I should have let this one pass by. As a Notre Dame alumnus, however, I couldn’t resist picking it up (even though I know that the building is modeled after that “other” Notre Dame in Paris).

    I decided to do my best to recreate the core of campus in my game. Mr. Burns’ mansion makes a pretty good facsimile of the administration building — if only I could paint the dome gold 🙂

    I don’t have quite the space I need or the right type of architecture, but it’s a fun little design project. Next step is to add some trees to really fill in the space.

  6. Whilst I like and bought this character I will admit the slightly sweary sound bit that I won’t quote on here when I put him onto a task took me slightly by surprise.

  7. The fact he fights Willie is enough for me to spend spend spen

  8. The long and short of it is that I just don’t have a good place for this building in my town. I generally only spend donuts on something that I really want for design purposes, or characters I really want. This is simply neither. Sorry, Seamus.

  9. I’d like to get it, but I already bought Miss Springfield and the Vegas wives, so I’m down to 65 donuts, and I can’t justify dumping like $15 on this combo. This is easily the most reasonable Gil deal I’ve seen, though (that isn’t some kind of sale).

  10. I’m tempted because of the style of the building, but I can’t for the life of me place either it or groundskeeper Seamus. I think I’ll wait for a WDTCF? write up before I make up my mind.

  11. This is a much better of a buy at less than double the cost of a worthless red leprechaun.

  12. Love it, bought it. No way I was passing on another Irish man. And one who dukes it out with Willie! I don’t think the price was bad at all. 150 donuts for a building and a cool character? Plus I don’t even think about the conform-o-meter unless it dips. I don’t take into account the earnings. If it’s fun, cool and reasonably priced, I’m in. Especially with a limited item like this.
    On most events I hang on the freemiun side. But, what can I say, I’m Irish. 😁

  13. I got Seamus right away as well as all three leprechauns. I think the fight Willie task is hilarious. I’m having fun with this update. Thanks so much for the quick sib posts!

  14. A character & building for 150 donuts is a good buy. EA is FINALLY getting it. Gil deals are only a deal if it includes a new character.

    How’s this sound for the “spoiler at the end of the event” next event:

    Event: Hells Satan’s come to town

    Meat Hook (free)
    Ram Rod (premium)

    Hell Satan Homer (free)
    Hell Satan Moe (free)
    Hell Satan Lenny (premium)
    Hell Satan Carl (premium)
    Hell Satan Moe (free)

    Gil Deal
    Greasers Cafe with Wolfguy Jack

    Desert patch (same as from Bob’s event)
    Desert patch 2 (with cacti)

    • I had that same proposal on the 2016 wish list sans the desert patches which I would love to see return as I have regretted not crafting any. I also think a Movementarian event would be pretty fun.

    • Nah. Rather see the Fighting Hell FISH.

  15. I like this church and the fight task looks like fun, but I vowed not to get another church in Springfield until they have a synagogue and I usually have Willie busy at the rail yard, so I don’t know how often I’d use him in that task (plus, it’s not a task that you can send him on via the Unemployment Office).

    But I don’t think it’s too bad a deal and, if it comes back at some point in the future, I might reconsider. (Heck – I might even reconsider before this event is over, if I win some more iTunes gift cards via Quick Thoughts!)

    • As for the synagogue, maybe we’ll get one when we finally get Rabbi Krustofsky. It’d be great to get him as part of a Father’s Day event, or maybe an event related to Passover.

      • Passover is my favorite of the Jewish holidays, so I hope you’re right! I’d happily skip yet another Easter event for a nice Passover event. There’s so much material they could pull from the Haggadah that it would be easy to make a whole full-fledged event from it (although I doubt that, if they ever did a Passover event, it would ever be more than a mini-event).

  16. Had to get it. Cool to see a Catholic church in Springfield.

  17. I’ve been noticing a subtle new trend with EA since the donuts became plentiful. For one, sooooo many people are thrilled, but unless you’re a tapper in there all day long (myself, I’m in about every 4 hrs+), and unless you rarely sleep for 6+ hrs at a stretch, those donuts seem plentiful, but really they don’t add up so fast. I know people got rounds and rounds of bonuts this event, but as an example, I only got 2 rounds in Act 2 and I missed my rail yard target that week (and I was tapping pretty hard). Daily challenges have been yielding useful things like chips, but not always donuts. I have only had time to do neighbour visit until the chips run out (not like that hurts anyone but me during the event), so I’m getting rare ones during visits, but would probably get more if I visited everyone. Big breath…..all that’s a long way of saying that the new “free flowing” donuts aren’t actually piling up anywhere near fast enough to keep pace with all the new items that cost donuts, which is just as I predicted all along. I’m not bitter, mind you, just surprised more people didn’t realize it. EA is a business after all.

    What I have been noticing though, is that suddenly EA doesn’t feel it necessarily to entice us to buy these donut costing items. Gone are the bonus percentages – or they’re pathetic, and now not even conformity? For me, this has tempered the willingness to buy donuts costing items with a more choosiness – No thanks, I’ll wait for something that’s worth my while. I’d be interested to know what EA is seeing the majority of tappers do these days. Is their “gamble” worth it? 😉

    • Maybe they realized that the bonus percentages lost some of their allure when a lot of folks where able to get into the 100%+ territory with the tennis courts and wailing walls things a while ago. I know that a 2% bonus multiplier isn’t nearly as enticing as it used to be, now that my multiplier is over 230% (not including my SH buildings’ multiplier on my XP).

      • Agree – it’s definitely less exciting – but I still think they should offer a bonus on donut purchases, especially for the benefit of newer players.

    • Anything that generates good will in your customer base is likely to help boost sales. It’s quite possible that they’ve told us exactly what they’re doing through the event’s storyline: Get people REALLY hooked by a really easy event that gives out tons of cool shiny things. Make us feel that they’re treating us nicely, get us used to having and spending donuts, and then a larger percentage of us will be more likely to reciprocate by spending our money to get even more donuts.

      I gotta say, it seems like they’re doing a pretty good job so far.

      • I think you just nailed it. It’s the “me wantee” factor. When was the last time in game cash was really used. In game cash has become like gold. A representation of wealth and stature but no longer holds and meaning in the value of currency.

        • Oh – I’m betting you’ll need well over a million of it to buy whatever the main building/decoration is for Level 60 (if there ever is a Level 60). Plus you need it for second (and third) chances at bonus boxes and for buying the aspirational stuff or doing the tree or money mountain. And, dollars to donuts, you’ve forgetten the most important thing of all (and I’ve just said what it is 😉 )!

          • Well I did stop at about $124 million in reserve in hopes we’ll get more land soon. Yes, I know we just got a new strip but everything in this event is just enormous. Especially for us premium freaks. Notre Dame, the boat casino and especially Mars Colony are space hogs plus all the casinos. That new land is getting gobbled up rather quickly.
            with the money thing it just seems to me events used to offer more non doughnut items. Plus some new aspirational prizes would be nice.

  18. I liked it and bought it right away. I don’t remember any of this from the show but I like having more red heads and a new church is nice. The is a church on every corner where I live and new casinos building all the time… Humm…

  19. I have to change my mindset from must have all characters to ok, good to have. I am sort of sent into a low level emotion with so many stuff asking for donuts. I am still 100 percent freenium so far.

  20. I purchased him right away worth the donuts just for fighting with Willie cracks me up. 😂

  21. I am slightly interested, but will have to find the episode he was in to see if I really want him.

  22. Thanks for the quick post. I wasn’t sure and will probably pass.

  23. Lol – “Don’t buy it for practical purposes”
    This game is purely for fun, nothing practical about it. If anything, the whole thing is impractical, because it eats my time and money. It is totally worth it, though 🙂
    And I bought Seamus because I have a thing about completing character sets. Sort of an OCD reason, you could say…

  24. I bought it right away. I like that we’ve actually been getting reasonably priced Gil “deals” lately.

  25. This appears to be the better deal over getting the Sham rock or wishing well. Close in price yet the others only offer a “tap on” character, whilst this combo gives a permanent character with tasks. not to mention he may get used in up coming events where as no suck luck with the leppas. My opinion of course ✌🏻️

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