Where Did THAT Come From: Cregg Demon

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


This post I will be going over the Origin of Cregg Demon.Why is he in our games? What does he have to do with Springfield? Why does he remind me of Criss Angel? Let’s dive into the Simpsons TV Series to find out more.

THE GREAT SIMPSINA: Season 22, Episode 18
Lisa, Bart, and even lil Maggie are desperately attempting to try to get rid of hundreds of Peaches they picked from the  . Lisa somehow ends up in the “bad part” of town that looks like Sesame Street and is frightened by a Raccoon hiding in a garbage can. She ends up inside of a very old home. A House of Magic. The House belongs to a once famous Magician, the Great Raymondo.

He takes her through the house and shows her all his Magical Treasures. Including and image of him and his wife performing the Milk Jug trick that was passed down to him by Houdini. Lisa asks if he would be interested in teaching her. He agrees and Lisa quickly learns many of his tricks.

Cregg Demon 1

The next time Lisa goes to see him, he seems very upset at something. Lisa asks him just what is troubling him. He turns on the TV to see Cregg Demon, Magic Freek. Disgraceful. Any idiot with a soul patch and a deck of cards thinks they are now a Magician.

Cregg Demon 2

Cregg Demon 3

Magic is about mystery, illusion, pulling rabbits out of hats… as long as you remember to feed them. Lisa really starts to try to take on the true Magician art and quickly turns into The Great Simpsina. Making numbers appear on Jimbo’s head, making Maggie invisible, and even levitating the Lunch Lady.

Cregg Demon 4

While back at Raymondo’s home, Lisa accidentally knocks over a Head Sculpture of the Great Houdini and realizes that instead of crashing to the floor, it actually opened up a secret room in the Old House. It hides the Milk Can and the book to Raymondo’s greatest secret of The Milk Can Escape. She is tempted to look, but turns away. Raymondo is grateful he can trust her and tells her that he wants to teach the secret of the Milk Can to her. It seems he has kind of adopted Lisa as the daughter he never could have with his wife.

Lisa performs the trick at school to show all the kids just how much she has learned. She nails it and now the kids are asking her for her autograph. Once kid seems particularly interested. He flatters Lisa while getting her autograph. While she is just melting away at the attention of the young boy, she does not realize it but she is rambling on and giving away all the secrets to the Milk Can Escape including showing the young boy the secret to how to get out.

Cregg Demon 6

Turns out the boy is none other than Cregg Demon’s punk kid. He quickly runs to his Dad’s stretched limo, shakes off the “Nerdy” look and puts back on his nose and ear rings, then shares all the secrets to the Milk Can Escape

Cregg Demon 7

The next day, Cregg Demon announces at a Press Conference that Houdini came to him in a dream and told him all the secrets of the Milk Can Escape and that he will now be performing it at the World Magic Championships. Raymondo is not happy. He is so upset that he yells at Lisa to get out. Lisa is devastated. Homer sees her upset and goes to beat some sense in Raymondo but just ends up in a net hanging from a tree.

Raymondo goes to Lisa after talking to Homer and tells her all is not forgiven, but there is still hope. He needs her help to stop Cregg Demon from performing the trick. Later at the Magic Palace, Cregg Demon is really putting on a show. “My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard… and they’re like… it’s better than yours…” (Now I got that song stuck in my head. D’OH!!)

Cregg Demon 8

Seems something has gone terribly wrong with the trick though. Cregg can’t get out. His son shouts from the back stage for help. Raymondo decides to just sit and watch. Looks like only Lisa can help Cregg out now. However her efforts are quickly stopped by Ricky Jay, David Copperfield, Penn… and Teller. Seems they swapped out the trick Milk Can for a regular one… but why? They tell Lisa they are pissed off that Cregg Demon has stolen all their magic tricks. David Copperfield is mad he took all his sexy magical gestures.

They do all they can to try and stop her. Literally throwing every trick possible at her. Luckily Raymondo steps in to help her out. They now turn their attacks to Raymondo.

Cregg Demon 9

He quickly takes all 4 of them down by cutting the rope holding the lighting up. Raymondo saves Cregg Demon just in time. His son tells him it is time to go home. Cregg tells his son he is through with magic now. He wants to move back to Canada and run for Parliament.

Cregg Demon 10

Looks like that’s the last we will see of Cregg Demon… or is it?


We do catch a glimpse of him again later… in what seems like a sad continuation of his “Magic Shows” (at least he looks terribly sad).

Bart is in quite a funk. The day to day boredom and repetitive happenings have just made him hit bottom. That is until he sees a commercial for the Royalty Cruise Lines on TV. He MUST go on a cruise.

Somehow the Simpsons end up on the Cruise with a TRIPLE UPGRADE. This includes a Fun Schedule with items like XBOX with PS3 Controllers, Mud Munch, Punch through paintings, Power Ranger Lessons from a former Pink. Sith Training with certified Sith Lord, The propellers–up close and personal, Norwegian Swearing, and Crewman Nguyen eats what?! Lol.

As Bart is checking off all the fun and exciting things in a Montage from the list, we see one of those items is actually Cregg Demon, Magic Freek entertaining the kids with some Magic Tricks… and a lil Bunny.

Cregg Demon 11


There you have it. A “Hip & Cool New Magician” that speeds on to the scene, steals everyone’s tricks and hard work, and ends up with a lot of sour milk all over him.

What did you think of the episodes? Have any favorite parts from them? Something from the Fun List you would want to do? What do you think of Cregg Demon? Have him in your game yet? If not, how close are you to him? Let us know.


26 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From: Cregg Demon

  1. So, I’m watching that episode right now (because I never saw it and I’m having a terrible, no good, very bad work day) and now I want the Madame and Masseur coupes massage parlor for my town!

  2. The Problem Child

    Honestly I would have preferred Gunter and Ernst (with Anastasia) over this guy.

  3. It’s funny, I’ve actually seen this episode. I guess I just catch them sometimes. I recall it not bring that great…disappointed because I really like Penn and Teller.

  4. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    thanks for the post, Bunny.

    Interesting glitch – this morning I “Found Maggie”. Then I was trolling, picking up gamblers, and I spotted Maggie on top of Moe’s. I successful sent “the real Maggie” to the Playdough factory, yet her twin remained on top of Moe’s.
    Hmmm, I hard closed and will have to see if she remains when I re- open. And yes, I did tap like crazy to see if I would be rewarded, AGAIN.

  5. I am not a fan of Cregg Demon nor his reality counterpart. But I do like Magic, when I was young I tried to learn it but was disapointed when I learned that it was not supernatural. :/

    Still think they can do an event with The Great R., Lisa skin, milk can, Cregg’s Limo and kid but also Sven Golly (though he is a hypnotist), ERNST and GUNTER, and if that’s to weak why not throw in GreyStache and other H.Potter Parody characters.

    Maybe next Easter, so we can catch all the escaped rabbits from the Top Hats.

    • Hah, supernatural, yes. Why can’t we do that? I think we all try it…but damn this human body.

    • When I was young , we saw many amazing Copperfield tricks like flying over grand canyon or walking through the great wall and making the statue of liberty disappeared. My religious Christian friends told me then that he worshipped the devil hence can carry out these tricks. I still do not know how he did these tricks though but as an adult, I believe that there must be a technical process to it. I learned also that many audiences are part of the act and I felt very cheated and stopped watching magic shows for a long time

  6. Alissa I sent you a email, did you get it?

  7. Thank you Bunny, 🐰 🐇
    Don’t remember the episode, but nice to know where he came from.
    Will you be busy this weekend helping your relative hide eggs?
    🐰 🌷 🐰 🌼 🐰 🌸

  8. The Easter items suck! No Shary Bobbins or Father Sean!

    • Was gonna say exactly the same thing…no father Sean grrrrr!

      Oh well at least this character has a motorbike ride task which is very cool ☆☆☆☆☆

    • OK but what did you think of Bunny’s post about where did Cregg Demon come from?

    • I hope that they will do sth more for easter we got only 2 coming back characters I need Father Sean so much to complete the churchy joes collection!! But maybe they will bring them back one after another but probably not, well at least the easter god is cool

    • Agreed, although I have Shary Bobbins, this is the second year I was in the game (for Easter, since my anniversary just passed a few months ago), and still not able to get Father Sean. How are we supposed to “complete” our collections? Unless they plan on bringing him back during an unrelated/obscure holiday like Halloween 😀 Sure, Christmas would make just as much sense but when does everything EA does make sense 😉

      On an unrelated note, although more related to this blog, been thinking about this for a bit now (yeah, I have no life) I know we have the heading for everything in the show of “where did THAT come from”, but when it comes to characters, should we really be referring them as a “that”? Sure they are just cartoon characters, not actual sentient beings, no feelings yadda yadda, but essentially they are people on the show.

      • It’s just a title…don’t read too much into it 😉

        • Oh I know, and as usual, I’m kidding around, but there was some truth to it 😀

          • FYI… as it was me that the phrase originated from back in 2013… “THAT” represents anything in the game. From flowers, to trees, to buildings, to Characters. Just look in your menu icons or even your game and the endless amounts of “things” in there. So I chose a generic phrase to cover everything EA could drop on us. Not just Characters. “That” covers it all the best. 😉

            It’s far easier to keep the Generic thought then to come up with a ton of individual phrases to cover more specific items. Best for continuity of the posts and on the site. One place for all. Any reader could search the simple generic phrase and all origin posts are there. 🙂

            • No pun intended, can’t argue with “that” logic 🙂 (Well ok, maybe a small pun was intended) Sometimes when I post, I just get into a goofy mood, (not Goofy from WDW, I don’t sit here cosplaying, well, ok, not all the time 😀 I couldn’t pull off that costume anyway, too short, only 5’7″) End up posting what I think is funny, whether it is or not. Like most/all people that post here, not sure if it comes across, but I do respect the three of you, and never mean to offend in any way.

              • No offense taken at all. I giggled at it. Just wanted to explain the origin of… well… the origin post name. 😉

  9. I hope they’re also gonna add Raymondo and a Simpsina suit for Lisa. This episode wasn’t that bad.

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