Where Did THAT Come From – Reclusive Mr. Burns & the Spruce Moose

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where Did THAT Come From?

Tapped_Out_Reclusive_Mr._Burns ico_priz_casino_lifesizedsprucemoose_lg

Remember a little post I did about Burns’ Casino?  Well… you may remember me mentioning “Burns goes all Howard Hughes watching people gamble.”  I wasn’t kidding and now we have a TSTO skin to prove it.  I know a lot of you have probably seen this episode by now since seven items have already came from the episode (I already linked one above, here’s the other WDTCF from it).  With respect to that, I’ll keep this one short and just share some photos.

Burns doesn’t sleep for days and the only thing that can stop him is microscopic germs.  Burnsy quickly descend into mania.  “They’re all covered with filthy germs, aren’t they Smithers?”

Reclusive Mr. Burns Howard Hughes Simpsons

Burns goes in seclusion a la Howard Hughes.  Long fingernails, tissue box shoes, jars of urine, beard… check and quadruple check although I don’t think Hughes shared the footwear.  During this mania, Burns designs the Spruce Moose which would “carry 200 passengers from New York’s Idlewild Airport to the Belgian Congo in seventeen minutes.”

Reclusive Mr. Burns Howard Hughes Spruce Moose Simpsons

So much fun.  In the end, Homer’s antics trying to get Marge away from her gambling addiction convince Burns to clean up and return to what he’s good at… crushing souls at the Nuclear Plant.  To the Spruce Moose!

Mr. Burns Howard Hughes Spruce Moose Simpsons

When I saw the Spruce Moose was going to be available to be crafted, I wondered what size it’d be.  Burns’ version in the show was never bigger than the model he flies around and that’s half of the hilarity.  I’m happy it appears Burns built some version of it although this one is smaller than his original plan.

Spruce Moose Simpsons TSTO

Funny that some may know Burns once built a monstrosity of a wooden plane… the Plywood Pelican which can be seen in “Midnight Rx” (S16:E6).  “Wow.  A wooden plane.  It’s about time trees were good for something… instead of just standing there like jerks.”

Plywood Pelican Simpsons

Larger than a football field and weighing more than the state of New Hampshire, its creator, one C. Montgomery Burns once flew it at an altitude of six feet for a distance of four and a half feet.  Then he discovered rain made it catch fire and he was promptly fired by the Fuhrer.

The Plywood Pelican seems like a one-hit wonder in the episode but appears later when Homer uses it to smuggle perscription drugs into Springfield.  Mr. Burns allows Homer and Grampa to use it so it can fulfill “its original purpose, to subvert the laws of the United States.”  It doesn’t catch fire but does lose a wing to lightning.  No worries though, somehow Homer is able to crash land it with only one wing.

Plywood Pelican Simpsons 2

So there you go friends.  A coot and a plane.  To truly understand the hilariousness of this new skin, you really have to read up on the eccentric OCD of Howard Hughes and then rewatch Burns in this episode.  A short-ish way to do so would be to watch The Aviator with Leonardo DiCaprio but there’s lots of great books and online sources too.  As a kid, I got the chance to see the H-4 Hercules aka the Spruce Goose (the real plane which is parodied) in person and boy was it impressive.  Hughes actually built a plane almost entirely of birch wood with a 320 foot wingspan (that’s larger than a football field!)  Anyhoo… What do you think of these items?  Want to share any cool facts about Howard Hughes?  I’m thrilled this was all freemium.  Sound off in the comments and happy crapa-crapa-crapping and tapping.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

24 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Reclusive Mr. Burns & the Spruce Moose

  1. Of course Howard Hughes wore Kleenex box shoes lol that was like one of the main things 🤣

  2. I was thrilled to get Reclusive Mr. Burns, he’s a great tie-in to the casino event! I’d have paid donuts for that skin (unless, you know.. depending how crazy the price was..). It may just replace U.B.O. as my favorite everyday Mr. Burns skin 😀

  3. I just want to chime in about wishing the Spruce Moose could be placed in the water. It’d look good amongst the little islands that have crashed plane parts. Debating on the platinum scratcher..I got the first 1 earlier this mo & it was for 115 donuts. I get so caught up in tap,tap,tapping away that I forget to keep track of the hi-roller bonus tokens…I get mad at myself for that! Really,really wish they rolled over to the next bonus round.

  4. Free masons run the country!

  5. In Burns casino, I cannot get enough cards to get item number 20. I bought eveything that I gave casino cards. What can I do now?

  6. burns paranoia


  7. Platinum scratch-R’s are back. I paid for one and got three clubs for 125 doughnuts. 😍

  8. Thanks Wookie
    I only just noticed, the one in the game has jet-engines but it didn’t in the episode

  9. After placing the Spruce Moose in my town a childhood flashback came over me. it reminds me of the Sea Duck, the aircraft from the cartoon TAILSPIN.

    O-E-O, O-E-A, OEO OEA, Tailspin!

  10. Excellent. If we didn’t get Reclusive Burns for the Casino event I thought we might see him in some sort of Contagion/Hazmat Event by tapping germs (as seen from the Demo of all Mr,Burns Germs all squishing into one door explaining why he is “invincable”) along with Bubbleboy Bart, Wendell, Hazmat suited Homer, Duff Garden’s Lizard Queen Lisa etc.

    I don’t know why but the idea of the characters in thier sick and unheathy form seems funny to me, drunk Marge, Bee Stung Smithers, …Maybe Sherry Bobbins is immune and she can come back as a caretaker to the town!

  11. Burns’ Pelican looks a lot more like the Hercules than his Spruce Moose does; I think I would have rather had that. Also, I’ll say it again, the plane should be able to go on the ocean. That’s where it flew and where it was designed to fly. (I have a lovely bit of ocean right by my airport, too, I was looking forward to putting a flying boat there. Instead, it’s with the squidport stuff.)

  12. Quick question. ..is it safe to tap casino players when I only need a 100 more chips for bonuts? Don’t want to loose the extras!

  13. But did the Spruce Goose ever fly? Was it the Goodyear blimp of its day (advertising over football fields)?

    • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hughes_H-4_Hercules
      The Hercules had a successful test flight, but took so long to build that it was never used for its intended purpose, which was to serve as a large transport across the Atlantic during wartime. (Many critics bet that the craft wasn’t even capable of flying due to its size, but it did. A few even larger planes have been built and operated since.) It’s such a shame Howard Hughes lost his mind. He really was brilliant, and modern aviation owes him a lot.

  14. Spruce Goose is currently in the Evergreen Air and Space Museum in McMinnville, OR. Parent company went bankrupt a year or two back. Aircraft may relocate if they start selling off assets but moving it is not an easy task.

  15. I love reclusive Mr Burns and the Spruce Moose – one of my favourite moments ever in the whole show came from this episode:

    BURNS: Smithers, get these Kleenex boxes off my feet.
    SMITHERS: And the jars of urine Sir?
    BURNS: Oh we’ll hang on to those….


  16. Premium Scratch-R return. Today when I opened gave got prompt that the unlimited Premium Scratch-R had returned. I missed the last one so wanted to try. Paid my $7.99, it said I had 2 day and hours left, did I scratch and now it says event has ended. Another glitch?

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