Where Did THAT Come From: Springfield Fire Department & Firefighters

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. That is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

unlock_moe_fireman unlock_skinner_fireman unlock_homer_fireman Unlock Apu Fireman crookandladder_firetruck_lg _crookandladder_firedanddojob_lg

Way back in TSTO circa 2013, there were rumors and some hints flying around and within that the Fire Department just may be in the works for TSTO. Alissa posted a rundown of all the possibilities of the Fire Department and what else could come along with it in her post HERE if it did come to be. Alas, much like many other “spoilers”, just because it is rumored or hinted within does not mean it is going to go live. Such was the case of the Fire Department in 2013. It never came to be, not until 2016 that is! WOOHOO!

This post I will be going over the Origin of the Springfield Fire Department and the Crook and Ladder ItemsWhy are they in our games? What do they have to do with Springfield? Were all of these Characters really Firefighters? Let’s dive into the Simpsons TV Series to find out more.


Homer the Heretic: Season 4, Episode 3

Here is where we first get a glimpse of the Volunteer Fire Department. Homer has decided he no longer wants to go to church and has better things to do at home instead. Like fall asleep on the couch while his cigar starts the house on fire.

Springfield Volunteer Fire Department 5

Luckily “Fire Chief” Apu notices the fire through his binoculars (still curious why he is watching the Simpsons from his store) and he rushes to help.

Springfield Volunteer Fire Department 6

Along with other members of the Springfield Volunteer Fire Department : Wiggum, Krusty, (what looks to be Moleman), Luann, Barney, and Otto… Apu races in the Fire Truck to the Simpsons. They are held up though by a very unusually large flock of baby ducks crossing the road.

Springfield Volunteer Fire Department 7

Springfield Volunteer Fire Department 8

Meanwhile Flanders sees the fire and Homer inside through the frontroom window and ends up rescuing Homer instead. At least they finally put out the fire.

Springfield Volunteer Fire Department 9


Brother’s Little Helper: Season 11, Episode 2

More Volunteer Fire Department! It’s Fire Safety Day as Springfield Elementary and the Fire Engines are parked out front for the kids to explore.

Springfield Volunteer Fire Department 10

Lenny, Carl, and Kirk are in Firemen Gear holding the Trampoline while the kids jump off the Fire Truck ladder onto it. Skinner is helping along by explaining all the Tools used for fires while wearing a Bright Red Helmet. Even Hosey the Bear showed up to tell kids about Fire Prevention, or as Ralphie calls them, “Uh Oh’s!”

Springfield Volunteer Fire Department 11

The Volunteer Fire Department Players then proceed to put on a lil skit about Fire Safety with Ned & Maude. Unfortunately the pants Flanders lights on fire don’t seem to want to go out, instead the fire spreads and Flanders is in full flame. They would put out the fire, but Bart has chosen to use the Fire Hose to fill they Gymnasium with water to the point the doors burst open. Bart ends up being placed on Focusyn to curb his behavior.

In the end, after going what everyone assumed was crazy, Bart shoots down a MLB satellite that really was spying on Bart (what IS Alissa’s Hubby up to?).

Springfield Volunteer Fire Department 13

The Volunteer Fire Department (Moe, Flanders, and Kirk) show up to the Fire. They are clueless of what to do as they can’t find anything on satellites in the Firefighters Handbook.  Luckily Apu suggests they just spray it with water and he puts the fire out.

Springfield Volunteer Fire Department 12


Crook & Ladder: Season 18, Episode 19

This is the episode where most of the details and information for the Fire Department and the Crook & Ladder Event are. After taking the Pacifier away from poor lil Maggie, no one in the house can sleep. Homer turns to Ambien… errr… I mean Nappien to help him sleep. Problem is he is causing a lot of issues and mischief in his unconscious “sleep”. Like eating everything out of the fridge, putting toy cars on Santa’s lil Helper’s paws, messing with the dollies in the wax museum, and more. Bart uses this to his advantage to make “Zombie Homer” take him and Milhouse out on the town for some fun.

While coming to the end of a night, Bart uses Homer’s head one last time to crack a Walnut. This causes Homer to wake up from his zombie state of mind and panic behind the wheel of the car. Swerving right into the Springfield Fire Department. He smashes through the Garage bay barely missing the Fire Engine, takes out the chili and stove, breaks the fire pole causing it to bend oddly, and lands on the Fire Alarm setting it off.

The Firemen are awoken by the alarm and attempt to slide down the pole. They instead are launched across the room, onto the slippery chili mess on the ground, and into the cage with the Dalmations… who seem to be pretty hungry. The entire Fire Department is horribly injured.

Springfield Volunteer Fire Department 1

Kent Brockman goes on the air to tell the people of Springfield there is now more Fire Department. Bad news for the guy in the burning house. Luckily (?) it seems many watching the broadcast decide they should volunteer. Like Homer, Moe, Skinner, Apu. Quimby turns over the safety of the city to them, due to they were the first 4 people to show up. Their training consists of a pamphlet that came with a Fire Extinguisher.

It doesn’t take long before the 4 are called to their first fire at Luigi’s. They’re rewarded with all the food they want, on the house. Almost makes up for them not getting paid.

Springfield Volunteer Fire Department 2

The boys continue to use their “skills” around town. Like pulling Wolfcastle out of his demolished vehicle with the jaws of life and getting jackets from his not so successful movies in return. The perks are the best.

Springfield Volunteer Fire Department 3

The guys are becoming accustomed to thinking they should be rewarded after every “life saving” moment. That is until Mr. Burns. He only tells them thank you then leaves. This does not sit well with them, especially “Fire Chief” Moe… so he “fallows” a burning ember into Mr Burns Mansion and the Priceless Treasures room where he helps himself to “Fire Damaged” goods. This continues as they “save” more locations and go home with more “Fire Damaged” goods as a reward. This stops quickly when Marge stumbles upon the group taking “Fire Damage” goods from The Sharper Mark-Up.

Marge and the Kids guilt Homer with their sad faces to change his ways. He confronts Moe at another Building. He tells Moe they need to stop what they are doing and change their ways. As the Building crumbles around Moe & Apu, Homer saves them and they decide they should stop stealing.

Springfield Volunteer Fire Department 4


There you have it, a few times during the TV Series that the Volunteer Fire Department showed up along with some silly hi-jinks. Also, just a drop in the hat of the many times we have seen fires and Fire Engines in the Simpsons World.

Did you remember these episodes? Did you remember all of the Characters that actually were Volunteers outside of the 4 in the Event? Are there other items you wish would make it into the Event? Let us know.


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  1. I can’t unlock Ralph with his house in my b-game to finish the event. I am at level 31 and both Skinner and Wiggum are free to start a this little wiggy quest, but it’s been 2 days and nothing triggers this.

  2. Is that where Moe’s line that “it’s not stealing if you take it fast” (or something like that) comes from?

  3. Is anyone else having an issue with the unemployment office not sending all available characters? It was working fine until today, but I just sent everyone on 4 hr tasks and I still had about 25 characters left over.

    • If they have a task highlighted in yellow they won’t go on tasks assigned by the Unemployment building until that task clears.

  4. I think EA should introduce some character/task for making fire hydrants at the station (Same as the bonsai trees and Akira). 3 times 12 hours and voila a new hydrant.

    Shall we contact them and suggest this?

    • Is that the “royal we?” If so, I’d say yes, you (or should I use the royal y’all?) absolutely should.

  5. Watched the episode again yesterday. Hilarious. Glad they’ve finally added it to the game!

  6. With this update, if you are on a android device, try play the find maggie, if it stuck, just wait for about 5 mins ,and game eventually will start, and you can play about 50 time like this, waiting time is not 16hrs, its 5mins or less, this glitch will be fixed soon, but if you saw this , try it, you can get 100+ donuts in a day!!!

    • I’m thinking this might be a good way to get EA to fix bad glitches faster: just post that it’s letting us get free donuts, that’d probably motivate them to fix a glitch which they might otherwise classify as low priority.
      On a totally unrelated note, sometimes when I’m visiting neighbors the game will crash, but when I log back in I get free donuts. I sure hope EA doesn’t fix this annoyi… I mean wonderful glitch.

  7. When a fire starts to burn, there’s a lesson you must learn…something, something, then you’ll see…you’ll avoid catastrophe.

  8. Re-watching “Homer the Heretic” made me think they should release “God” as a character in TSTO… anyone agree? It’s a short cameo, but enough to work with… and I bet he’s shown up in other episodes… anyone know of any?

  9. Can anyone offer help…OK.I play TSTO on my tablet that I run using the tether on my phone. I updated my Android to 6.0. Now I can’t seem to connect to game. Other games on tablet are working. I have uninstalled-reinstalled game…did a factory reset on phone…rebooted tablet twice…I’ve done the basics. TSTO is through Google play store…thinking maybe I can try to download it through Amazon? Any & all help truly appreciated!! BTW.. I kind of wish they’d done this event in the summer as a full event…I went through this in 1 day…I’m glad this issue isn’t happening during an event or I would’ve had a full meltdown by now!!

  10. I stored a building and it disappeared! 🙁

    I’ll have to call EA soon 🙁 🙁

    • Are you sure you’ve checked your WHOLE inventory, and not just the categories? Make sure you’ve scrolled through the whole uncategorized view of your inventory. Then, if it’s really gone, yeah, call EA.

    • I had the same issuse with the building. Did you get it figured out?

  11. If the SFD needs something to do, I have a Rocket Launch Pad that is on fire constantly. Constantly.

  12. Can’t get Ralph to start his “Hire Ralph as a 911 operator ” job. When I tap to start, it sent me to Homer to begin his first firefighter job to “restudy the firefighter guide” instead. I have the Wiggum house so not sure what’s wrong.

    • I had the same thing. I didn’t realize that Ralph was still on a job. You need both Homer and Ralph for the job.

  13. I’ve only seen one item…and the fire station….there is no other items in this event.

  14. Thanks Bunny

  15. Simpsons rules

    I nearly finsh event on tapped out I’m saving up on the burning bushes

  16. Searching around Frinkiac, stumbling across a few Fire moments by accident. (Don’t remember the words now) Saw the Church on Fire, Homer’s shirt on fire, GK Willie on fire, (think) Abe on fire, but the best of all Homer saying “I am so, smart, I am so smart, S-M-R-T, I mean, S-M-A-R-T” (after burning his diploma, causing the room on fire).

  17. Good job Bunny, but I think we all really wanted to see the Fireman from the bachlor auction. (season 9, ep 7) Bachalor Auction “We’re never get that fire engine” :p

  18. JohnTappedOut

    Thanks Bunny! Great post! Loving this little event. The fire department looks great in my town and I’m loving how it looks exactly like the one in the episode. Can’t get enough of Ralph dancing around in front of it in his little Dalmation costume….bahahahahaha 😜

    ~cue Ralph~ “I’m a fire engine, weeoh weeoh”

    Happy Tapping!

  19. Great line when they’re in the fire aND Apu pretends to the be a cat “Apu is dead. I have been reincarnated as this cat. Just kidding here I am”

  20. Hi bunny I’m going to try and watch all of them episode tonight

  21. Hi tsto I’m big Simpsons fan and I never heard of the first episode in going to try watch it tonight

    • Even if you’ve never heard of the first episode, you must know it exists, logically. 😉

      Also, hi. *cough*

      • Have you got an alter ego Seven or a long lost relative ? 🙂

      • I think he means the first episode mentioned in this post, not the first episode of the series. Of course you might have been making a sarcastic comment, pretending not to understand his meaning for comedic effect. If so, please disregard my previous statement and substitute this one: HaHa!

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