Wild Wild West 2016 Calendar: Act One

Hey there Tumblin; Tumbleweeds!

Feeling a lil parched? Here the faint subtle sounds of a rattle (no, it’s not Maggie’s Toy)? Brewin some Moonshine? Wondering if Will Smith is gonna drop in and drop some tunes? Wanna kiss some Cousins?  YOU DO???!!! WHAT THE>>>


It seems the game has gone back in time to the Old West and Saloons. It’s a rootin tootin shootin good ol’ time round these parts. New stuff means new things to earn. New things to earn means…



HI BIGPHIL & SANDRA!!! Did I worry you by waiting too long to post the Calendar? TOO BAD! 😛 

A few quick FYI’s


As per usual, I will be starting the Calendar one day AFTER the Act releases so you can factor in time you will need to send Characters on tasks, get Buildings, and fully launch the New Act. I will also be stopping it the night BEFORE the Act ends, as it will give you enough time to focus on all the other last minute stuff.

Wild West Calendar Act 1

Now you have a basic daily breakdown for 13 days based off of approximately  1968ico_wildwest_clue_mdClues a day.

Again, do not panic. Remember that it is slow going at first so you may “appear” and feel like you are behind, but as you progress through the Questlines and Event you will start to see that you are getting more and more and more each day. Just go at a pace that fits you, but remember the more you play the more you will get. These are totals you want to reach by the end of each day if possible.



Here’s the rundown of the prizes available during Act 1 that you can win by just playing the game and collecting ico_wildwest_clue_mdClues.

ico_cat_wildwestGummy Joe- 740 ico_wildwest_clue_mdClues

ico_wildwest_pickaxepack_lg800 Pickaxes- (used for crafting)- 1,280 ico_wildwest_clue_mdClues

stagecoach_menuStage Coach- 2,360 ico_wildwest_clue_mdClues

ico_wildwest_cowboyhatpack_lg400 Hats- (used for crafting)- 4,430 ico_wildwest_clue_mdClues

homer_cowboy_front_walkCowboy Homer- 7,490 ico_wildwest_clue_mdClues

ico_wildwest_pickaxepack_lg800 Pickaxes- (used for crafting)- 11,360 ico_wildwest_clue_mdClues

ico_wildwest_topchopswellcargoBank and Top Chop Barber Shop- 15,860 ico_wildwest_clue_mdClues

ico_wildwest_cowboyhatpack_lg400 Hats-  (used for crafting) – 20, 720 ico_wildwest_clue_mdClues

wesdoobnerribhuts_menuWes Doobner’s Rub Huts (**yes, it’s spelled wrong… but Alissa spelled it that way and it made me giggle. 😛 ) 25,580 ico_wildwest_clue_mdClues (**Includes Sideshow Bob Skin, Wes Doobner)




I forwarded through to get all the Prizes for Act 1 and I did NOT see any additional Bonus Donut (Bonut) Rounds for the Act 1 of the Event in regards to this particular area. Could be due to the other locations in the game that can earn them as you play along.


There you have it. A Calendar of ico_wildwest_clue_mdClues for all of you extreme Addicts out there.

What do you think of it so far? Where are YOU in the game? How are your totals coming along? Anyone got a Clue? Wanna play the Clue Game? Watch the Clue Movie? Let us know.


211 responses to “Wild Wild West 2016 Calendar: Act One

  1. Why can youstill collect hats exes ect but cant cash them in?

  2. How many donuts is it to get wes doobner? I missed the last 2 prizes of act 1 and its a few donuts for the hats/axes which ever it is and then its however many donuts after that for wes doobner. Also, would it be worth spending all these donuts to get wes doobner as a freemium player?

    • 375 donuts. And no…it’s really not. At least in my opinion.

      • Awesome thanks. Do you know how much the corral and princess will cost and if its worth it. I have a feeling I’m not going to get anywhere near this one either 🙁

        • 380 donuts. And not a chance I think it’s worth that. Princess isn’t a character…and even if Princess was a character I still wouldn’t think it’s worth 380 donuts.

          • Thank you 🙂

          • You’d be better off spending donuts to “rush” it before the end of the act…ifyou’re reasonably close, I would think that rushing it would have to cost less than 380 donuts!

  3. Only one bonut round (day 14). Hold on to your resources after that.

  4. wondertwin7306

    Should I hold onto my extra pick axes and boots for act 2 or spend them as I aquire them? Except of course the daily turn in requirement.

  5. What does the little running person next to certain tasks mean?

  6. Did Act 2 accidently start for anyone else????

  7. Anyone else having issues with Wild Wild West. Everything was going great then tonight all the sudden Act 2 started early. Also my task list was populared with the starter tasks from all my previous quests..

    • Exact same happened to me only act 3 started.

      • So did the jail build for you as well beside the saloon? I also had a task come up where there there was a WANTED poster with a bad guy on it that you had to tap repeatidly to capture. Was a fun preview of the next act. Also got some bonus horses and wagons.

  8. I didn’t get the bank and barber shop till today, is it possible to get the last item before act 1 runs out?? Or will I have to pay donuts??
    Thanks, it doesn’t seem possible right now now….

  9. I’m behind by 5 days…was out of the country for the first 5 days…working my butt off to catch up…I’ll probably miss the last prize or two but boy am I trying to catch up 🙂

  10. Behind one day.. Is it still possible to finish this?

  11. Mr. XD….my game id is livlovelaff send me a request and I will happily accept. I have 39 active friends who would accept as well.

  12. shawtymclittle

    I hope I get all the prizes 🙁 I just realized the clue count about 2 days ago. I just got the two buildings today, fingers crossed I’ll catch up.

  13. I can’t seem to catch up and I play almost every few hours! So frustrating, I don’t know what I’m missing

    • Have you been just turning in the hats and pickaxes to complete your 4 tasks each day? If you’re only doing that, then you won’t be doing well on the calendar. However, you can catch up at any time, just by starting to do more trades. Oh, and stick to the box on the right…much better return than the other two boxes.

  14. I have about 230 prospectors and no friends to disperse to them and I have invited about 50 people for a month now. I thought it was just a glitch and the next update would fix it, but it appears that nobody wants to be my friend or they have reached the limit. But how would I know if they have or not???

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