4/20: Wild West In Game Update

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in to let you know EA just released an in-game update for the Wild West Update (so if you were having space issues before, they’ll pop back up again…).

2016-04-19 15.46.51

This is a patch to repair some of the broken items…quick on the draw on EA’s part.

The number 1 thing it fixes (at least in my eyes)…you can now place Roads, Rivers, Pavement & Dirt on the new strip of land!

Another fix?  The throw Garbage at Springfield Elementary Task is now gone.

And here’s another…FPs no longer fall from tapping Bandits in Neighbor’s towns if you’ve already maxed out your FPs..

So basically, all of the problems we covered on the questions corner post have now been resolved!  Yeehaw!

Anything else you’ve noticed that’s now fixed?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


178 responses to “4/20: Wild West In Game Update

  1. I wasn’t playing the game when the wild West was launched. Is it still possible to make dirt roads? I don’t see it on my city build?


  2. How do I remove the wild west update? I don’t like it, I’ve stopped doing the quests, and it is making me not want to play at all.

  3. Hi please help on wild west 101 when I try to hand in from the General store the whole game crashes I’ve tried different items to play on but still does the same. What can I do help!!!!

    • Nothing right now. It’s a known bug and EA is working on fixing it. You can contact EA to let them know you’re impacted by it as well.

      Best thing to do is continue to collect hats and pickaxes and build up those counts. As soon as it’s patched you’ll be able to turn them all in and catch right up.

  4. Ik think there is another glitch?
    For the questiline of Ruth Powers I need to send Lenny and Carl to drink in moe’s but I don’the longer see that 8hour task to go to moe’s?

    It is the same with the other bar people like Lou, Eddie, homer, …
    And when I use the jobmanager everyone goes to work except those because of the questiline but there is nog task visible.

    Am I the only one or is there a reason for it?

  5. The game has been freezing on me since last night! As soon as it loads, it gets Frozen on the saloon just after I’ve completed a quest. Anyone else having this problem? Will it ever get fixed or should I just stop playing all together?

    • Limit memory use. Store items from your town. Especially un-used animated ones, like NPC. Limit amount of its to cutback on memory usage. On device, kill ALL other apps. Make sure only this one is running. Use Solid signal like strong WiFi. Make more room on device if possible. Give the game 2 to 3gb of space to use.

  6. I have a screen that reads something like doh! Out of storage space. How bi is the update? I cleared 520 meg and it still says it.

  7. I just got a new phone, very nice one, and installed the game and every time it tries to download the updates, it crashes. Every single time. Won’t even take me to the log in screen. ): I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it twice and no changes. Someone please help! I’ve been playing for years and years.

  8. With redesigning recently, I noticed I can’t concrete over roads anymore, and with the new dirt road feature I hoped for a new “bridge”, wooden at least, but using the same tactics for bitumen and ‘crete it doesn’t “produce” a “bridge”…

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