Tapped Out Store: Where Are the Aspirational & Springfield Heights Items?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with a quick post of something we’re seeing a number of times in the comments…

“My Springfield Heights items disappeared from my store!”

“My aspirational items are gone from my store!”

And of course this is followed by…”how do I get them back?!”

Well I’m here to quickly break it down for you…so if you think you’re missing your Springfield Heights items, or you can’t find those Aspirational items this is the post for you.  Everyone else, humor me for a minute 😉


yes I know that icon is from Terwilligers but it makes me giggle…

So here’s the good news…

The items are NOT missing from your store!

The bad news?

The store was reshuffled a bit during a previous update (this isn’t new), and you probably just didn’t notice until now.  (and I haven’t had the chance to write this post, until now)

Let’s start with Springfield Heights…

When you open your TSTO Store you may see something similar to this:

menu plain

See that yellow arrow?  Put your finger there and drag it to the right:


That will expand your menu and you’ll see this:

store expanded

Now do you see that red brick sign icon way in the top right of the store?  Tap on it:

SH Store icon

That’ll open up your Springfield Heights menu:

SH menu

And you’ll see everything you need for Springfield Heights.

See the menu didn’t go anywhere…it’s just in a different location.

Now let’s talk about Aspirational items.  Previously they had their own icon in the menu:


If you look at your store menu, this icon is no longer there:

store expanded

See, it’s missing.  BUT the items are still there.  You just have to do a little searching.  To find almost ALL of the Aspirational items tap on the buildings icon:

buildings store icon

From there it’ll take you to your buildings menu.  Once open you may have the scroll left or right, but you’ll find almost all of the Aspirational items, and they’ll be fairly close to each other:

aspirational menu aspirational menu 2

What won’t you find in the buildings menu?  The only Aspirational item not in the buildings menu is the World’s Largest Zirconia.  To find that one, you’ll need to open up the decorations menu:

decorations menu

Again you may have to scroll left or right to find it, but it’s there:

decoartions zirconia

So why is the Zirconia in a different menu?  Well my theory is because all of the other Aspirational items have a build time, but the Zirconia is the only one that is an instant build when placed.

And there you have it my friends!  The location of Springfield Heights and Aspirational items!

Were you struggling with this?  Or did you figure it out a while ago?  Which Aspirational items have you purchased?  Any you hope to see added? (come on World’s Largest Toilet!) Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

68 responses to “Tapped Out Store: Where Are the Aspirational & Springfield Heights Items?

  1. Heh, checked it more thoroughly now and bought a load of more things, yes it does give me more points, I just didn’t realise the progression at this lvl was this slooow..! ;D

  2. Hmm, I’m stuck at 1.72B, I’m lvl 939, and have bought all houses, upgraded them as well as bought everything from every other menu. I’m still stuck, how do I get to 2B? It’ doesn’t seem to budge even if I buy loads of things, I just bought 8 Luxury Yachts and didn’t see any difference in Realty rating at all.

  3. Thank you so much. I was getting really frustrated by not being able to find Springfield Heights stuff to buy. I had no idea of this.

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