Superheroes Sequel 101: Neighbor Visits & Social Prize Calendar

Hey there Spiderpigs!

Bouncing on by to go over the Basics of just what you can do in your Neighbors Town during the Second Edition of the Superheroes Event. I will be covering all the details that apply for up to the end of Issue 1, so take a peek below to see if this helps you.

criminalburglar_crab_walk_front_image_4 Criminal

For more information on the overall Event, go HERE

For the Brass Knuckle Calendar Issue 1, go HERE

For the Main Questline Issue 1, go HERE


Now for the Basics of the Neighbor Visits.

As you play through the Main Questline for issue 1, you will be directed to go Tap Criminals in your Neighbors Towns, Goldfinger. Once you get to this part of the Questline, you will now be active to clear Criminals in your Neighbors.

Criminals Per Town: You can only tap THREE MAX Criminals per town. You will see how many available in the Upper Left Corner, or if you need to wait… the time left before you can tap in this town again.

Daily Limit: You will get a TOTAL of 50 Neighbor Actions every 24 hrs. The first 30 pay one amount, the second 20 a separate amount.

Payout: You will get the following from the Criminals up until you reach the FIRST 30 NIEGHBOR ACTIONS (1-30)

ico_cur_superheroes2_brassknuckles_lg+3 Brass Knuckles
ico_cur_superheroes2_tradingcards_lg+2 Trading Cards

This is in addition to the usual
Friend Points (if applies)

ico_cur_superheroes2_brassknuckles_lg+1 Brass Knuckle

This is in addition to the usual
Friend Points (if applies)


If you are only seeing the Cash, XP, & FP… then you have hit your MAX taps for the day and need to wait 24hrs for your Neighbors Towns to reset, then tap again.

NOTE: I was still able to tap Criminals in Neighbors even though THEY were not active in the Event yet.



UPDATE 6/29/16: The Social Prizes have changed. See the 4th of July Release post for more up to date requirements. 


Once you are able to trigger Battles in your Neighbors (Roughly after 5 Battles in your game, Releasing the Pressure ), you will go to your Neighbors and see the Punching Fist Image in the Upper Right Corner of the screen. You will also see a Number over it telling you how many Battles are available right now.


If you do NOT see this image in the corner, your Neighbor has not played into the Event far enough to trigger Social Battles in their game, so you will have to move on to the next Neighbor or wait til your Neighbors are further into the Event. If you do not see a number over it, it means that there are currently no Social Battles available to fight in this town and you will need to come back later and check.

Neighbor Social Battle Screen Icon



Alissa already did a good job of covering that information in the post below.

Essentially, try to see WHO you are battling and select YOUR players in order to give you the quickest and easiest defeats. It is pretty simple as you can see them in the Upper part of the Pop Up with their Heart Level and whether they are a “Brain” or one of the other options.

For those that want to VISUALLY get an idea, Alissa also made a Video HERE.



You will be the “BAD GUYS” in the Neighbor Battles and your Neighbor will be the “GOOD GUYS”, so don’t be surprised to see the Characters you select are different than the ones available to you in your town.

Neighbor Social Battle Felon Roster

As you continue to complete Neighbor Battles, some of the Social Prizes you earn will be MORE Bad Guys to Battle with. Every Social Battle count as one in your Social Prizes, so if you complete 3 Battles in a day you will gain 3 Social Points.

Neighbor Social Battle Payout



You can earn additional Event Currency as you complete the Social Battles. I am still playing around with them and will continue to test them. For what I have seen so far, here is what I earned for winning Battles.

ico_cur_superheroes2_brassknuckles_lg+100 Brass Knuckles
ico_cur_superheroes2_finitestones_lg+10 Finite Stones

Bonus: +28 ico_cur_superheroes2_brassknuckles_lgBrass Knuckles for Wins (4 per Heart Damaged)

+1 Social Battle Prize Point per Social Battle



Daily Neighbor Social Battles: You can only complete THREE NEIGHBOR BATTLES MAX. If you try to do another, the game will show an error message on the screen. You can perform them in 3 Separate Neighbors (1 each) or all in one (if they show 3 available). It really is up to you, just no more than 3 Social Battles Total per 24hrs.

2016-06-15 13.28.24



Once you are able to trigger the Social Battles and perform one in a Neighbors Town, you will be able to go back to YOUR town and now see an additional Trophy Icon in your Event Trophy Pop Up. This is where you will see all the Social Prizes and how much you will need to collect for the Current Prize.


DO NOT STRESS!! This will take time. Most likely the entire Event depending on how you game personally. No need to rush. Just play as you can and earn as you can.

Social Battles Prizes Pop Up

Here is the list of Social Prizes you can earn.

unlock_felon_techmTungsten Dude- (Awarded after 10 Battles) Felon to use in neighbor battles.

ico_superheroes2_sciencewater_pack2Sciencewater Cooler- (Awarded after 20 Battles) Contains 9 Sciencewaters

kiosk_menuKiosk- (Awarded after 32 Battles)

charactersets_felon_brainsfSTEM-antha- (Awarded after 45 Battles) Felon to use in neighbor battles

ico_superheroes2_tradingcards_pack3Trading Card Box- (Awarded after 56 Battles ) Contains 500 Trading Cards (used for crafting)

unlock_felon_strengthmGluteus- (Awarded after 68 Battles) Felon used in neighbor battles

piemanepicstatue_menuPie Man Epic Statue- (Awarded after 80 Battles)

ico_superheroes2_bandaid_pack3First Aid Kit- (Awarded after 92 Battles) Contains 20 Band-Aids

unlock_felon_techfMeg Ahertz- (Awarded after 105 Battles) Felon used in neighbor battles

ico_priz_superheroes2_wonderfilms_lgOne Week Wonder Films- (Awarded after 115 Battles) Earns $300,20xp/24hrs



As it will take you all a bit of time to trigger the Social Prizes, as well as earn them… I wanted to offer a kind of “Calendar” of sorts so you can visually get an idea of just how long it will take ALL Players to reach the Social Battles Prizes. I will cover up to the end of Issue 1.

Hopefully this will help you to not panic so much that you are going too slow on them. As usual, to give you some time, I will start the Calendar on the day AFTER the Event began. 🙂

Superheroes Battles Issue 1

This is a rough idea of where you will be in progression if you start the Battles on Day 2 and complete 3 each day up to the start of Issue 2.


There you have it, the Basics of what to do in your Neighbors Towns during the Superheroes Sequel Event.

What do you think of it all so far? Have you go to the point of Neighbor Social Battles yet? If so, how many have you completed so far? What do you think of the Prizes? Let us know.



221 responses to “Superheroes Sequel 101: Neighbor Visits & Social Prize Calendar

  1. Help! How do you send your characters into battle??? Like how do you initiate a fight??

  2. The event ends tomorrow and I’m not close enough with the social battles. Will I be able to buy the prizes with donuts when the event is done?

  3. I’ve been stuck at 70/77 for 30 hours now, and the game is still calling me captain greedy. You would think EA would have had enough sense to include a countdown timer just like when visiting your neighbors regularly. The way I’ve been able to keep track is to visit my neighbor after I’ve done the third fight, however, while I can visit that neighbor right now, the social battle count still says 0. Anybody else getting screwed around by this feature?

    • Have you tried going to Krustyland and back, hard closing and restarting TSTO, and/or contacting EA?

      • I’ve tried Ed everything but contacting EA. Thought I would try this first.

      • Also, contacting EA wasn’t really an option as they still owe me for 8 golden scratch tix I was ripped off for and a Duff beer can tree I never received. Went to contact them, but they insisted that rather than email or online chat, they wanted my phone number to talk about it. So, I gave them my REAL phone number, they said somebody will contact me within 200 minutes. That was back in December 8th 2014..still waiting.

  4. Is anyone else getting nothing but muscle villains when doing social battles? With only two muscle, two brains, and one tech on my side I have just about given up on the social battles. All I do is keep healing the same three characters just to get through the NINE muscle characters each day.

    • Mine varies but I do sometimes get a group of all one type.

    • Try going to different neighbours. Each neighbour has an optimal lineup. Some of my neighbours are all Brawn. But I have a few who are one Brawn/Brain/Tech. A neighbours lineup usually won’t change day-to-day, unless they just upgraded a new character since you last fought them, and as a result their optimal lineup changed. Statistically speaking, it’s highly unlikely all hundred neighbours would have optimal lineups comprised of three Brawn characters. Those odds are roughly 1 in 136,891,479,058,588,375,991,326,027,382,090,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

    • Different neighbors have different combat groups. Try some other neighbors (and add more neighbors, if you need to).

      I’ve settled into using the same three neighbors each time (since it doesn’t make any difference to my neighbors whose town I use) – one is all muscle, one is all….tech or brains (can’t remember which), and one has one of each. I get through all three battles (winning all of them) using up just two science waters.

  5. like everyone else, sorry if it has been answered – is there any use for finite stones once you have upgraded everyone? I have over 5K of them.

  6. It looks like I am going to be at least 2 battles short of the final prize. With a in-store update being required 4 takedown do you think it’s possible to still have one more day of social battles after takedown goes live if the neighbor doesn’t update or will that function be automatically disabled?

  7. Sorry if this has been asked and answered. I scrolled through a few pages but didn’t see it addressed.

    With the release of the first update my friends went screwy. I can maybe visit one neighbor before it crashes my game and I have to open the app back up. Before if this happened I’d power down my device and restart it and the problem would go away but I tried that and I’m still having the same issue. Anyone else experiencing this?

  8. The Clarinet Girl/New Mommy

    Hey guys. None of my 3 neighbors are currently playing the game so I haven’t been able to do any social battles since the sequel began. My Other Springfield isn’t showing the fist in the right corner at all.
    Would any of you be willing to become my neighbors??

  9. Hey, Bunny – if you’re up to it, can we get a new social battle calendar that reflects the changes they made? I’m having trouble figuring out whether I’m on schedule or behind (and, if I’m behind, by how much). Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Not a calendar but it’s 77 fights to get the last prize, divided by three, that’s 26 days you have to visit friends. It’s a 41 day event. SO take whatever you’re at, subtract that number from 77, divide by 3 and that’s where you stand. Hope that makes sense.

    • I’m not Bunny, but made this just for you neighbour…


      Hope it helps!

      • You are the BEST!! Not only do I appreciate your taking the time and effort to do this, but I was delighted to see that, far from being behind, I’m actually several days ahead! (I’m at 55 now.)

        Thank you for bringing me that sense of relief…it was the only part of this event that I was at all concerned about.

  10. I know I should know this but admittedly, this is not my favorite storyline and it is so long, so I haven’t been reading all of the dialogue that goes on between characters. Why are the burglars walking strangely now? Thanks!!

    • SPOILER: It’s part of Issue’s 2 questline with Soilant Red being a nefarious plot to turn people into crabs.

      • parapluierosee

        Ah! I know about the crab thing but didn’t put the two together. Starting to loose their ability to walk normal… thank you! That’s totally been bugging me! 🙂

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