Where Did THAT Come From – Alien & Aqua World

NOTE: Sorry guys made a mistake in the times.   Issue 1 ends at 7am GET, 3am ET.

Faster than an event speeding donut spender! More powerful than a local Addict! Able to leap long comment threads in a single bound! Look! Up in the TSTO-niverse! It’s a building! It’s a decoration! It’s Superheroes 2016!

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


So unless you’ve been locked away in Lucite, by now you probably realize a new event has splashed all over the screens of our beloved game. Lots of new stuff and that means I have one heck of a job to do letting you know where all the new “super” things come from. Origin stories are sort of the bread and butter of any comic book story worth its proverbial weight in Booster Gold, so I’m back at my usual antics again. For this issue of WDTCF, we’ll be looking at…

Alien – 3rd Issue One Prize – 19,000 brass knuckles
Aqua World Main Guard Tower – 6th Issue One Prize – 41,450 brass knuckles

“Radioactive Man” (S7:E2)

I just have to say that I’ve always loved this episode and was so thrilled when Radioactive Man made its way into our game during the first Superheroes Event in February 2015. Now having more stuff appear and the chance to rewatch the episode makes me one happy fuzzball.

Bart and Milhouse are debating Radioactive Man versus Radiation Dude. The former is certainly much cooler. I love this sequence because it makes me think of Marvel’s Namor versus DC’s Aquaman. Anyhoo… the kids have read all 814 Radioactive Man comics between them but where completely unaware that Hollywood planned on making a movie out of their favorite supe. Alt.nerd.obsessive informs Comic Book Guy that the star will be none other than Rainier Wolfcastle. Springfield is picked because it has a nuclear reactor, a gorge, and city officials who will fully cooperate with the studio. It might have also been the fact that their ad for filming there was small and misspelled.

Alt.Nerd.Obsessive Prince Simpsons

Holy schnikes… it’s Prince in The Simpsons! There’s lots of great stuff in the episode but I won’t talk about all of it all since it may feature later in this event. We do see the Aqua World stuff in a shot from the movie. For anyone who missed epic movies of the 1990s. This is all parodying Kevin Costner’s Waterworld.

Aqua World Radioactive Man Simpsons

I wondr if I’m alone in actually loving the movie this is based on. Maybe it’s nostalgia but I’m thrilled this is now in the game. This setting is where Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy came across Silly Sailor and were captured. Also, Jimminy Jillikers is apparently a swear word!

Aqua World Radioactive Man Fallout Boy Simpsons

Milhouse isn’t thrilled to be Fallout Boy and runs away. WIth no Milhouse to finish the film, the directors try to salvage the film by cutting it with existing footage they’d already shot. It’s a funny sequence and in one of the scenes, we see Radioactive Man and Milhouse fighting the new alien in our game.

Alien Radioactive Man Fallout Boy Simpsons

So there you go Superdudes and dudettes. The origins for two of our Act One prizes. What’s your opinion on the prizes, Waterworld, and/or the Radioactive Man episode? Sound off with your thoughts and keep on being the classy caped crusaders I know you to be.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

15 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Alien & Aqua World

  1. You’re not alone! Love it too Wookie! Have it on DVD. I’m a sucker for seeing Kevin’s buns in any movie, but I don’t think he showed them in this one… (That I Recall…foreshadowing…). They should have used the leading lady from The Fifth Element too. Another great movie. They all eminate from the nostalgia of the… Most. Alien. Freak. Supreme. Movie. Ever. The original Total Recall. 😀 IMHO… Who doesn’t love a lady with three boobs. You run out of hands… 👏

  2. I have to say I like water world. It was such an epic show during my days. I don’t know why reviewers these days like to trash that movie. I saw the live action performance at universal studios too and I love it.

    I am a bit sad though as a stuntman from that show based in Singapore died in an incident at a night bar. I took photo with the group of performers before. To think that he did fantastic stunts but then died due to a suckerpunch.

  3. I wish you didn’t have to tap him to see him!

  4. Someone stole my burrito™

    Wish alien was a NPC. He or she is so cute!

  5. Dude, it’s spelled “Akwa-verld.”


    I can’t wait to get more Aqua World items tomorrow along with all the great items that are coming with Issue 2! The Fracker!!! Milo! Looks like the best issue of the event from what I have seen! Even the craftables look like they are amazing! 🙂 thanks wookster!

    • D’oh, I saw the words spoiler, but still couldn’t control myself and read your message. I hope a lot of the items are freemium/craftables. Of course, they’ll have premium items, but hope only two or three, with the rest freemium.

      • Issue 2 is live so go check it out!

        • I did. Bitter sweet results. Crafted the aqua wharf, but the other aqua accessories are all premium. 🙁

          • “Nothing’s Free In Waterworld!”.

            Will there be Should I Buy guides for the aquaworld stuff? Are there %bonusses, is everything Unique or can I buy multiple aquaworld items? Should I? Will some stuff be given for free at the end of the event like with the islands @ the christmas event some time ago? (I don’t remember when)

  7. I loved waterworld. And I love the decoration.

    • Well. I like it but I don’t “spend donuts for the other parts” like it… Thanks EA , guess I’ll go without.

  8. blackgypsyrose13

    Get, get, get, go. go. go

  9. Ah that’s where I saw the alien from! I couldn’t quite work it out, thanks!

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