Should I Spend Donuts on – Fourth of July Edition

Hey hey tappers.  So EA dropped a mini-event on all of us based on America’s Independence Day but with a new thing came a whalloping amount of new items that you could potentially spend your hard-earned money on in the game. This inevitably leads our fellow Addicts to wonder where the SIIB is for said stuff. While I am not the usual moderator who types up my thoughts on this, I didn’t want to leave y’all hanging while our der Alissa the Amazing a much deserved and needed vacation with her beautiful familia.  I decided to lump everything together in one humongous Wookiee-sized post for everyone. It may be a little different than what your used to but if it’s awful, Alissa will return and we’ll be back to our normal program. Sometimes I wonder why Alissa let me out of the attic. Without further ado… info below the break.

Wookiee Attic

Fair warning, this is a long post. New stuff is on top and old stuff is below it. I included links to any old posts and also the origin posts if those will help with your decision. I hope this is helpful. If something is left out, just ask questions in the comments.


Building/Decoration: Springfield National Park
Donut Price: 200 Donuts
Earns: $135, 15xp/4hrs
Size: 13×13

Where Did THAT Come From; Theodore Roosevelt & Springfield National Park

So my thoughts are this is a really cool offer but definitely a bit pricey at 200 Donuts. Add to that the frustration of the deal disappearing for some folks and it’s a divisive one. The history nerd in me had to snatch this up as I’m a big TR fan since I was a little boy and my dad took me to Sagamore Hill. The Park is big and is just a decoration but has animals appear and Teddy has a task there. Expensive but it is a premium character combo. There’s a 5% bonus to your town that this adds so that’s nice. Teddy’s questline is 7 parts with a bonus one including the other presidents. If you’re freemium, this is most likely a pass unless you love the character, premium is sort of based on opinion too. I think the dialogue is pretty funny and has a bt of history in it. I know this is gonna be one of those items people ask about in the future so if you want, and can get it, snatch it up. I love it.

Here’s a look at the questline that comes with it after Teddy appears with “Speak softly and show dialogue in a big font.”

My Fair Quimby Pt. 1
Teddy Roosevelt (TR) starts

TR: “Our country — this great Republic — means nothing unless it means the triumph of –”
Lisa: President Teddy Roosevelt! I was just wondering which ex-President would appear in Springfield this July fourth.
TR: You mean I’m not the first?
Lincoln: Not even close. Sorry. Nice glasses, by the way. *snickers*
Washington: Yeah. Super cool. You look awesome. *snickers*
Lisa: I should explain how you got here. You see, every July fourth a rift in the pace-time continuum opens and… What are you doing?
TR: Knee bends. Vigorous squatting is the key to a powerful, manly physique.
Lisa: Okay, great… Anyway, as a champion of the national park system, what do you think of our new park?
TR: Beautiful. Now, if you’ll hand me that shotgun, I’m going to go hunt every living creature in it to death.
Make Teddy Go Hunting- 24hrs, Earns $1000, 225xp


Springfield Tea Party
Teddy Roosevelt (TR) starts

Washington: Well, now that Roosevelt’s here, I guess we know who the “Big Four” Presidents in U.S. history are.

Lincoln: That’s true. No reason to bring back any but the cream of the crop.
TR: Here’s to the best of the best: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Richard Nixon.
Nixon: Uh, yeah. Nice to be here.
Washington: I wonder which one of us is the greatest, though?
Lincoln: I know. Like, we’re ALL great. Definitely. But if you HAD to choose one, is it me? Is it you?
Nixon: Geez, that’s a tough one. Four really strong contenders.
Lincoln: Let’s all go around and name the accomplishments we are most proud of.
Nixon: Oh, let’s not…
Lincoln: It’ll be fun. I’ll start. Freeing the slaves!
Washington: Winning the War of Independence!
TR: Reining in out-of-control corporations!
Nixon: Resigning before formal impeachment proceedings could begin!
Nixon: Er, uh, opening relations with China!
Too late, right? Yeah. Yeah, Dick Nixon thought so.
Make Presidents Argue About Legacy (send 4)- 12hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

My Fair Quimby Pt. 2
Teddy Roosevelt (TR) starts

Lisa: How was your hunt, Mr. President?
TR: Not bad. Shot a million rabbits. I don’t like rabbit meat, so I left them there. Still, fun stuff.
Lisa: Isn’t that kind of wasteful? I thought you believed in conservation?
TR: Say… how much do you want to bet I can lift that big rock over my head?
Lisa: Mr. President? I asked you a question?
TR: One… two… three…
Lisa: And… he’s doing knee bends again.
Homer: Man, this guy’s got a shorter attention span than Bart.
Lisa: Well, he was INCREDIBLY accomplished. An author, historian, statesman, explorer, businessman, naturalist… I guess you’d have to be a little hyper to do all that.
TR: I’m still the best arm-wrestler I know. Some men’s arms look bigger than mine, but I have excellent technique.
I went to a zoo, and you know tigers? I watched the tigers and I figured out why they’re so strong and I copied it and now no one can beat me.
TR: I’m thirsty, Point me to the nearest tavern.
Make Teddy Take Refreshments (requires Moe’s Tavern)- 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp
TR: I do so enjoy sharing a pint of ale with the common man.
Lenny: Could you please stop calling us “the common man?”
Carl: And could you also maybe stop doing jumping jacks? It’s weird.
TR: I’m bored. I need a project. Are there any hills in town crawling with SPanish soldiers? I could storm one of those.
Homer: We stormed our last Spaniard hill a few months ago. Sorry.
TR: Any giant corporations in town I could bust up?
Lenny: Not really. Just Mr. Burns.
TR: Tell me about this “Mr. Burns”…

My Fair Quimby Pt. 3
Teddy Roosevelt (TR) starts

TR: So you’re basically telling me that Mr. Burns and his corporation run this town?
This is exactly why we must never allow corporations to grow too powerful.
Carl: I thought you were a Republican?
TR: What’s strange about a Republican being anti-big business?
Lenny: EVERRYTHING! If President Ronald Reagan could hear you, he’d never stop being sick.
TR: Ronald Reagan the future actor becomes future President? Now I’ve heard everything!
Gentleman, I busted up Standard Oil, and now I’m gonna bust up Standard Burns! Take me to your mayor!
Make Teddy Meet With Quimby (requires Town Hall/joint task with Quimby)- 2hrs, Earns $285, 67xp

My Fair Quimby Pt. 4
Teddy Roosevelt (TR) starts

TR: Mayor Quimby, all that is required to stem the tide of corporate greed is for men of courage to stand shouldr-to-shoulder.
Quimby: Hold on, this is good stuff. I want to write this down.
“Men… of… courage.” And where do we find such men?
TR: Why, you and I will be the men of courage. And together —
Quimby: Now see here! I am an inveterate coward, and proud of it!
TR: Not anymore, you’re not! We’re gonna go right at Mr. Burns, just like I stormed San Juan Hill! Charge!
Make Teddy Lead the Charge- 8hrs, Earns $420, 105xp
TR: When someone scream “charge!” that’s your cue to ante up and run laughing into the face of death.
Quimby: Yeah, see, huge coward. I thought I explained this to you.
Anyway, I heard the real heroes of your little charge up San Juan Hill were the Buffalo Soldier regiments.
But since you were a more convenient hero for the media than a group of black soldiers…
TR: One… two… three…
Quimby: As soon as things get uncomfortable, he goes back to the knee bends.


My Fair Quimby Pt. 5
Teddy Roosevelt (TR) starts

TR: I’ll make a man of you yet, Joe Quimby.
Quimby: Mr. Burns is too powerful. He’s got the nuclear plant, a basketball team, vast real estate holdings, and the best cupcake shop in town.
Homer: Really? He owns Lovin’ Cups?
Quimby: No, no. Mr. Burns’ cupcake shop is Sweet Emotions. It’s way better than Lovin’ Cups.
Homer: I oughts kill you for saying that!
TR: Grown men do not debate the merits of dessert treats! Quimby, grab your rucksack. We’re gonna toughen you up with a camping trip!
Make Teddy Go Camping With Quimby (joint task with Quimby)- 24hrs, Earns $1600, 375xp
TR: Quimby! You couldn’t even last one night in the woods? I woke up an hour before sunrise and I was all alone!
Quimby: You were not! I left behind a fact-finding committee to investigate the feasibility of future mayoral camping.
I eagerly look forward to their report. It should be finished in the next six months.

My Fair Quimby Pt. 6
Teddy Roosevelt (TR) starts

TR: Quimby, you may not be an outdoorsman, but there’s other ways to be tough.
Did you know I once gave a campaign speech moments after being shot in the chest?
Quimby: Good Lord. Why?
TR: Probably because I have poor self-esteem that I mask with extreme risk-taking behavior. Who knows? Here, I’ll do it again.
Quimby: No! Please don’t! This won’t teach me anything!
TR: Me first, then you!
Make Teddy Give a Speech- 60mins, Earns $105, 26xp


My Fair Quimby Pt. 7
Teddy Roosevelt (TR) starts

TR: Hoo boy. I’m not going to lie — that hurt. Wow. Okay Joe. Your turn to get shot.
Make Quimby Hide from Teddy- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
TR: There you are, Quimby! Have you no shame?
Quimby: Of course not! And whatever you say, It’s never stopped me from winning elections before.
TR: Well, I acted with courage, and won my presidential election all the same!
Quimby: ONE election! You won ONE election?
TR: See, I was intially the Vice President, but then McKinley was assassinated.
Then I ran for re-election the one time, then I wearied of politics and retired. Why?
Quimby: One election! I’m taking advice from a political noob!
TR: What does this term mean, “noob?”
Quimby: It means come back when you’ve been elected a half-dozen more times and MAYBE I’ll listen. Noob.
TR: I don’t appreciate your tone sir. Put up yer dukes and fight like a man.
Quimby: Hey look, a defenseless squirrel!
TR: Where? Out of my way! Get my gun and give me a clear shot!
Quimby: *chuckles* Noob.

Teddy Roosevelt’s Tasks

Task Length Earns Location
Give a Speech 1hr $105, 26xp Outside
Take Refreshments 4hrs $260, 70xp Moe’s Tavern
Lead the Charge 8hrs $420, 105xp Outside
Catch up on History 12hrs $600, 150xp Springfield Library
Go Hunting 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Outside at Springfield National Park

Phew… that was a long one.  Next up…


Building/Decoration: Old Faithless
Donut Price: 40 Donuts
Size: 8×8

So this one is cool and offers a 2% bonus in your town.  It’s a bit pricey at 40 donuts but not awful. I think this is one of those items that fits in better if you splurged on the National Park but I like it. It’s neat that it is animated and erupts on occassion (every two minutes?) but also if you tap on it.  If you really want a geyser, get it. I think that premium players probably snatched it up immediately but freemium may be more on the fence. Ultimately up to you. I bought it, I like it, not a bad bonus for donuts ratio IMHO. No questline and just a decoration so those may be cons for folks.

For for the next items, Jebus bless Alissa that they’re old items and she already did the hard work. I included my thoughts if I thought they were helpful. I own all of these items.

Tapped_Out_Pinwheel_firework Pinwheel Firework: 40 Donuts, 2% Bonus

If you really want fireworks in your town, get it but it’s pricey. I have two of these from the past but I didn’t go crazy. It’s expensive and for that bonus I would rather get the geyser. Up to you. Deifnitely a pass for freemium folks. Here’s Alissa’s Should I Spend Donuts on Fireworks, Candy & Puppy Dogs?

holoflagpillar_menuHolo-Flag: 15 Donuts, No Bonus

Origin: Episode Recap: Mathletes Feat

I think this is super cool. I already had one so I won’t be getting more but I’d add it to my town if I could afford it. Here’s Alissa’s Should I Spend Donuts on the Holo-Flag?


lisastatuepatrioticboxoffireworks_menu Lil Lisa & Patriotic Fireworks Bundle: 95 Donuts

So this is a 20 donut increase from last year’s price and comes with fireworks that are freemium. I hate to say it but unless you absolutely have to have this… PASS. Here’s the post Alissa did last year that included it.

Abraham-Lincoln lincolnscabin_menuLincoln’s Cabin: 150 Donuts, comes with Abraham Lincoln

Origin: Whatever you are, be a good one.

It’s Abe Lincoln! So happy all the presidents were brought back for tappers to buy. This is my favorite of the four presidents in town. Here’s Alissa’s Should I Spend Donuts On: Abe Lincoln Again?!

yeoldecherrytree_menu unlock_georgewashingtonYe Olde Cherry Tree: 180 Donuts, comes with George Washington

Where Did THAT Come From; George Washington

The man who is regarded in America as the good GW and tops most lists as the Best. President. Ever.  I’m a history nerd so I bought all the presidents but I adore having General Washington in my town. I love to have him swashbuckling all over my town year round or chopping on his cherry tree even if it’s not something he actually did. Here’s Alissa’s Should I Spend Donuts On George Washington & His Cherry Tree?

unlock_richardnixon watergatehotel_menuScandal-gate Hotel: 150 Donuts, comes with Richard Nixon

Where Did THAT Come From; President Nixon

Tricky Dick Nixon. Of the four presidents, he’s at the bottom of my list but I loved adding him to my town. Here’s what Alissa said. Should I Spend Donuts On Richard Nixon and the Scandal-gate Hotel?

presidentialestate_menuFreedomPresidential Estate & Freedom: 100 Donuts (if you already own Freedom, store the bird to see just the Estate in your menu to buy). Freedom is an NPC.

Freedom origin: Episode Recap: Diggs

Where Did THAT Come From – Presidential Estate

So for those of us who got these items seperately, we spent 125 donuts so this is actually a deal, sort of. I like both of them but in the gammit of all these deals, I might pass. I wish the estate had come with President George Herbert Walker Bush so if I dind’t have the donuts to splurge, I’d have probably passed on this one.  Here’s Alissa’s Should I Spend Donuts On the Presidential Estate? and Should I Spend Donuts On: Freedom the Falcon

fireworksbarge_menuFireworks Barge: 80 Donuts, 2.75% bonus

Origin: Episode Recap: Yellow Badge of Cowardge

Hmmmm… this is probably a pass for me as I think as a premium or freemium player. It shoots off fireworks when tapped but otherwise just takes up space in your ocean. Here’s Alissa’s Should I Spend Donuts On the Fireworks Barge?

nighthawkdiner_transimage rexbanner_idle_image_1Nighthawk Diner & Rex Banner: 90 Donuts

An accidental WDTCF; Rex Banner & the Nighthawk Diner

OMG… Rex Banner. This is my #1 pick for this event followed closely by Lincoln. I love this episode and the building just looks so cool. Not a bad price and really the cheapest offer this time around. Buy it, buy it, buy it if you can! Here’s what Alissa said last year when he returned. Should I Spend Donuts On: Rex Banner Again?!

And last but not least…

all american apuAll American Apu (Costume): 30 Donuts

Where Did THAT Come From; All American Apu

It’s a really inexpensive skin and adds premium tasks for Apu. In my town, this is how Apu spends his days. I love this, it’s cheap, I think it’s a good buy. Here’s what Alissa wrote about it. 

So there you go… one massive Should I Buy for all of the premium content for this mini-event. Hopefully it satisfied all you wants. What are your thoughts? Did you buy any of it? Sound off in the comments and keep on being the classy tappers I know you to be. Just remember this stuff is limited time (LEAVES JULY 6TH!!!) so don’t wait too long to make your decisions.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

80 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on – Fourth of July Edition

  1. Wow, i imformed ea about my issue and this is the response,

    “Thank you for your response. This is Himanshu and I’m a game advisor here.

    I understand that it’s disappointing that you dint get the freedom, tough you get the estate.

    I want to inform you that there were two different purchases of that, one with freedom, and one did not have freedom, so if that one is not in the inventory, you did not purchase the right one.

    I can see freedom on the account on your land so you do have it. You can try going into the options and seeing if it will actually complete but there isnt a way to complete it for you,

    Should you have any further questions regarding this or any other issues, please do not hesitate to let us know. You can also find answers to common questions on our Help Center at , or ask our community experts by visiting Answer HQ at

    Now, instead of trying to correct the issue they give me the finger

  2. Julie (jsander321)

    I’m bummed. I bought the Presidential estate last year and of course this year they add in Freedom Falcon. I had to use the chat option for EA and explained this to my contact. He gave me 2 links to Simpsons wiki when Freedom was first introduced and that quest line then the current two for one offer of the estate with Freedom. So no luck for me. Oh well. Maybe Freedom will come around another time.

  3. Ok, i just bought these, however u know where it says collect whole set for bonus, it shows one missing, how do i get that thing back to see which one im missing?

    • Tap the button with the saw and hammer. Look at the bottom left for button that looks like an award shaped like Homer and tap that. Now scroll through all the character collections.

  4. Saw the Gil Deal reappear today. I only buy characters I really liked when they appeared (Space Coyote, Hank Scorpio, & Rex Banner for example). But I bought Teddy as quick as I possibly could. Probably my favourite president. (And favourite Night at the Museum character aswell)

  5. Glad they brought back the gill deal don’t know if they fixed it I bought it when I saw him couldn’t take the chance again

  6. I am actually beginning to be swayed now. I did originally think that 200 D’s was too expensive (it still is!) and it was a definite pass. However, I have all of the other presidents and seeing Washington was 180 D’s with only a 2.75% bonus (when I look back through the SIB posts – love this site!), I am now beginning to be swayed. Will involve a purchase of some D’s but it could still happen. Decisions decisions…but whichever one it is, again the site has been a great help!

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