Where Did THAT Come From – First Bank of Springfield

Faster than an event speeding donut spender! More powerful than a local Addict! Able to leap long comment threads in a single bound! Look! Up in the TSTO-niverse! It’s a building! It’s a decoration! It’s Superheroes 2016!

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


So unless you’ve been locked away in Lucite, by now you probably realize a new event has splashed all over the screens of our beloved game. Lots of new stuff and that means I have one heck of a job to do letting you know where all the new “super” things come from. Origin stories are sort of the bread and butter of any comic book story worth its proverbial weight in Booster Gold, so I’m back at my usual antics again. For this issue of WDTCF, we’ll be looking at the First Bank of Springfield, a premium offering during Issue 2 for 60 Donuts.

It seems silly that it took six and a half seasons to finally see the bank Homer and Marge use for everyday life but that’s just how it is. The first appearance is “Homer vs. Patty and Selma” (S6:E17). Homer has a secret investment in pumpkins but it all goes bust after Halloween. He doesn’t want to seem like a failure next to recently-promoted-at-the-DMV Patty & Selma so he finds a way to get money to support his family and halt their fiduciary trouble. Vegas doesn’t work and Moe’s loan offer seems dangerous so Homer is off to the First Bank of Springfield to get an extension on his mortgage payments. I’ve always loved this building but it’s probably more the inner child who laughs every time he sees BS in bold letters.

First Bank of Springfield Simpsons

Pretty obvious that the answer is no. Poor Homer, he had to resort to his “last, last chance: bottom-of-the-barrel, hail-mary, long-shot, wish-you-would-do-it-but-probably-won’t final resort to lend me money” and borrow from Patty and Selma and hilarity ensues.

Our next appearance is in “The PTA Disbands” (S6:E21). Springfield Elementary is broke. They can’t afford field trips or a bus that’s safe for the children. The teachers go on strike to better the education of the kiddos. Well, sort of, the strike is more the result of Bart Simpson manipulation but it still was prompted by deplorable education funding. I enjoy the strike signs. 2+2 = A Raise Dude. A is for Apples B is for Raise. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Honk if you love cookies. Oh no! Before you lose your perspicacity like Lisa or realize it’s always in the last place you look like Homer, we obviously know the strike doesn’t last forever. It is fun to watch the kids have lots of free time though, well everyone but Milhouse whose parents got him a tutor. Bart uses some of his time to prank the First Bank of Springfield by making comments about insolvency. Phew… seems like this post is full of big-ish words.

First Bank of Springfield Bart Insolvency Prank Simpsons

When poor aunt Hortence passes away and leaves the Simpson family her entire inheritance in “Bart the Fink” (S7:E15), the only stipulation is that they spend the night in a haunted house. Homer says there no such thing as ghosts but the episode certainly seems to point otherwise until it doesn’t. The family has a great night’s sleep and is then awarded one hundred dollars each. The rest goes to Ann Landers. Bart is ready to buy 100 tacos for 100 dollars and Lisa plans on donating it to public broadcasting but Marge is not keen on their ideas so she takes the kids to the Bank of Springfield to put it away in accounts.

BS Bank of Springfield Simpsons

The bank is much bigger in this episode and is much more gimmicky but as Marge says, “you feel better knowing your money is in the hands of professionals.” As a man who cosplays as Chewbacca, I agree that a man in a monkey mask is still a professional.

Bank of Springfield You'll Go Ape Over Our Car Loans Simpsons

Bart tries to use his new checks to get Krusty’s autograph (if he endorses the check, it counts) but the plan fails when the check is stamped by Cayman Islands Offshore Holding Corporation instead. Bart goes to the bank to figure out what’s going on. They’re wearing reindeer antlers for their promotions now. Are the “reining” in the savings? Bart gets Krusty nailed for tax evasion with his inquiry. Uh oh. Watch the episode for the rest of the hijinks.

BS Bank of Springfield Reindeer Simpsons

The next appearance is in “Missionary: Impossible” (S11:E15). Homer makes a pledge of ten thousand dollars to PBS to make Betty White shut up during a pledge drive. He tries to do it anonymously but PBS finds him. The problem is, Homer doesn’t have that sort of money. His lie to say the bank is closed at 12:15 doesn’t work well and he can’t stab away his problems so Betty White sicks soccer hooligans on him.

First Bank of Springfield Bart PBS Hooligans Simpsons

I would watch this episode purely for the bloodthirsty pursuit of Homer by characters from PBS but there’s also fun times with Homer as a missionary. But it’s not just Marge and Homer who bank there. We see that Flanders does too when he writes Marge a check for the murder house in “Realty Bites” (S9:E9).

Flanders Check Bank of Springfield Murder House Red Blazer Realty Bites Simpsons

I bet I could get super sweaty and try to find every appearance of a BS check in the show but I’m gonna stop with that one. Next up, “HOMЯ” (S12:E9). Homer discovers the exciting process of motion capture animation at the Totally Sick, Twisted, F***ed-Up Animation Festival and wants to buy a suit gizmo of his own. I bet we can guess where he goes to withdraw his life’s savings. Who knew that a ficus plant could so successfully hide Homer pretending to be Bart and one of his kids?

BS First Bank of Springfield Simpsons

Our next appearance may be my second favorite (the monkey masks always win) because it’s in the episode with Steve Buscemi voicing a character. In “I Don’t Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” (S19:E4), Marge meets Dwight when he was robbing our new bank aka a “shootie stealie.” Old Jewish Man also teaches us the bank used to be the Midwest Savings & Loan and before that an abandoned theater and before that a theater. The bank’s look has changed to the one we see in TSTO.

First Bank of Springfield Robbery Simpsons

Towards the beginning of “Chief of Hearts” (S21:E18), we see Homer headed to the bank but alas, they don’t allow food inside. Homer hides his candy apple in his pocket which is mistaken for a gun. Homer can’t explain himself because the caramel has gummed up his mouthtrap so instead he gets tazed and sentenced to community service.

Homer robs the First Bank of Springfield with a candy apple Simpsons

The last appearance I’ll mention is “500 Keys” (S22:E21). Maggie gets locked in the family car, sleeping on her stomach in a wedding cake, and the family is frantic to get her out. While searching for the spare in the key drawer, we learn that the Simpsons have a lot of keys (I’m betting the number is 500). Don’t fret for Maggie, she makes it but the rest of the episode includes family mischief and a mystery courtesy of the keys. I don’t want to ruin the mystery involving Gil jumping off a building, a wind-up hate crime, a blimp that’s not Homer, and Bus 23 or the joy of watching a super-interconnected episode of ideas that’s worth a watch, but there is a shot of Principal Skinner leaving the First Bank of Springfield. I guess he banks there too.

Principal Skinner First Bank of Springfield Simpsons

So there you go friends. Lots of appearances by a premium offering during the 2016 TSTO Superheroes Sequel. This building is a classic to me so I snatched up the item but I know everyone can’t be as frivolous as me in the game. Sometimes all the premiums feel like you’d need to take out a loan for them. Anyone know of a good bank? I figure seeing origins can be a good option besides owning them. Or maybe they only drive consumerism? Anyhoo… I’ll stop discussing BS and head off to stare at my own meager savings.  Sound off with your thoughts and happy classy tapping.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

22 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – First Bank of Springfield

  1. Insolvent? How the hell does Bart Simpson know that word? He can’t even spell ‘elementery’, lol.

  2. Homer’s car is not pink in that first picture. I thought it might not be his, but it has the dent on the front left and everything.

  3. We just watched the episode where Homer has paid off his mortgage – and then takes out a new one after Moe’s regular health inspector dies, leaving the future of Moe’s in jeopardy. Again FBS were his first point of call… A classic, but still a little hard to justify if not donut-rich.

  4. This building doesn’t inspire me. I like the version with the stone columns. Maybe that building doesn’t show as much as the other version and that’s why they didn’t pick it.

  5. “I bet I could get super sweaty and try to find every appearance of a BS check in the show”

    this is one of those items that, despite being fairly mediocre in appearance, i snagged right away due to its iconic status in the show. here it is placed in my town (sorry for using the same pic as the plastic prison shot), though i just put it there for lack of a better spot right now. unsure of whether i will keep it there or end up moving it.


  6. I really like the building, but just wish it had come with a character. I’m not donut financially in a position to by a building alone at this time.

    Hopefully next time it’s offered, I’ll be in a much better donut position.

  7. Oh, and speaking of Bart the Fink, I’ve always wanted the fat Cayman-Island “Banker” as a character; he’s one of my favorite 1-offs.

  8. “Now wait, wait, just a second now! I don’t have your money here, it’s in Bill’s house, and- and Fred’s house!”

    “Hey, what the hell you doin’ with MY money in YOUR house, Fred?!?”

    [Riot ensues]

  9. I feel less hope for an ape/monkey event now that this is available (but maybe it will be back on sale in the future).

    • Still lots of potential for an ape/monkey event. Furious George, Toot Toot, Dr. Zaius, Giuseppe the monkey, Dr. Jane Goodall, etc.

  10. Great article Wookie!

    Just wanted to let you know there’s an app update, any idea what it does?

    • patches and date changes

      • I hope they didn’t fix the Moonbounce/Nightmare Pile bug.

        On a side note, I’m bummed about the Bartmand vs. Radioactive Man bundle. I just want Radioactive Man, and I’m not gonna shell out a pile of donuts for a 2 buildings I don’t want and a costume I’ll never use.

        Oh well.

        • I believe so

        • What’s the moon bounce nightmare pile bug?

          • What bug? *waves hand* there never was a bug.

          • It was a bug that existed before the latest App Store update patched it.

            You could send characters to the moon bounce, nightmare pile, camp fire, wild west saloon. And then the characters you sent there would still be available to send on another task, essentially allowing you to double dip those characters for twice the income.

          • Oh, just a nice little bug where if you send a kid on a task to either one, a few seconds later they’d become available again so you could send them on a job, too, and collect the income on both.

            The fixed it, though. Dang.

          • I haven’t installed the update yet and can confirm it still works so I’ll take full advantage until the update becomes mandatory lol

          • Must clarify it only works at camp fire for me but I tried the salon and found another glitch where by storing it and putting it back down I keep getting 100 for completing a task of placing 5 dirt roads. It’s only 100 but is good lol

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